"Titanic: Gargoyles Style"
by Lisette: Lisette_1@lycos.com

Created on: 03/23/99

Revised on: 06/13/02

Legalese: Nothing here is of my own creation. The characters from Gargoyles belong to Buena Vista and Disney. The characters from Titanic, the script of the movie, including a lot of the lines and descriptions, belong to James Cameron. In no way will a profit be made from this.

Brief summary: Mix in the Avalon World Tour, Puck the famous trickster, and a certain Academy Award Winning movie from 98' and only chaos and heartache can ensue.

Rating: PG-13 due to language and content

Titanic: Gargoyles Style

The Mists of Avalon

Sighing, Elisa blew a breath of air from between her lips as she trailed a slender finger in the cool waters that lay around her.. all around her.

"Elisa?" Angela asked quietly as she twisted in the small wooden skiff to regard her human friend with a careful eye. After being thrown together with her clan leader, Goliath, and her new human friend in such a small boat for so long, it would have been impossible for Angela not to notice when something was amiss with another. After all, it wasn't often that Elisa sighed so dramatically. "Is there anything wrong?"

Shaking her head, Elisa quickly lifted her hand from the dark and mysterious waters and shook them briefly, trying to rid them of the drops of water. Looking up, she gently brushed her long black hair from her eyes and stared met Angela's dark brown eyes from her seat in the front of the skiff, Bronx at her feet. Forcing a smile for both the girl and Goliath, who stood between the two women, rowing the skiff through the gently swirling mists, Elisa curtly shook her head. "No, Angela. I'm just thinking about how good a Philly Steak Sandwich would taste about now," she replied with her usual smirk, her stomach growling at the thought of the tantalizing food.

Hearing the growl, Goliath hid his own smile as he nodded knowingly at Elisa. It had been a long time since they had last stepped foot in Manhattan... a long time since they had been with the clan or been able to perform their duties -- too long it seemed. As always, with that thought came the ever present guilt, for Goliath couldn't help but think that Elisa would still be safe back in her home if it wasn't for him.

"Philly steak.. sand-wich?" Angela asked, pronouncing the new words slowly.

Laughing, Elisa shook her head, her black hair flowing around her in the windless expanse of fog. "Never mind.. I'll explain later," she murmured as she gently rubbed her arms through the thin covering of her red jacket. For some reason, the air had begun to turn cooler. Sighing, Elisa knew what this meant -- their travel through the mists was over and now they were ready to begin a new adventure. It better not be in Norway again, she thought to herself, remembering how she almost froze on that little adventure.

Suddenly, all eyes focused on their surroundings as the dark mist began to slowly clear. In a matter of seconds, the thick blanket of fog that always surrounded their departure from Avalon was gone without a trace, leaving them in the real world once more.

"Where are we?" Angela asked, her eyes lighting up with the thought of a new adventure.

"Good question," Elisa murmured as her trained eye scanned their surroundings. In truth, there wasn't much to look at, for all around them lay more and more water -- an endless amount. The moon was bright in the starry sky where no wind could be felt. Everywhere about them the water was at a flat calm, yet, the air here was cooler. So cold, that Elisa could feel goose bumps begin to appear on her arms beneath the warm layers of her shirt and jacket. "Uh oh," Elisa murmured as she saw no land in sight.

Sighing, Goliath could once more sympathize. After all, the last time that Avalon had deposited them in the middle of a body of water with no land in sight, a serpent had come out of the water and knocked them all into the cold depths... they had nearly lost Elisa in that adventure.

"Are we near Manhattan?" Angela asked, her wide eyes full of innocence and hope. Even though she did love the adventure that she was experiencing with Goliath and Elisa, she wanted more than anything to finally reach the mystical Manhattan... to finally have a chance to meet her long lost clan and to see her ancestral home.

"I wouldn't count on that!!" a voice cried out suddenly, breaking into the muddled thoughts of the travelers.

At the sound of the high pitched male voice, Elisa instantly dropped her head into her hands and mentally berated her luck. "Oh, not you!" Elisa groaned, wishing that they were any place but there.

"Not who?" Angela asked in confusion, trying to see the source of the voice while sending worried glances at Goliath.

Growling under his breath, Goliath stopped rowing the skiff and stared about in the endless brink of water. "Puck," he growled, his voice filled more with annoyance than anger, "show yourself!" It was only too easy for both Goliath and Elisa to remember the first and last time that they had seen the trickster -- while the occasion did have some memorable results, the whole incident was a mess nonetheless.

"Who is Puck?!?" Angela asked, growing exasperated by the fact that it seemed everyone in the skiff knew what was going on but her.

"Why but me of course!" the voice called out as there was a sudden flash of light to the right of the skiff. "Ta da!" a musical voice yelled out as a petite man suddenly appeared over the water, floating in mid air with his legs crossed beneath him.

Gaping, Angela stared at the little man, his white hair flowing freely behind him even though she felt no breeze. "Who are you?" she asked quickly, glancing over at Goliath and Elisa to see if she should be prepared to fight. Seeing their lack of hostility, she felt her guard lower a bit.

"Why I'm Puck, of course! Weren't you listening?" Puck asked, his voice cross as he zipped next to the young gargess. "My, my Goliath," he chirped as he then zipped beside the large lavender leader, "this little one that you picked up is quite slow!"

Growling, Goliath allowed his eyes to flare the briefest of white before containing his anger. "What is it you want, Trickster?" Goliath asked, his voice holding no patience for the little man.

Noticing this, Puck's playful grin flitted briefly into a frown. "Now, now Goliath! What fun is this? The Puck just decided to pay a visit to some old friends and help to lighten up your trip!"

Groaning, Elisa shook her head quickly as she finally looked at the fey. "Thanks, but no thanks! This trip is definitely interesting enough as it is!" Elisa said, her eyes betraying her worry.

"Detective Maza!" Puck called out happily as if noticing her for the first time as he lazily floated back to her end of the skiff.

"Where are we?" Elisa sighed, her voice betraying the boredom that she was feeling -- most of it forced for Puck's benefit.

"Why, in the middle of the Northern Atlantic, of course," Puck answered quickly, his smile never faltering.

"And why are we here? What is so significant about this location?" Goliath asked just as quickly, his frown deepening, making it obvious that he was not enjoying Puck's little game.

"Why, this is the resting place of the mighty Titanic!" Puck cried out, his eyes turning somber for the briefest of moments.

"The what?" Angela asked slowly, afraid that she may be asking a dumb question and ridiculed once again for it. Happy, she noticed that Goliath's expression held the same questioning as hers.

"The Titanic?" Elisa asked, her face turning sad as she turned to face Goliath and Angela, her expression haunted. "Um.. the wreck of the Titanic is one of the biggest and most haunting tales of the sea," Elisa explained quickly to her companions.

"What happened?" Angela asked, instantly enthralled with the idea.

"Well," Elisa said as she wracked her brain for all that she knew of the story, "it was a large ship.. almost like a cruise ship, I guess," Elisa said quietly. "On her maiden voyage at the beginning of this century, she hit an ice burg and sank.. I guess right here," she murmured, her eyes straying to the dark water that surrounded them.

"But many ships have been wrecked through the ages.. what makes this one so special?" Goliath asked, his curiosity peaked as well by the story.

"First off, the ship's first class passengers pretty much consisted of all of the Elite of the society at that time. Also, there weren't enough life boats and I think close to one third of the people aboard died in the wreck.. over a thousand people."

"Oh my," Angela murmured, her eyes wide in horror.

"It was all very tragic," Elisa whispered, unable to fully digest herself the horror of the situation. It was eerie to know that their flimsy little skiff was floating over the spot that less than a hundred years earlier a ship one hundred times their size and made of steel had sunk.. that all of those people had died in these very waters. From the look on Goliath and Angela's face, Elisa could see that they, too, were thinking the same thing.

"Yeah, yeah!" Puck said, breaking the somber mood as he waved his hand about theatrically. "But what I want to know, Detective Maza, is if you've seen the movie yet!" Puck cried out gleefully, his face lighting up.

"The one made back in the 50's?" Elisa asked slowly, annoyed by Puck's nonchalance over the tragedy.

"Not that one!" Puck whined, shaking his head quickly. "I'm talking about the new one! You know, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio!! You know, James Cameron's Titanic that's going to win all of the awards this year?" Puck rambled off quickly, clearly exasperated by the blank look on Elisa's face.

"What are you talking about?" Elisa asked, clearly confused.

Sighing, Puck shook his head slowly. "You really have been out on this boat too long! Don't tell me that you haven't seen the movie yet?!" Puck said, clearly in shock over this. "EVERYONE has seen the movie at least once."

"Sorry, but I was too busy being thrust all over the world," Elisa said sarcastically, getting annoyed very quickly with this conversation.

"What is the point in this, Trickster?" Goliath growled suddenly, obviously sharing Elisa's sentiments.

Huffing, Puck quickly began zipping around the skiff, causing the group of travelers to twist back and forth to follow his movements. After a few laps around the skiff, Bronx quickly whined under his breath and hid his head beneath his paws once again, trying desperately to stop the dizziness that he felt. "Well," Puck said, "I wanted to discuss my favorite movie, but seeing as how none of you have seen it yet..."

"Puck," Elisa said slowly, drawing out the word in warning. Somehow, she knew that what he was going to say next was not going to be good.

"I guess that I'll have to let you experience it first hand!"

"No Puck, wait!" Elisa cried out, suddenly frantic as she ignored the strange and worried looks that she was receiving from Goliath and Angela.

"Are you ready to go back to the Titanic?" Puck asked, giggling insanely as he quoted the movie. Before any of his players could react, he then quickly closed his eyes and muttered a litany of words beneath his breath. A second later, a green flash flared all around the skiff, causing all to close their eyes in pain. A moment later, they disappeared.