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The stalking has gone a bit too far.

He woke up to find her going through his drawers like it's room raiders.

He thought she leaves at night?!

So Jericho moved in with Herald.

Not that Herald could complain or anything.

His best friend is living with him! It's about time.

But after three days of living together something horrid happened.

Something just petrifying.

"Hi honey!" Kole greeted as Jericho opened the door.

His jaw dropped. It's 12 on the dot and she shows up?

Herald's 'bitch sensors' were going off, so he walked over to the door.


She narrowed her eyes. "Herald."

He crossed his arms. "How did you come to my dimension?"

She rolled her eyes. "The same way I did last time. Duh."

It involved sneaking into a certain sorceress's room. Good thing Kole could pick locks like a true stalker.

She pushed her way into the house and sat on the couch.

"So this is how my new place looks like? It sucks."

Jericho's eye twitched.

New place?

Herald walked over to the couch and stood in front of her. "Excuse me?"

She leaned back. "I said I live here."

"Whore, your mind must be really fucked up. Get your ass out our apartment!"

Kole smirked and showed him some papers.

Herald snatched them out of her hands.

"WHAT?! Doesn't Robin know Jer has a restraining order against you?!"

Kole grinned. "I showed him some records of the crime rates in Limbo. He said I can join you guys!"

Herald glared at her. "I'll go call Robin."

Then he walked off.

Kole kept grinning at him as he walked away.

As soon as he left the room, she turned to Jericho.

"I told you nothing could keep us apart..."

Jericho's eye still hasn't stopped twitching.

She's like a damn boomerang!

He flung her away, but she always returns.

Herald stomped back in the room. "He said you have to stay! Where's G'narkk?"

"I can live without him, stupid." Then she gazed at Jericho. "But I can't live without him."

Herald shook his head. "I don't think I'll be able to live in this house with this bitch."

Kole glared at him. "Then get out!"

"No, I was thinking I might choke you."

Kole jumped up. "Well come do it!"

Herald smirked, rubbed his hands together, and walked over to her.

'Oh shit!' Jericho thought, running over to stop Herald.

Kole stood there with her hands crossed.

Jericho was pushing Herald back.

"Jericho does love me!" Kole squealed.

Herald stopped advancing and chuckled.

"No he doesn't!"

Kole frowned. "Fuck you."

"I know you would, whore!"

"With your f-"

Jericho banged on a wall.

"You two stop it."

"Where do I sleep?" Kole asked.

Herald raised an eyebrow under his mask. "There's only two bedrooms. You guess."

She grinned. "Jericho's room?"

He walked behind the couch and kicked it.

"The couch."

Her mouth dropped. "This lumpy piece of shit?"

Herald walked into the hallway.

"G'Night!" He said cheerily.

Jericho smiled nervously.

He waved and ran to his room.

He has to remember to lock the door.

Kole walked to the front door and opened it.

She forgot her suitcase outside and is hoping this weird atmosphere won't lead to it floating away.

"I gotta go pick the lock of my boyfriends room." She sang.

Any ideas?

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