Parting is such sweet sorrow


It had been a least two weeks since I got my wound, though it was healed I had a scar. I was offered a place on the Moby Dick, but I said no, I had my own crew that needed me.

Whittney much to everyone's surprise stated she'll be back in a few days, she wanted to make sure that I was safe.

I couldn't help but see the worried look on the commanders, then I heard our granddad say.

"I'll send someone to pick you up. In four days."

"Granddad, I hadn't had anyone pick me up since I was ten." I have heard Whittney whine before but I had to agree with granddad it wasn't going to be safe going to the Thousands Sunny.


I can't believe what I'm hearing, Whittney eat the Dream, dream fruit

"Wow, do you think mom knew it was the Dream dream fruit?"

"Yes, remember when we were about six and I kept spacing out?"

"Yea, mom and I thought you were going crazy."

"Ha, Ha, lets all laugh at my devil fruit, but not for the life of me I can remember when you ate yours."

"We'll you know that mom had the cabinet right by the sink?"

"Yea, and she had it locked…"

I saw her eyes getting wider and saw that her face was getting redder and she exclaimed to me.

"Your broken in and eat that devil fruit when me and mom were out one day didn't you?"


"I should kill you right now."


"Because when I got home that night Mom punished me because she thought I broken into the cabinet."

I couldn't help myself, I started to laugh, and then before I knew it Whittney had stopped. I looked over and saw that she was going sit down. She found a step and put her face in her hands.

"Whitt what's wrong?"

"Brittney I don't know what to feel.."

"About what?"

"About this, coming here, meeting our family, heck even falling in love with Marco."

"Whittney is this just hitting you now?" I shook my head only my older, scatter brained sister would do that.

"So what if it is, Brittney this isn't fan fiction that you can just put down if you don't want to read it, and it's not a game either. WE COULD DIE, HECK YOU ALMOST DIED."


She had her knees up to her chest and her arms around her legs. I could hear the tears that were coming from her. I knew that she was breaking, my strong elder sister who protected me from bullies, and older boys. The sister who vanquish monsters in our room so I could sleep at night. The one who sat up watching Shinzo with me. The one who was in love with One piece and Naruto. The one who could do Kakashi moves, and could tell crummy jokes that you would laugh, because of threats you received from her.

"Whittney, Shush it will be ok, I'm ok, your ok. You faced Kizaru and a warlord of the sea. Your stronger than this."

"You know, this is getting to me to much hun?" she was wiping her tears and waited until she dried her tears and I felt her arms come around me and hear her whisper to me.

"Brittney, I want you promise me that you'll take care of yourself."

"I will."

-Few days latter.-

I watched as Whittney left, Ace had come and got her. When I asked why he came over, he said something about Thatch and Marco with something to do with drinking and a dancer girl. I wanted to see what would happen to the two when Whittney got back.

"Bye Brittney Parting is Sweet Sorrow."

I waved and looked at my own crew and smiled. I did have my family but I had my crew also. I know Whittney will be alright and I would be also. I waved at my sister and pray that Thatch and Marco would survive what Whittney had planed for their punishment.

I looked at the vire card that my sister and gave me and promise myself that we would meet again.