Hello! I am very sorry that I have not written this in so long, my life has been rather hectic lately. I do hope that you haven't given up on this story because I promise that I am still writing it! I wanted to do something a little different with chapter so I wrote it in the style of John's blog. Please let me know what you think in the reviews. Thank you for reading, my precious people! xxx

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The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson

13th March

Mystery Girl

I often ask myself whether or not Sherlock Holmes could ever possibly find love. I thought that he was in love with Irene Adler. But the way that he looks at this girl... it's different.

Okay, so the story goes that Sherlock was bored and so decided to go wandering up and down the allies of London, I suppose hoping to find something of interest. And that he did. He found a young girl named Amy (around the age of 25) stumbling along down the alley. Very Pretty and very ginger. She had a head injury and had absolutely no clue how on earth she got where she was. The thing is, Sherlock seems to find her intriguing. He looks at her in a similar way to the way he looks when he's on an in particularly interesting case. Excited. It's like she's something to solve. And I'm betting that he's not going to stop until he's solved her. Could this be Sherlock's version of fancying someone? Who knows! I suppose that all shall be revealed.


'Very ginger'. Your adjectives continue to astound me. – Sherlock Holmes

Well, she IS very ginger, haven't you noticed? – John Watson

Of course I noticed, John. I notice everything. Ginger is not the first word that I would use to describe her. – Sherlock Holmes

Oh? And what would the first word be, Sherlock? ;) – John Watson

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14th March

Fairytale mysteries

The plot thickens as Sherlock's attention is torn away from the redheaded Scot when a very intriguing yet rather terrible case rears its head.

It all began with two missing children. They were not from a very wealthy family and it was not by request that Sherlock chose to take this case. It was the way in which they were taken and the clues that were left behind that intrigued him so much. The two little twins (both aged 7), one boy and one girl, were taken from their beds in the dead of night without a sound. And all that was left in their place... was a trail of breadcrumbs. These breadcrumbs led to the nearby woods.

Those poor children. By the time the police reached them, it was already too late. They were found leaning against an abandoned cottage in the middle of the woods, dressed in clothes that looked like they were from the Middle Ages. But they were just so perfect. They could almost have been sleeping. The poison used was clearly some form of injected compound used to paralyse and, if the dosage is high, induce death.

Hansel and Grettle.

The two lost children.

When Sherlock and I visited the crime scene he managed to find something that none of the forensic team had. A tiny note. It was so small that it was easily hidden in the bobble of the little girl's pigtail.

Written in scrawled writing were the words:

'Escape is what children need. Just follow the second star on the right and straight on till morning.'

Peter Pan. Escape to Neverland, where children never grow old.

This case has really piqued Sherlock's interest. He's at St Barts at the moment testing different blood samples from the children, no doubt working things out at his usual incredibly fast pace.

I hope that, once this case is finished, Sherlock might spend some time with that Amy girl. It might do him some good... and you never know... something might happen. Will be keeping you posted, readers ;)


Utterly tedious, John. I don't know why you spend your time writing this rubbish. – Sherlock Holmes

It's not rubbish and people are interested. – John Watson

People are tedious. – Sherlock Holmes

Get back to the case, Sherlock. – John Watson

Why did you have to mention her? – Sherlock Holmes

Like I said, people are interested ;) – John Watson

John, I shall fetch my own revolver and I shall shoot you with it myself if you do not stop being so immature. – Sherlock Holmes

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