A/N: So I saw this musical done by my high school a while back, and it was just so incredible. I wanted to try my hand at something really dark and powerful, and then it hit me: "Hey, Sweeney Todd!" (Oh, the joys of my writer's brain.)

Also: Nothing you recognize belongs to me.


i was sweeney todd, and my life was marked by m-u-r-d-e-r.

i killed, and i was killed.

turpin, that worthless shit—well, he deserved to die.

{we all deserve to die.}

bamford, the little weasel—

him, too.

lovett. who did she think she was, hiding my wife from me?

i would never *l*o*v*e* nellie.

i love nobody.

nobody except johanna, of course—

{my turtle dove, my dear.}

johanna and lucy.

regret is bitter, but revenge is sweet.

don't take it from me, though.

{the dead tell no tales.}