Chapter 16.

"I have to meet her!" Marius had said to her that afternoon, "Can you help me?" he had asked. And like a love sick puppy Eponine had agreed to. Now as she was walking back to her apartment she fully regretted saying yes. She loved Marius more than anything in her miserable life. When she entered her apartment she flopped down onto her mattress and pulled out her phone and dialed Azelma's number. She hadn't talked to her sister in a while, Azelma was always very busy with school. Like usual she got the same answer.

"Hey it's Zelma; I can't come to the phone right now, leave a message at the tone." Eponine hung up without leaving a message. Sighing she got up and went to make herself some dinner; which usually consisted of tap water and ramen noodles. While she was waiting for the water to boil she looked around her apartment, there was a chair she had salvaged of the curb, her mattress with about ten blankets on it, and a lamp. Eponine ran her hand through her hair. Why did her life have to be like this? Why couldn't she be like Cosette? Rich, smart, and have a guy head over heals for her. No, she got to be dirt poor and all alone.

"Fuck you Karma." She said as if on cue, the power went out. "Oh come on!" Eponine yelled angrily, slamming her hand against the wall.

The next day Marius was still head over heal, he had seen his mystery girl again and now he knew her name. All of the world seemed brighter today. He had just gotten to a meeting at the Musain, but he wasn't listening to anything that Enjolras was saying. All he could think of was Cosette and that Eponine had agreed to help him find her.

"Marius." He was brought out of his thoughts by Joly shaking his shoulder. He looked up. "What's up you seem distracted?"

"It's nothing." Marius said.

"You sure? You look all pale and not there." Marius laughed.

"If you must know I saw a girl today." Grantaire overhearing the conversation stepped in.

"What is this I hear. Marius, this is the first time since I've known you that you have ever had a crush. So what's her name?"

"Grantaire you are drunk. And as to her name, I am not going to tell you."

"You three focus, you can talk about Marius's love life later." Enjolras said turning to the group. "General Lamarque has a terminal cancer. If he dies then that will be the time the people will rise up!" There were applause around all around.

"Hey, what's everyone so happy about?" Gavroche asked running up the stairs.

"It's General Lamarque." Coufeyrac said to the boy. "He has cancer."

"And that's a good thing?" Gavroche asked.

"What, no it's a terrible thing but if he dies then the people will rise up against the president and there will be a revolution!"

"Great. One last question." Gavroche said stealing a French fry from Coufeyrac's plate. "What exactly is cancer anyway." Coufeyrac thought for a moment. Medical stuff was something he didn't exactly pay attention to.

"Joly," He said grabbing the medical student's sleeve as he walked past. "Tell Gavroche about cancer." Twenty minutes later Gavroche was fast asleep as Joly kept going on about cancer types. Marius still sat thinking about Cosette. Suddenly he got an idea, he grabbed one of his notebooks and tore a piece of paper out; he would write Cosette a letter and have Eponine give it to her. One problem, he had no idea what to write. Marius had girlfriends before but for some reason when he thought about this girl his mind came up blank.

"Hey Combferre." He said walking over to the med student. "Your married can you help me write a love note?" Combferre was the only member of the group to be married. Combferre looked up from his text book.

"I may be married but that doesn't mean that I'm good with romance, go talk to Couf, or Jehan." He said turning back to his book.

"Couf on romantic advice?" Marius asked.

"Right, bad idea. Go to him on advice for getting laid. Go to Jehan for serious romantic stuff." With that Marius went down stairs to the main bar to find Jehan.

Two and a half hours later Marius finished his letter to Cosette with Jehan's help. He would give it to Eponine the next day so that she could get it to Cosette when she next saw her.

The next day Marius took time in between finals to make a run to the diner. He was told by Eponine's boss that she was on her break and that she would probably be in the alley behind the diner. Marius went and found Eponine leaning against the wall if the diner smoking.

"Eponine!" she looked up and smiled as when she saw Marius.

"Hey what's up?" she asked dropping her cigarette into a puddle. He pulled the letter out of his coat pocket.

"Can you give this to Cosette if you see her?" He didn't even notice her face fall.

"Ya, sure I'll give it to her." She mumbled taking the letter from Marius and putting it in her pocket, it was then Marius noticed the bandage wrapped around her hand.

"What happened to your hand?" He asked concerned.

"Oh, this. I may have decided to punch a wall last nigh." She said blushing.

"Ouch." Marius said before checking his watch. "Well I have to go. Thanks again Ponine." With that Marius ran out of the alley. Eponine watched him leave before pulling out another cigarette and lighting it.

"Your welcome." She said bitterly before taking a long drag. Cosette didn't come in the diner the next day or the day after that. Marius was though. He came by every day to see if Eponine had had given it to Cosette yet. On the third day as Marius was sitting at the counter about to pay his bill Cosette entered and took a seat at one of the booths. She pulled out a textbook from her bag and looked up, her eyes meeting Marius's she smiled and blushed before looking down. Cosette most defiantly recognized Marius from that summer. He smiled an awkward smile and turned to were Eponine was standing behind the counter, she had seen Cosette enter too.

"I'll give it to her." She mouthed before walking over to the booth Cosette sat in.

"Hey Cosette," she looked over to were Marius still sat. He was pretending not to watch. "What can I get for you today?"

"Could I just get a cup of coffee?" the girl asked looking up from her textbook. Eponine nodded before walking away. Marius looked at her questioningly.

"It's in my coat." She whispered walking by.

"Just get it to her please." Marius said grabbing his backpack; before leaving he looked back at Cosette and noticed that she was looking at him, He smiled at her and she smiled back. It was the prettiest smile he had ever seen. Eponine watched this with the feeling that her heart was breaking into thousands of little pieces. Eponine got the letter from her coat and Cosette's cup of coffee. She set the cup down, sighing she also put the letter in front of Cosette. The other girl picked the letter up and looked at Eponine.

"Um a friend of mine has seemed to have developed a crush on you." Eponine said. Cosette smiled.

"Does this friend have reddish brown hair, freckles all over his face, and greenish brown eyes that just make you want to melt?" Eponine nodded looking down. Cosette's smile grew and she tucked the letter in her bag. She would read the letter later, it made her ecstatic that the boy who she noticed, noticed her in return.

Eponine brought Cosette her check and then went to her boss, now she was feeling like absolute crap and asked to go home. She needed time to wallow in self pity for lost love. Meanwhile Cosette sat in the university library trying to study, but she could only think about the letter that was burning a hole in her messenger bag, she had to read it. Cosette pulled it out and opened it. As she read through it her heart began to flutter. It was basically just saying that she was the most beautiful girl he had seen. It was signed simply Marius. So that was his name. It matched him perfectly. Cosette a sheet of paper from one of her binders and began writing a reply, saying that she liked his letter and that she was glad he thought she was pretty and other romantic flirty stuff. Soon she realized that half an hour had passed and she had to get to a final. Later she sat at home and finished her letter. She would see if Eponine could get it to Marius. Cosette fell into bed with a smile on her face that night.

Sorry it took so long, I've been busy with school. So Cosette's and Marius's relationship is starting off, yay. And I got the idea of Combferre being married from a head cannon I saw on tumblr. So ya. Till next time.