What would happen if someone took baby Harry from the Dursley's before they'd even taken him in? If someone came after Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, & Hagrid had left? What if Snape had a sister? A twin sister, like her brother but with an uncanny ability. What would happen if she convinced everybody's favorite snarky potion's master to take in baby Harry, and the two of them raised him? Completely AU, and everything belongs to J.K Rowling. I just couldn't get this idea out of my head. A/N: Bold= from the book, underlined=visions, and italics=thoughts.

Dumbledore turned and walked back down the street. On the corner he stopped and took out the silver Put-Outer. He clicked it once, and twelve balls of light sped back to their street lamps so that Privet Drive glowed suddenly orange and he could make out a tabby cat slinking around the corner at the other end of the street. He could just see the bundle of blankets on the top step of number four. "Good luck Harry," he murmured. He turned on his heel and with a swish of his cloak, he was gone. (HP 1, pg. 16)

"I can't believe that he actually was that stupid," a snake hissed from her place under one of the hedges surrounding number four. As Dumbledore disappeared, the snake emerged from her hiding place, revealing a lithe black body and gleaming obsidian eyes.

"Minerva warned him," she hissed to herself in annoyance as she approached the bundle of blankets in front of number four, "But he didn't even listen to his Deputy. Well, there is no way I am leaving this little boy to be abused by the animals that live in that house, or my name isn't Alyssa Snape."

She slithered closer, peering into the blankets to ensure that the child was sleeping peacefully. He was, and seemed to be perfectly fine, considering that he was nearly killed yesterday. The snake moved away from the blankets. It would do her no good to leave her magical signature in front of the house. Dumbledore needed to believe all was well until she talked to her brother. Only then could she reveal her vision.

Alyssa slithered away, not stopping until she was several streets away from Privet Drive, in an area she could easily explain away her presence. She transformed back to her human form, grateful for the darkness that masked her magic. She set off back in the direction of number four, drawing her black cloak closer around her body. She was grateful for her black clothing, making it easier to hide in the shadows. Her long black hair fell to her waist, and was as silky as her brother's was, even though it looked greasy. Her face was pale, making the black eyes more pronounced. Her dress was as black as her hair, long sleeved, high necked, and floor length. It obscured her curvy figure, masking it as her brother's robes masked his athletic build. Her heels, black of course, clicked as she walked down the street.

It took her only a few minutes to reach her destination. Standing in front of number four, she sneered in disgust of the people inside. Horrible muggles, who will treat their nephew worse than a house elf while their son is spoiled rotten. I will not let that happen, not even to Potter's son. As she thought this, Alyssa bent down and picked up the small bundle that was Harry Potter. Very like his father, Alyssa thought as she gently picked Harry up, careful not to wake him. Hopefully he is less arrogant than his father, though Lily had her fair share of unsavory qualities as well.

Alyssa walked to the end of Privet Drive carrying the sleeping baby Harry, before flinging out her wand arm, summoning the Knight Bus. She pulled her hood over her head as the violently purple bus screeched to a stop in front of her. Making sure that both her face and Harry's remained hidden, she paid for passage to the Leaky Cauldron before using magic to transfigure on of the beds into a chair, and stick the chair to the floor so it wouldn't move when the bus took off. While the bus was banging around the countryside, she began to wonder if she had done the right thing. But the visions, the horrible visions. The boy, abused and neglected, unable to deal with the fame and scorn for killing the Dark Lord. Her brother, killed by the Dark Lord, one of many to die for the Greater Good. Hogwarts in ruins because of a battle. Alyssa shuddered. No, that future is too horrible to contemplate. This way, we will be prepared. Albus, Severus, and many more will live. The boy will grow up, loved for his mother's sake as well as for his own.

The bus shuddered to a stop outside the Leaky Cauldron. Alyssa undid her enchantments on the bed before exiting to stand in front of the Leaky Cauldron. Dumbledore will believe I didn't trust myself to Apparate, and needed to go somewhere to drown my sorrows over my best friend's death. He will learn the truth soon, as soon as I talk to Sev. Taking a deep breath, she held Harry close as she Disapparated. She appeared in the middle of a run-down park in a place called Spinner's End. No muggles were around; it was unsafe to linger in this part of town this late, however Alyssa was unafraid of encountering trouble as she walked the short distance to her destination.

The house was similar to the others on the street, with broken shutters and peeling paint. As she approached the front door, she heard the sound of sobbing. Sev, she thought sadly, still mourning Lily's death. That will not make my mission any easier. As she unlocked the door with a wave of her wand, her determination didn't leave her. I need to make him understand. If he doesn't see, if he refuses to help me, then we are all doomed. He must see sense before we are required to report back to Hogwarts on Sunday. Albus gave us a grieving period, thankfully, or this would be downright impossible.

Alyssa entered the house, softly shutting the door behind her as she put her shoes in their customary place. She lived with her brother, as neither could see the point of getting a separate house when they had inherited this one after their parent's death. Why not call it their murder, you know you killed your father, even if he deserved it, Alyssa mocked herself as she walked towards the living room. As she entered the living room, the sight that met her made tears spring to her dark eyes. Severus was sprawled on the floor, clutching a picture of Lily and sobbing brokenly.

"Lily I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry," Severus sobbed. "I killed you, this is all my fault. I've promised to protect the boy, to try to ease my remorse, but it doesn't take away the fact that you are gone, forever."

"I think we need to talk about that promise Sev," Alyssa said, entering the room fully.

Severus whirled around, startled, as his sister spoke. "Alyssa, what are you doing here?" he asked confusedly, "You said that there was something you needed to do."

"I've done what is necessary Severus," Alyssa said, her voice calm despite her inner turmoil.

Severus took note of the child in Alyssa's arms as Harry shifted, snuggling further down into the blankets. "Who is that Lyss?"

"That is who we need to talk about, the little boy we pledged to protect after we informed the Dark Lord of the prophecy."

Severus was on his feet in a flash. "Potter's son is here," he hissed, advancing on his sister as she stood motionless.

"Yes, this is Harry Potter."

"Get him out of here Lyssa," Severus growled, scowling at his sister. Her scowl matched his, but before she could reply a small sound from Harry drew their attention.

The small boy yawned, looking tiredly at the two faces around him. He had seen them earlier, when they had come and cried beside his mother's lifeless body, although his mind put the information in simpler terms. He giggled as a strand of Severus's hair tickled his face, as the man in question leaned forward to see the child better. Severus gasped in shock as he saw those eyes, Lily's eyes, looking at him so trustingly.

Alyssa gently carded her fingers through Harry's silky hair as she said, "Why don't you hold him Sev, while I prepare a place for him to sleep."

"Are you insane? I know nothing about children." Severus protested.

"We both know the state of my sanity," Alyssa said as she calmly handed baby Harry to her brother, "And you'll be fine holding him for a few minutes."

With that, she walked out of the room, heading upstairs to the guest room to transfigure the furniture to suit their needs. The bed became a crib, the bedside table a changing table. As she conjured a few toys, she was grateful for the fact that this room was between her room and her brother's, as one of them would be able to hear the child if he woke up.

Going back downstairs, she smiled as she saw her brother walking back and forth, rocking Harry gently to put him to sleep. "I told you that you would be fine," Alyssa said softly as she walked over to her brother, "It's only when they're old enough to be dunderheads at potions that you are the bat of the dungeons."

Severus smirked as he looked at his sister. "You have your share of unsavory names sister," he drawled softly as he followed Alyssa upstairs and put Harry in his newly transfigured crib.

The siblings walked downstairs, leaving Harry's door open so they could hear if he cried.

"Now will you tell me what he is doing here? I thought Albus sent him to live with his relatives?"

"He did, but I couldn't leave him there."

Severus looked at his sister incredulously. "You kidnapped the boy? What on earth possessed you?"

"I had a vision Sev," Alyssa said sadly, causing Severus to regard her with concern.

He was the only person other than Albus Dumbledore who knew of his sister's visions. They weren't prophecies, more like flashes of things she needed to change. She couldn't control what she saw or what she didn't, but usually Alyssa was happy to get a vision. If she was this upset, no good would be coming from that vision.

"What did you see?" he asked, hoping to get her to explain how a grim vision led to Potter's son sleeping in their guest room.

Alyssa explained everything she had seen, the deaths and violence, and how it could all be avoided. "So you brought the boy here, to save him from his abusive relations, and we will be able to stop the Dark Lord from returning for good?" Severus asked slowly, trying to piece everything together.

His grief and guilt over Lily's death were still strong, but he felt better when he was thinking of ways to avenge her, and prevent her killer from harming her son. He was oddly protective of the small boy, even though he had only spent about ten minutes with him. The child looked at him so trustingly, as if he believed that Severus would never hurt him. Alyssa was the only one who looked at him so trustingly anymore, since he had fought with Lily. Focus Severus ,he scolded himself, now is not the time to grieve for Lily or to consider your feelings for her son.

"Yes. I plan on showing the Headmaster my vision, but I couldn't leave the boy with those people while he decided whether or not to act. Albus will consider every angle, and that will take time. This house is heavily warded, and none can enter without our permission. It is the safest place for him, especially since no one knows that he is here."

"And what will happen to the boy after Albus decides to act on your vision?"

Alyssa rubbed her forehead tiredly. "I don't know Sev. He will place the boy where he feels he will be best protected and cared for."

The siblings talked until dawn, discussing what Alyssa had seen as well as what to do with Harry. They decided to speak to the Headmaster tomorrow, as the entire school was shut down until Monday as a celebration of the Dark Lord's downfall. Neither were sure of his reaction, for although Albus Dumbledore was a kind man, he was also extremely dangerous if angered. As Alyssa lay down, her last thought was of Dumbledore's reaction. Would he be angry, or worse still, disappointed? Regardless, what's done is done, and I will accept the consequences of my actions. As she drifted off to sleep, Alyssa had no idea how far reaching those consequences would be.