E/O Challenge
WoW: Raw
Word Count: 500
Spoilers : None

Nature in the Raw

"Let's go for a walk Dean."

Crawling on all fours, it made it's way steadily through the forest. Eyes blind from a life lived in darkness, it's head swaying from one side to the other on top of it's over long stringy neck, it sniffed the warm air. Where it came from, the temperature was constant. There was no breeze and no scent other than it's own shit and piss which it rarely passed, and always afterward ate again with glee. Up here the sheer number of scents both overwhelmed and excited. Mewling, it raised it's swaying head. It's lipless mouth opened, impossibly wide. A narrow tongue flicked out, rolling from side to side as though it possessed a life separate from the creature. The creature quivered, delighting in the tastes it found carried on the whispered breeze.

Once before it had made this journey to the overland. That time the air was wet. It had rolled onto it's back, shivering with pleasure as the wet fell down onto it's body; pooling into the crevices of it's form. Until there came a different smell, delicious enough to rouse it from it's groaning gratification and it's interest in it's own rain slick body. The new smell had made noise. It had hit and kicked and bit. No matter. The new smell's struggles were meaningless. Drool formed strings from the creature's mouth, it remembered the warm liquid that erupted as it chewed and tore. It had lived off the new smell's body for the longest time; but now it was hungry again.

It continued it's sinuous crawl, gliding through long grass, never disturbing one blade, until it heard something and stopped. The sounds were like that made by the new smell. Nostrils and tongue told it there were two. It's empty stomach growled. It sniffed again, confused. The two smelled different, but the same. Both smelled strong, without fear. But one of the two smelled impatient, and that mistake could end that one's life. The two halted. The three stood like stone. The creature heard their heartbeats, made it's choice. It leapt.

Still sat on the forest floor where he had landed when the creature bowled him over, Dean stared at the corpse sprawled on the ground in front of him.
"What the fuck is that?"
Sam moved closer, his gun still aimed at the creature, not yet trusting it was dead.
"Not a clue…You ok?"
Dean took his brother's offered hand and let Sam haul him upright.
"Yeah fine, for someone who just got knocked on his ass by the creature from the black lagoon! Why do I fall for your crap? "Let's go for a walk Dean. We'll take a picnic Dean. It'll be relaxing Dean. You'll enjoy it once we're there Dean." Well, from now on you can keep nature to yourself, leave me out of it!"
"Dean, you can't seriously blame me for this! How am I supposed to know you'll catch the eye of some weird fugly?"
"How? Simple Einstein. Because we're Winchesters!"


Chick xx