CH 5: The Wacky Family Awards

Okay, if they read this then they obviously know I'm talking about them. If you two are reading this it was all a crazy dream, okay? So stop pestering me! Merlinfanatic77 n babycakeswinslow, you both know who I'm talking about. Don't tell them! And if the both of you are reading this, it was a dream! Honestly! Don't murder me. You two are only crazy in my dreams.

Olive's POV:

"Oh, the Wacky Awards, I hate them," Cameron said.

"Why do you hate them," asked Rebeca.

"Only because he never wins anything," Chyna said.

"Do you have to go telling everybody my sob stories?" Ariana laughed. I was beginning to like these two. A cell phone started ringing.

"Hey Momma," Rebeca said, "Yes we're doing fine… Wait, who's coming? Why are they coming? Dear Lord…"

"What," Ariana asked.

"They're moving in," Rebeca groaned.

"Momma and Big Daddy I'd hope."

"Worse," Rebeca said.

"What," I asked.

"Our aunt and uncle are moving down here," Rebeca cried, "I've got to tell Meemaw that her sister's moving back."

"Skidmore has a sister," Fletcher asked.

"Five sister's actually," Ariana said, "Is it Aunt Georgia Lee?"

"No, worse."

"Aunt Brea Ann?"

"Worse than her."

"Ellie Jo?"


"Well who's coming," Ariana asked impatiently.

"It's not Aunt Georgia Lee," Rebeca said, "Or Aunt Brea Ann, Aunt Ellie Jo, or Aunt Hilly Marie." Ariana gasped.


"Yes," Rebeca said.

"No, no, no, NO," Ariana shrieked, "At least the awards haven't started, we have to tell Meemaw they're coming."

Ariana's POV:

"MEEMAW," Rebeca and I shrieked, running towards her.


"They're coming, we have to go into hiding," Rebeca said.

"Who's coming," Meemaw asked, "It's not-"

"Oh it is," I said.

"We're going to have to hide now," Meemaw said, "I can't stand them. They're crazy!"

"They're moving in," Rebeca said.

"I hope it's only the two of them and not their three kids," Meemaw said.

"They all moved out," I said.

"BUT THEY'RE MOVING IN," Rebeca shrieked. Why us? What did we do? They're crazy rednecks! They won't last a day without hunting for food. We've got to get them out before they move in!