Sorry i had been SO busy with my other stories, a rebel first class ( twilight) and a riddle in new lights( harry potter).I am sorry.

I was really alone. I hadn't been alone when i was young. Well, really young. I mean 56 is young but i mean when i was i was that careless lttle girl. I had him and he had me. Now he maybe is death...I noticed Jasper was hurt all the time. He was empath boy...Could he feel my grief?My sadness? O god. I am a pain for this family. I always destroy...Be damned! It is better if i leave...Edward stormed in. "No Celiri you dont have to leave.""But...""We need you.""But...""No buts! You are going to stay young lady!""Since when are you my dad! " I busted out. My life is SO not fair. Can't even make desicions for my own. I am like a baby. Damie damn.

Jasper and Alice had left us. Was it because of me?I wanted to cry my heart out. I am such a meanie.I am a bitch. He was rigt to leave. "Dont think that." Said The Privacy Breaker. "Leave me alone Eddie." That damned mindreader shook his head. "You can't...""I said leave me alone!"I yelled. I don't need a dad. I always did perfectly fine without him. He knows that. I ran out 't freakin'wait till i'm off. So was was getting weepy. I had cared, had loved and had the one thing that made me SO happy. Him. It always had been him.

I watched the fight lessons with is going to be a win for us.I had become more those vamps...He would have said...I wanted to cry. I missed him to darn much. I was alone. Nessie jumped on my lap. "Hey Cely."I stroke her hair and siled. "Hey Renes."That was my nickname for her. I hated Nessie. She secretly liked mine more but was afraid to tell her Jake. I was happy for her. She never had to feel lonely. My fate? I wished it to nobody. Well. Maybe to THEM. They diserved it. "What are you thinking about?"She asked. "About how to torture you pipsquak!"I tickled her belly. She laughed hard with that sweet voice of her. "Stop it tickels!"She said half laughy-half demanding. "Nope."I grinned .I was her favourite auntie. Actaully that one is not true. I was her favourite and only sister! I had...Nope. Don't break. Don't ya dare! I stopped torturing. I gave a kiss on her was so she gave me a hug. I became to love her as if we indeed where sisters. I would protect her. I would.

I stroke her cheek while she was sleeping. She was having a nightmare about the Volturi. About the ones she saw on the painting. About them hurting us. So i sang her a lullaby. She didn't liked them except mine. I should be a mother.

"Hush little baby don't you cry.

I am gonna sing you a lullaby.

I will sing it night and day.

It will make those fears go away.

So hush little baby don't you cry.

Cuz i am willing to sing you this lullaby.

You will dream so peacefully.

Dream so sweet my little baby.

Please hush little baby don't you cry.

love to sing you this lullaby."

I stopped because i could see her nightmare change into a sweet dream about her and our family. I kissed her on her forehead and walked away. Remembering those sweet nights.