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It had been a long day for Gilan. He had decided to take a break from all his ranger work and go see Halt and Will, considering it has been a few months since he'd last seen them.

Halt, of course, hadn't been too thrilled that he had arrived so unannounced, but decided to make his "specialty" for Gilan. Mushy carrots.

No one really knows how this came to be his "specialty." He could cook anything and it would taste better than those horrible orange vegetables. Maybe it was simply because he was the only one who found the carrots weren't all that bad.

So now Gilan was sitting across from a complaining Will, wishing, more than ever that he had just stayed home.

"Come on, Halt don't make us eat these!" said a pleading Will.

"Boy, I'll make sure you don't move an inch until you die if you don't eat those carrots." replied Halt, starring aimlessly at a report.

"Will, just eat them they...aren't bad." Gilan eyed the carrots, wishing for them to just disappear

"Why should I? You haven't eaten yours yet!"

"But...fine." Gilan reluctantly put one carrot in his mouth and immediately spit it back out. At this moment, Gilan would have rather drunk venom if it meant he could get that nasty taste out of his mouth.

He stole a glance at Halt and saw how he was draw in to some report. And his mind went wild, this could be their chance to get away.

"Hey, Will," whispered Gilan. "Let me see your boot."

Will, a confused look on his face handed over his boot. He was about to ask why, exactly, Gilan needed his boot but saw that Gilan was taking the carrots and putting them in their boots.

A few minutes later, they had their boots back on. "Can we leave now?" they asked synchronized. Without even a glance at them, Halt grunted in reply.

They got up and ran towards the cabin door. They were almost out when Halt spoke up.

"Wait." They froze in their places, ready to run if necessary.
"First you must take off your boots," said Halt with an evil gleam in his eye.

Gilan looked at Will who was looking at him. Now Halt was standing, an eyebrow raised. Gilan thought for a moment, they wouldn't have a good chance if they ran but, Halt was getting on in years wasn't he? Gilan, clearly not thinking straight, bolted out the door with Will at his heels. Needless to say, one cannot run faster than Halt with mushy carrots in their shoes and pine trees don't make good sleeping spots.

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