I've been sick for some time, so concentrating on a screen is a little hard. And plus, things are a little hectic for me. BUT... TheDarkQueenOfRandomness is back! Now here is the final chapter of 'Combat Of Love'.

With Jericho

Jericho opened the door to an empty apartment. Spending time with Molly and more time back in the Swiss Alps has really helped him clear his head. No matter how pissed he is at Herald... he still misses him.

But he misses Kole also. And its worrying him that she has not been found.

For all he knows Kole could have been... he needs her back and safe at home.

Jericho rolls his suitcase in and sets it near the couch. Then he sat down and stared straight ahead, biting his lip.

If Herald isn't out searching for Kole, they're gonna have a problem.

His eyes jolted around and he spotted a newspaper. The blonde boy leaned over and picked it up.

After flipping through pages, something caught his eyes.

Cutie Makes Her Point on Relationships

By: Tyrese Danielic

17 year old singer who's name will be heard all over our world, Limbo, made her point in a donut shop.

"Love? I'm guessing you heard the song my band and I preformed. Well, I have this wonderful boyfriend, but he was stolen from me by his best friend..."

Her name remains unknown but who needs a name when statements like this tell us her story.

Jericho continued to read through, picking up hints that it was his Kole.

"Bitches need to learn to back off... Do you wanna try me, bitch?!"

Jericho nodded. It's Kole.

She's a free spirit with adorable pink hair. This bubblegum doll practically lives at the donut shop on Cleft Note Street her and her band mates hang out in.

Jericho now knows that he's gonna have to do this himself.

With Herald and Raven

"I think she had thoughts about coming home." Raven said after they realized that Kole's energy lingers near bus stops.

Herald was very much tired of walking to the streets with civilians who stare and him and whisper about how its The Herald, that teen who saves us daily but never involves himself with the public.

Herald sighed. "Well, we look crazy. Maybe we gonna have to do this the normal way..."

He grabbed Raven's hand and pulled her, nearly bumping into someone.

They walked over to a hobo leaning against a wall, drinking some rum.

"Hey you!" Herald called, looking like he had gone mad.

The man looked him over, putting his bottle behind his back. "Yeah?"

Raven was keeping her composure, but the hobo was staring at her.

"Have you seen a girl with pink hair and blue eyes?" Herald asked.

The hobo looked back at him. "Is she cute and has a sweet voice?"

Raven nodded, frowning for a second. "Yes, she is very cute and her voice is soft."

The hobo chugged at his bottle of rum and winked at Raven.

"You remind me of my ex-wife. She's scary but her looks ain't half bad... But you look finer. She was beginning to have these wrinkles forming ar-"

Herald cut him off. "We ain't interested in your life story, man. The girl is the only thing on our mind."

The hobo chugged at his rum again. "Does she have nice tits?"

Herald raised his eyebrow under his mask and turned to Raven.

The empath shrugged. Herald turned back to the man.

"I... guess?"

"Then I saw her. That was the bitch who tried to steal me rum. I didn't see her again."

Herald groaned. "This is no help! We're just gonna go back in circles. I need to find this chick or I'm d-"

The hobo slapped him, causing Raven to laugh on the inside.

"Man up, little beech!"

Herald opened his mouth calmly, but Raven began to drag him away from the man.

"Bye, hot girl!"

Raven just dragged Herald further away. They were going for about 5 minutes until Herald spoke up.

"I'll go ask a normal person."

Raven shrugged and let him go.

Herald stood near a wall, trying to be discreet, and tapped a young female who was about a foot shorter than him.

The girl looked to be about 16 with thick, curly, black hair and popcorn colored skin.

She looked at him with big brown eyes and her face lit up.

"Oh my! It's Herald!" She took a deep breath. "Hi."

Herald raised an eyebrow under his mask. "Sorry for disturbing you Miss, but-"

"What?! Disturbing me?! If your disturbing me I really don't mind." She grinned. "My name is Tiffany!"

Herald slowly frowned. "Beautiful name but I'm looking for a girl with pink hair. She's a member of m-"

"Kole? What about Jericho? You guys are too fly!"

Herald looked back at Raven for some help.

Raven rolled her eyes. "Yeah... Have you seen her?"

Tiffany looked her over. "Are you... Raven? You were in the papers 2 years ago!"

Herald folded his arms and cleared his throat, Tiffany looking at him.

"Kole. Have you seen her or heard about her lately?"

Tiffany put her hands on her hips and pushed out her already heavily supported chest. A mischievous smirk spread across her pretty face.

"If I tell you what I know, can I get something in return?"

Raven wanted to laugh at the emotions radiating off the girl.

Herald's face went blank. "What do you want?"

"Can..." She blushed. "Can I get a kiss?"

Herald looked around. "Um... I don't think I sh-"

"C'mon! Just one kiss. No kiss, no info."

Herald shrugged. "How about I kiss you on the cheek after you tell me?"

She nodded excitedly. "She's in a band. They're still preforming on the streets, but I heard they were gonna start preforming at this donut shop. I don't know which donut shop, though."

All Herald needed to know was that she was alive.

Herald grinned. "That's exactly what I needed! THANK YOU!"

He hugged her, lifting her up a bit and kissed her on the cheek.

Tiffany squealed. "Oh my! This is awesome. Best day ever. I dig this. Can be your wife?!"

Raven was leaning against the wall of a building and containing her laughter.

Herald put her down. "Thank you, Tiffany!"

The girl shook her head. "No no no! Thank you! My friends won't believe me but I will."

"See ya!" Herald said, running off with people staring at him.

Raven patted Tiffany's shoulder before floating after Herald.

With Kole

Kole was hanging out with her new friends and some groupies at the donut shop.

They were decked out in gear with swagger written all over it.

Kole was wearing a pink blouse, fake leather jacket, fake leather pants, large hoops, sexy shades, and some black heels. Her hair was slicked back in a ponytail and her lip gloss was heavy.

"What do you mean, Leo? I have bitches lining up!" Kole shouted jokingly.

Leo winked at a waitress before turning to Kole. "What bitches, little gal?"

Kole smirked. "Don't worry, babe. You're my number one bitch."

Leo grinned. "I knew you loved me and my fat self."

"Eat my a- Ask me for my number and I told you to bite me!" Kole laughed, placing a donut crumb in front of him. "Eat swell, fat one."

All them started laughing.

Gary played with a dread. "Why do you keep insulting his ass?"

Kole smiled. "Leo knows I love him... Like I love your big ears!"

Gary rolled his eyes. "Keep on laughing, skinny girl. You gonna want to grab on these ears one day..."

Kole winked. "Begging you to stop!"

Ryan looked away from the girl on his lap. "She doesn't insult me cuz I'm the cutie of the group. With my blue eyes, flawless skin, and sexy brown hair. "

Kole scowled at him. "Excuse me? I'm the cute one! You're just okay."

"I'm cute..." Leo said, flipping his light brown hair.

They all laughed.

A song began to play. An Earth song.

"Oh, I heard this song before!"

Ryan nodded. "Its one of the Earth songs that The Herald introduced to us."

Kole frowned. "I fucking hate him. He ruined my fucking l-"

Someone tapped her on the shoulder.

Kole jumped up when she saw Jericho.

"Omigosh! Baby! Oh, I missed you so much." Her voice was back to being sweet-laced as she hugged him.

They smiled brightly at each other.

Kole turned towards her new friends and pointed to each.

"That's Ryan, Leo, and Gary. They're my roommates slash band mates. The other bitches and bastards are groupies and I don't care what their names are." She then motioned towards Jericho. "People and groupies, this is my Jericho. Isn't he cute?!" She finished with pinching Jericho's cheek.

Jericho waved once before putting his hands in his pocket. Then he stared at Kole, backing away.

Kole smiled as she talked to her other friends, turning to look at Jericho.

He cocked his head towards the exit, causing Kole to frown and tell her friends something.

She walked over to him.


His eyes were telling her to explain.

"I've found a home. Earth sucked. Though I miss G'narkk dearly, there were many bad people who wanted to use me. This dimension is much better, but I didn't belong in you and that-" She calmed herself down. "You and Herald's own little world. And yeah.. I do like fighting crime but-" Kole's navy blue eyes began to water and voice began to crack. "I should be comfortable, right? I mean, I don't even have a bed!"

Jericho wrapped his arms around her.

Kole rested her head on his shoulder. "I-I just want to be wanted."

She began to sob, attracting the attention of other people.

He pulled her towards a booth, where they both sat.

10 minutes later, Herald and Raven walked in.

"This is the closest donut shop to the area with the hobo. Look for a ragged looking girl." Herald directed Raven.

Raven rolled her eyes. "She's in here. Right there to be exact." Raven pointed to the pink ponytail sprawled about a head on the table and the boy with blond curls patting her shoulder.

Herald's eyes bugged out behind his mask. "Is that Jer?! And damn, Kole looks cleaner than ever."

Raven grabbed his hand and walked over to the table.

"IT'S THE HERALD!" Someone yelled.

People began rushing over, but Raven mentally put up a soundproof shield.

Jericho looked at Raven and grinned but gave Herald a small smile.

"I'm so, so sorry." Herald uttered quietly, looking at Jericho.

Kole lifted her head up and glared at him through puffy eyes, her mascara running down her face.

"Do you have a tracker on Jericho or what?" Kole growled.

Herald waved his hands. "I wasn't searching for Jer. I spent 14 days, 4 hours, and 23 minutes looking for you. Where have you been? Are you okay?"

Kole crossed her arms and looked away. "I was on the streets for the longest. 3 days ago I met some guys and joined their band. 2 days ago we were discovered and provided a large apartment. I'm very fine. Now you can stop caring."

Herald frowned. "But I do care."

Kole scoffed. "Yeah... And I don't have pink hair." She looked back at him, "Go away and don't come looking for me again."

Jericho rubbed her back and looked at Herald.

'She's really hurt.' He mouthed.

Herald sat down and slid over to Kole.

She rolled her eyes and pushed away. Herald slid closer. Kole pushed herself further away. Herald closed in. Kole pushed h-

Jericho fell out the booth, shook his head as he stood, and moved next to Raven.

Raven crossed her arms as Kole stood up.

"Oh no no... Kole, you are not leaving until you speak to him. He has been keeping me up at night with his constant worrying. I have to get back to Earth before my team starts thinking this is more than a break...Talk to him and then you can leave."

Herald looked at Raven incredulously. "Leave?! I want her to come back."

Kole's nose flared as she jumped up. "Go home?! I don't have any privacy. I don't have a room!" She threw up her hands. "O-or maybe you and Jericho gonna move into a room and give me someone's old room. Then you guys are gonna forget I'm there and I'll just go back to being the burden. The chick that's stalking him from the inside. Well, I'm sooo done with that. I'm more than a burden and my new friends realize that. I'm not going back to you guys, I'm not going back to Earth, I'm not going back to dependency, I'm not going back to embarrassment, I'm not going back to exposure, and I'm not going back to being in the background." She was slapping her hands together as she was talking. "I'm a lead singer in a band and I'm appreciated. I have a family now."

Raven and Jericho looked at each other sadly as Herald sat there and let it sink in.

Herald grabbed her hand and pulled her down.

"Sorry you felt that way... To be truthful, you started this..." He thought it over. "Okay maybe I did... We're both guilty."

"How did it start?" Raven asked, sitting down across from them.

Herald and Kole looked at each other for a split second before Kole scowled at him.

Herald turned away. "I'll tell."

Jericho sat down, wanting to hear the story from their point of views.

"Okay, so Jericho and I had just become friends..."

Many teens were gathered into the tower, celebrating their new victory against a group of horrible villains. Many had made new friends, but their were two who made friends before the final battle took place.

A pretty young girl skipped over to the new friends, her caveman friend following behind.

They looked at her, one smiling brightly and the other smiling only a bit.

"Hi, my name is Kole. This is my friend G'narkk," She motioned towards the caveman. "What are your names?"

The one with the mask held out his hand. "The Herald, but just call me Herald."

Kole smiled and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you."

She turned towards the blond one.

"And you are?"

The blond boy nudged Herald.

"His name is Jericho and he's... Can you understand ASL?"

Kole shook her head and pulled on G'narkk.

"We live faaar underground. My friend here needed some convincing to come up, but he's up."

"G'narkk!" He chuckled.

The two boys raised eyebrows.

Kole smiled very brightly. "I'm sorry. He doesn't exactly wish to learn English. He understands it though... He just said, 'Yes, far up.'"

She stared at Jericho.

"I'm going to learn this ASL just so I can communicate with you. I want to learn more."

She twisted her mouth sadly.

Herald put a hand on his shoulder.

"Jer here plays the guitar."

Kole grinned at Jericho. "Really?"

Jericho nodded.

"Show me something!" She insisted, grabbing his hand.

"His guitar is on the roo-" Before Herald could finish, Kole grabbed Jericho and ran off.

As her, G'narrk, and Jericho ran off, Herald stared after them. Then he narrowed his eyes.

"After that Kole continued to drag Jericho away. Sometimes against his will..." Herald blushed. "So I... brought the option of a restraining order. He agreed easily after she began stalking him."

Kole blinked. "I know I came off aggressively, but I have reasons for my actions. Everyone knows I've been used all my life... I had a crush on Jericho and I became possessive. I wanted to be wanted and sometimes it drives me to extremes."

Herald sighed. "Same here. I'm at fault."

Kole shrugged. "I guess you are."

"You are both at fault." Raven interjected. "And it's affecting Jericho. Do you think competing over someone is justified? It's affecting his emotional well-being."

Jericho nodded. "I really do care about you both, but can't we all just be friends? I don't want to pick favorites... I'm not trying to hurt anyone. Romance just won't work if it causes someone to do something insane."

Herald cringed but nodded. "That's fine."

"And Kole, can you please stop trying to ruin my friendship with Herald?"

Kole shook her head. "But that's the thing: I wasn't trying to. I just thought I loved you, but as time passed I saw that becoming your friend will work. Herald saw that as a problem, so I came back harder then trying to get closer to you than he is."

Herald groaned. "Everything is settled. Come home, Kole."

Kole frowned. "I'm not coming back. That isn't my home and I still hate Herald."

Herald was chanting in his head to not lose it but he was giving in.

Raven blacked out the shield, sensing his emotions as he let his guard down.

He growled and slammed his hands against the table.

"I'm so frustrated. I'll get on my knees and beg if I have to. I made a mistake by going through your diary. Please forgive me."

Kole stood up. "I have a life now... I'm no longer a shadow."

Herald took her hand and pulled her down. "Please?"

She looked at him. "I have new responsibilities. Don't worry about me."

Herald nodded. "I'll have less worries on my birthday... at least."

"Have a nice birthday, Herald." Kole muttered, smiling a bit.


Kole looked at each of them.

"See ya."

She stood up as Raven broke the shield.

They stared after her as she walked off.

After a moment of silence, Raven said:

"She's going to be back. Trust me."

Herald put his head down.


Jericho took a deep breath and rested his head on Raven.

She mumbled her mantra, trying to teleport them home.