"Titanic: Gargoyles Style"
by Lisette: Lisette_1@lycos.com

Legalese: Nothing here is of my own creation. The characters from Gargoyles belong to Buena Vista and Disney. The characters from Titanic, the script of the movie, including a lot of the lines and descriptions, belong to James Cameron. In no way will a profit be made from this.

Rating: PG-13 due to language and content


Shivering against the cold, Elisa closed her eyes and clenched her teeth together to keep herself from severing her tongue with her chattering. Her body had long since grown numb to the cold, yet that didn't stop the shivering. Sighing, she tried to kick her feet in the freezing water, in hopes that the movement would keep her warm. In dismay, she realized that she no longer even had the energy to do that. Opening her eyes, she looked over into Goliath's own dark eyes and stared in worry at his face. He looked so.. sad. His lavender face had turned pale and his lips had taken on a bluish tint. Smiling softly, she noted that even like this, with his hair frozen in ringlets around his face, he still looked handsome.

Suddenly, a pierce whistle broke over the sound of the screaming passengers. Turning, Elisa watched as a black officer that she recognized as Officer Morgan, began blowing fervently at the whistle that he clutched in his hand. "The boats will come back for us, Goliath," she said quietly, her voice soft as she looked into Goliath's dark eyes. "Hold on just a little longer.. they had to row away from the suction and now they'll be coming back."

Sighing, Goliath smiled at her attempt to cheer him up. "I know, Elisa," he whispered, noticing that the pain was finally beginning to ebb in his body as he squeezed her hand gently, ignoring the cold metal of her handcuff links. "I know."

Sighing, Goliath stared up into the dark night sky. Everywhere he looked were multitudes upon multitudes of blazing white stars. Even now, the water was so calm that he could actually see the stars reflecting back out of the dark water. "It's getting quiet," he murmured quietly, noticing that the screaming had stopped a while ago and now only a low moaning ensued.

Lifting her head wearily, Elisa looked around and noticed that Goliath was right. Even Officer Morgan had stopped his call for help, the whistle gone silent. Turning, she saw that was because the kind officer was unmoving, slumped in his lifejacket, almost as though he was asleep. Elisa knew the truth -- he had already succumbed to exposure: he was dead. "Just a few more minutes," Elisa whispered softly, trying her best to squeeze Goliath's hand. "It'll take them a while to get the boats organized..."

Sighing, Goliath continued to stare up into the heavens. He knew the truth -- there wouldn't be any boats to come to their rescue. They were going to die. Turning, he looked at Elisa. She was so small and beautiful. Her tan face had long since turned pale from the cold and frost turned her raven hair a misty shade lighter. Even her lips had lost their rosy hue. Sighing, he squeezed her hand gently until he was looking once more into her dark eyes -- eyes that still held so much life. For some reason, Goliath doubted that he would ever tire of looking into those eyes, eyes that were the windows to her soul. And she had a good soul, this one did. For her, others always came first. Always. He could spend a lifetime looking into those eyes. "I love you, Elisa," he said quietly, his voice quiet but showing the intensity of his feelings.

Instantly, Elisa became aware of the world once again as she stared in shock at the gargoyle before her. Quickly, that shock was replaced by panic. "No..." she argued softly, her voice shaking. Using what little strength she had left, Elisa moved slowly around the board until she was floating before Goliath, her arms resting heavily on the board. "Don't say your good-byes, Goliath. Don't you give up.. don't do it," she whispered, her voice a mix between a plead and an order as she stared into his dark eyes.

"I'm so cold," Goliath whispered as he stretched his arm across the board and latched onto the other side, making it stable with his weight as he averted his eyes.

Shaking her head, Elisa felt her tears freeze at her eyes as she slowly raised a shaking hand up and touched his face gently. Instantly, he turned and looked back into her eyes once again. "You're going to get out of this," she said quietly, her voice sure. "You're going to go on and lead your life. You're going to die an old gargoyle, surrounded by those you love. Not here," she whispered, her voice growing soft. "Not this night. Do you understand me?"

"I.. I can't feel my body," Goliath said quietly, as though he didn't hear what she was saying.

"Goliath, listen to me. Listen," Elisa ordered, her voice regaining some of its earlier authority. "Winning that ticket was the best thing that ever happened to me," she whispered, suddenly having trouble getting the breath to speak. Sighing, she stared into his dark onyx eyes -- the eyes of the gargoyle that she loved. "It.. it brought me to you," she continued, her voice trembling with the cold that was working its way to her heart. But even though her voice was weak, her eyes were unwavering.

Sighing, she floated forward till she was once again in Goliath's arms. With his arms wrapped tightly around the board, Elisa released her grip and instead wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, savoring the small amount of body heat that they could share. Sighing, she felt his one arm wrap around her as she lay her head wearily against his chest. "You must do me this honor.." she continued, her face so serious. "Promise me you will survive... that you will never give up.. no matter what happens... no matter how hopeless... promise me now, and never let go of that promise."

"I.. I promise," Goliath whispered quietly as he bent his head down and brushed his lips against her soft hair.

"Never let go," Elisa repeated, her voice growing even softer.

"I promise. I will never let go, Elisa. I'll never let go."


Moving quickly, Angela lashed out the orders, moving the passengers from boat to boat so that she could free up her own for a rescue attempt. "Hurry up, people!" Angela yelled out, turning her worried eyes back towards where the wreck of the Titanic had been. And then, all was set. With Guardian Tom, and another gargoyle and woman, they quickly set off. "Right, man the oars!" Angela ordered as the boat pulled away from the others and headed back to save the day.

And then they were there.. they were at the place where the Titanic went down and where there was no one left to save. Turning about in shock, Angela looked down at the multitude of bodies that littered the ocean. Some of the people looked as though they could be sleeping, while others stared up at the night sky with frozen eyes. "These people didn't drown," Angela whispered, the horror evident upon her face as the dead became so thick that they couldn't row without hitting some, "they were killed by the freezing water."

At her stark words, the gargoyle that was accompanying them quickly turned around in his seat and vomited out the back of the boat. Right then, they all knew that this was the worst moment of their lives.

"We waited too long..."


"Near.. far.. wherever you are.. our hearts will, go on..." Goliath sang softly as he held Elisa tightly against him, his eyes trained on the stars up above. He was so cold that it was even beyond the point of being frozen. He could barely feel Elisa pressed up against him. He knew that he was dying.

Suddenly, a shooting star lit up the night sky as it trailed a line of light across the heavens. Even as Goliath noted its beauty, Elisa's words of before came back to his foggy mind: My dad used to say that whenever you saw one, it was a soul going to heaven. For some reason, those words struck hard with him... they were significant somehow.

And then, that thought, too, left his foggy mind as another light pierced the veil of his mind. Turning slowly, he watched as if in slow motion.. watched as a boat slowly passed by about fifty feet away. The oars were moving so slowly, lifting out of the syrupy water, leaving weightless pearls floating in the air. And the voices.. the voices sounded so strange and distorted as a light pierced the darkness and slowly swept over the bodies of the dead. Barely breathing, his breath was so shallow, Goliath thought that he was hallucinating -- until he recognized the voice of the young gargess from earlier. Officer Angela.

In shock, he slowly turned his head down to look at his love who was still cradled in his arms. "Elisa," he whispered, his voice so soft and weak from the cold. "Elisa, the boats..." he whispered again as he shook her gently. Shaking his head, Goliath quickly shook her again as he felt a new cold well up from within him as he began to shake her a little harder.. and harder. Confused, he slowly reached down with one wing and tilted her head back.. and stared at the face of an angel. She seemed to be sleeping with her eyes closed and her pale lips pursed together, her black hair framing her white face. "Elisa," Goliath whispered again, the coldness growing. She seemed to be sleeping, but for some reason, Goliath knew that she wasn't.

"Elisa?" he asked again, his voice growing stronger and more panicked. Even as he knew the truth, he didn't want to believe it. "Elisa?!" he said again, his voice croaking as he shook the woman -- all to no avail. He would get no response from her. And in that moment, Goliath's heart truly broke. His Elisa was dead. "No.." he whispered quietly, not even having the energy to do more. Without Elisa, there was no reason left for anything. All hope of his future was gone -- he didn't want to live without her. He was so weak and there was no reason to even try...

"ELISA!!" Goliath roared suddenly, his eyes blazing white as he cried the injustice of it all up to the heavens above. As a single tear blazed part way down his cheek before freezing, Goliath pulled Elisa closer to him and closed his eyes. He wouldn't go on without her.

Turning suddenly, Angela glanced back at where they had come from. "Did you hear that?" she asked, hope blooming in her voice.

"I didn't hear anything," Guardian Tom said quietly, weariness and great sadness showing in his eyes. He hoped that somehow, his wife had made it to a boat. He prayed that his wife and unborn child were not one of the passengers that were floating in this graveyard of the dead.

"No.. turn around!" Angela said quickly. They needed to go back.. they needed to!

"But.. to where?" Tom asked as she flashed her light over the bodies in the water.

Suddenly, her eyes lighted upon just one. He was a tall, lavender gargoyle with dark hair framing his face. In his arms, he held a shorter human with raven black hair -- both were unmoving. "There," she said quietly as she indicated for the men to pull next to the two. When they were beside them, Angela leaned over the boat and gently rest her hand upon the gargoyle's shoulder. "Come along, Goliath," she said quietly, remembering his name.

"Elisa.. she's dead," Goliath whispered back, not even opening his eyes as he held her dead body closer to him.

"I know.." Angela answered quietly, tears coming to her eyes. "I know Goliath.. but you must come with us now. It's time to let her go."

"No.." Goliath said quietly. "No!" he repeated as his eyes snapped open and focused on the young gargess. "I.. I promised her that I wouldn't let go. I won't let go," he continued, his voice breaking into a sob as he bent down and kissed Elisa's head gently. "I won't ever let go."

As the tears streamed down Angela's face, she quickly shook her head. "No, Goliath.. Father," she said quickly, her heart breaking with her father's. "You know that is not what Elisa meant.."

Slowly Goliath turned and looked up into his daughter's eyes. "I love her," he said quietly, his eyes holding the pain of a hundred gargoyles. "I promised that I wouldn't let go."

"Please, Father," Angela countered as she reached down and gently wiped away his tears with her hand. "You know that she wouldn't want you to do this.. to twist her words like this. She would want for you to go on.. I need you."

Sighing, Goliath knew that Angela was right. Even as Elisa was making Goliath promise to go on, she knew then that she wouldn't be going on with him. She knew even then that she was dying and wouldn't live to see the rescue. He supposed that deep down, he too, knew the truth -- although he never wanted to admit it to himself. She was just too weak.. her skin not thick enough. From the beginning, his resistance to the cold was obvious -- just as her lack of it was as well. She never even had a chance of fighting the cold. He needed to let Elisa go.

"I won't let go," he whispered softly as he quickly pressed his lips against the smooth silkiness of her hair. "I promise," he whispered again as tears streamed down his cheeks. "I love you..." he whispered, and with those vows of his everlasting love, Goliath released his hold on the woman he loved and watched her slowly slip down into the murky depths of the ocean. Slowly, she seemed to fade out like a spirit returning to where she belonged.

Feeling the pain build from within his chest, Goliath tore his eyes away from the place where Elisa had disappeared and allowed Angela to pull him into the small skiff. Together, they huddled alone in a sea of emptiness -- devoid of all life and all things. Everywhere they looked they saw nothing but an eerie fog that covered all -- covered their bleeding hearts -- the mists of Avalon.

"Well, that's no fun!" a voice suddenly chirped from the fog around them.

"Elisa.. Elisa's dead," Goliath whispered quietly, ignoring all but his broken heart.

"I mean, you didn't even get to the fun part before you remembered yourselves!" Puck complained as he zipped around the skiff and stared at the two gargoyles, his white hair flowing out around him.

"The fun part?" Angela asked, slowly coming out of her daze as she turned to stare up at the little fey. "What are you talking about, trickster?" she asked, her eyes narrowing as her voice grew low and deadly.

"Why, when Goliath discovers the Phoenix Gate that he has in his pouch and gives it to me, of course!" Puck declared as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, pulling his legs up beneath him. "You guys aren't following the script anymore!!"

Finally, the Puck's words filtered through the fog that occupied Goliath's heart and mind. "The Phoenix Gate?" he asked slowly as he climbed to his feet, barely aware of the fact that the cold was gone. "This whole thing was about the Phoenix Gate?" he asked in disbelief. Suddenly, his eyes glowed bright white. "You killed Elisa because of the Phoenix Gate?!?" he roared, flaring out his wings and causing the skiff to rock gently back and forth.

"Killed?" Puck asked quickly, his face showing confusion. "Who said anything about killing Detective Maza?" he asked. "Now what would be the fun in that? She's so much fun to play with!!"

"Then.. Elisa's not dead?" Angela asked slowly, hope building within her as she climbed to her shaky feet beside her father.

"Of course not! And neither is the doggoyle of yours, either," Puck said. "Gee, you mortals really are slow," he laughed, shaking his head quickly.

"But.. what..." Goliath mumbled slowly. Could it be? After his heart had been broken, was his Elisa still alive? "Where are they, trickster?" Goliath roared quickly, his eyes blazing.

Amazed at the fierceness of Goliath's glare, Puck shook his head quickly. "Well, the beast, Bronx, I believe you call him, is there," Puck said as he snapped his fingers. In a flash of green light, the happy animal appeared on the skiff and instantly tackled Angela, his tongue flailing. "And Detective Maza.. well, she's where you put her last, Goliath," Puck answered, a smirk on his face. "Although, that wasn't very nice of you to let her go."

"Where I..." Goliath began in confusion when comprehension finally dawned upon him. "Elisa!" he roared as he turned and looked back down in the water. Seconds later, he was rewarded by splashing behind him. Turning quickly, he saw his love break the surface of the strange water a few inches from the boat.

Gagging up the salty water, Elisa quickly treaded water by the boat. "Could someone help me out over here?" she asked, her voice weak.

"Elisa!!" Goliath roared as he quickly reached down and plucked the sputtering detective from the water. Completely ignoring the fact that there were others present and the fact that she was dripping wet, Goliath quickly wrapped his arms tightly around her slim frame and pulled her close to him in a tight embrace. "Oh God, I thought that I had lost you," he murmured quickly, his hands caressing her wet hair.

Smiling, Elisa pulled back and looked into Goliath's eyes, which were filled with bright tears. "Hey, I'm alright.. you see?" she asked, her voice light even though she was trembling on the inside. The last she remembered was being so cold and then waking up beneath a ton of water and a huge struggle to the surface.

"I love you," Goliath said quietly, his eyes locking with her as he quickly bent low and found her lips with his. Smiling to himself, he pulled her close and allowed the kiss to deepen. At first, he felt her try to pull away in shock, but then she returned the kiss full force.

Shocked, Angela stared at her father and her friend. It was obvious that their experience on the Titanic had finally opened their eyes to the love that they shared and felt for one another. Finally, a few minutes later Angela could stand no more. "Um.. Father?" she asked quietly, a large smile tugging at her lips.

Instantly, Goliath and Elisa broke their kiss and then stared up into each other's eyes. "I was so afraid that I would never again get to look into your beautiful eyes," Goliath whispered, his voice low and husky.

I was afraid that I'd never again get to go gliding with you and feel your arms holding me," Elisa whispered back, a small smile at her lips.

"And I was afraid that you two would never wake up and smell the coffee!" Puck broke in, his voice sarcastic as he tapped his foot in mid-air impatiently. "Now, can I have the Phoenix Gate?"

"Of course not!" Angela answered quickly for her Father. Even though she didn't know this trickster, she already knew enough about him to know that the Phoenix Gate in his hands was a bad idea.

"Come on, you owe it to me!" Puck whined, his white hair blowing around him in an unseen breeze.

"And why is that?" Elisa asked, arching her eyebrow at the annoying fey.

"Because if it wasn't for me, you guys wouldn't be getting all lovey-dovey right now, would you?" Puck asked, his voice smug.

"No, they wouldn't," a different female voice interrupted before anyone else could.

"Uh oh," Puck muttered as a name instantly came to mind that would match that voice. "Titania..."

"Yes, Puck," Queen Titania answered as she appeared, floating opposite of Puck. "You were right, they wouldn't have discovered their love for one another for quite some time yet if it hadn't been for you."

"But.." Puck began, knowing that he was in trouble.

"Which means," Titania continued, her voice stern, "that you interfered with the lives of the mortals -- you went against the law of Oberon."

Sighing, Puck sloped his shoulders in defeat. "Daddy Oberon is going to have my butt for sure," Puck muttered, fear tightening his voice.

Shaking her head, Elisa drew closer to Goliath, her arms wrapped tight around his large frame. It was probably true what Titania and the Puck were saying. But all in all, she didn't care. In a way she did owe Puck -- not that she'd ever admit it aloud -- for if it wasn't for him, who knew how long it would've taken for the truth to be revealed between her and Goliath concerning their true feelings.

"Unless we fix the problem before King Oberon ever finds out," Titania added quietly, a small smile on her face.

"You mean you're not going to tell him?" Puck asked quickly, his voice chipper once again.

"Not if you fix the problem..."

"Wait a minute," Goliath said quickly, his eyes narrowing as he followed the conversation. "What do you mean, 'fix the problem?'" he asked, his voice betraying his worry.

"Well, make it like none of this had ever happened," Puck explained in a matter of fact tone of voice.

"Never happened?!" Elisa and Goliath demanded as one.

Knowing what was running though their heads, Titania smiled down at the couple. "I am sorry, but we cannot let it continue as is. I promise to you that you both will find a way into each other's hearts in time."

Sighing, Elisa nodded her head slowly. "We understand," she said quietly, answering for them both. Turning, she then looked up into Goliath's eyes. Leaning forward, she quickly wrapped her arms around his thick neck and kissed him full on the lips. A few seconds later, the kiss ended and Elisa drew away once again.

"This time.. let's hope that it doesn't take a tragedy or you almost dying to get us to realize our feelings for one another," Goliath whispered, his low voice even more husky than usual.

Grinning in reply, Elisa squeezed his shoulder gently before stepping away. "Yeah, like me falling off of dam or something dramatic like that," she added, a large smile on her face. Turning, she then nodded to the trickster. "Do your stuff, Puck."

A moment later, everything disappeared in a flash of green light.

The Mists of Avalon

Sighing, Elisa blew a breath of air from between her lips as she trailed a slender finger in the cool waters that lay around her.. all around her.

"Elisa?" Angela asked quietly as she twisted in the small wooden skiff to regard her human friend with a careful eye. "Is there anything wrong?"

Pausing, Elisa turned to look oddly at the young gargess. She had the strangest feeling that she and Angela had had this same conversation before. Shaking her head, Elisa quickly lifted her hand from the dark and mysterious waters and shook them briefly, trying to rid them of the drops of water. Looking up, she gently brushed her long black hair from her eyes and stared met Angela's dark brown eyes from her seat in the front of the skiff, Bronx at her feet. Forcing a smile for both the girl and Goliath, who stood between the two women, rowing the skiff through the gently swirling mists, Elisa curtly shook her head. "No, Angela. I'm just thinking about how good a Philly Steak Sandwich would taste about now," she replied with her usual smirk, her stomach growling at the thought of the tantalizing food.

"Philly steak.. sand-wich?" Angela asked, pronouncing the new words slowly.

Laughing, Elisa shook her head, her black hair flowing around her in the windless expanse of fog. "Never mind.. I'll explain later."

Suddenly, all eyes focused on their surroundings as the dark mist began to slowly clear. In a matter of seconds, the thick blanket of fog that always surrounded their departure from Avalon was gone without a trace, leaving them in the real world once more...

The End