Chapter 2. Two days later, West Virginia.

Fantine pulled into Mount Sur Mar late in the afternoon. It was to late to go to the factory to see about a job at the factory. So she drove around town till she found a cheap motel to stay at. Mount Sur Mar was a smaller town, population just over 5,000. Fantine sat on the bed, it was strange not having her little girl with her. Very lonely she missed hearing Cosette's laughter, holding her, watching her play. But Fantine knew that she would see her again and Cosette would be in good hands with the Thenardiers. Fantine fell asleep with tears in her eyes that night.

The next day Fantine was at Sur Mar auto factory waiting to meet the Forman. When the man entered Fantine stood up and shook his hand.

"Well miss Collin I see nothing wrong with your resume. I think that we can find room for you hear." Fantine smiled,

"Thank you so much." Fantine said shaking the Forman's hand.

"Why don't I give you the grand tour." Fantine nodded eagerly. Soon she and the Forman were walking above the assembly line. Fantine was listening to the Forman tell her about the factory,

"About two years ago the factory was really struggling. But then we got a new worker and he started to turn everything around. Now we are one of the most productive manufacturers in the country, and the man who started it is now our mayor and the owner of the factory." Fantine nodded listening. "And speaking of the of the mayor, there he is." Fantine looked up and saw a man walking towards them, he looked to be in his mid to late forties with dark hair sprinkled with grey.

"Mr. Madeline I'd like to introduce you to our newest employ Fantine Collin."

"Welcome," Mr. Madeline said shaking Fantine's hand. "I'll let the two of you get to work." He said before walking off.

"Come on let's finish the tour and show you were you'll be working." Fantine nodded and followed the Forman.

Matthew Madeline was just finishing up his factory inspection, they had a new employ, seemed like a nice girl, everything was in order, they were ahead of schedule too. It was at that time his iPhone started buzzing, he pulled it out and saw that it was his assistant. He slid the green bar and held it up to his ear,


"Mr. Madeline the new police captain is hear to see you, I told him that you weren't here but he insisted on waiting."

"That's alright Claire I'll be at town hall in about ten minutes. I'll speak to him when I get there."

It took the Mayor about 15 minutes to walk back to the town hall. It would have been faster if he had driven but Mr. Madeline didn't drive. Soon he was walking up the stairs to his office.

"The new captain is waiting in your office, just to warn you he's a little… well he seems like one of those guys who follow the rules no matter what." His assistant Claire said taking the mayor's coat,

"By the way you have a meeting at Three with the superintendent and school board to discuss the new playground at the elementary school." Mr. Madeline nodded,

"Thanks Claire, that will be all. I better not keep the Captain waiting."

Mr. Madeline entered his office, closing the door behind him.

"Sorry to make you wait, I had some business to attend to…" he looked up, the man standing in front of him was someone who he never thought he would see again. The new police Captain was Eric Javert, ex-warden of the Toulon prison farm.

Javert looked at his new boss, there was something slightly familiar about him, but Javert could not put his finger on it.

"Welcome to Mount Sur Mar, officer." The mayor said shaking Javert's hand.

"Javert." Javert replied curtly.

"Well Javert, why don't you tell me about your self." Mr. Madeline said taking a seat behind his desk.

"I was with the NYPD for a few years, then I was the prison warden of Toulon Prison in Pennsylvania for two years, but I missed law enforcement and decided to return to that."

Mr. Madeline nodded,

"Well Javert I will let you get to work. Thank you for stopping by."

"Thank you Mr. Mayor, I will see my self out." With that the two men shook hands and Javert left.

That night after Mr. Madeline returned home, he walked strait to the safe behind his desk and quickly opened it, and removed two silver candle sticks. He had always worried that someone from his past would come into his new life. He just never expected it would be Warden Javert. Luckily Javert had not recognized him. With that Matthew Madeline, once known as Jean Valjean placed the candle sticks back into the safe. Then he went over some papers and went to bed. He had a feeling life might get slightly complicated from here on out.

Meanwhile, Fantine placed the last of her boxes in her new apartment, after her factory tour she had asked the foreman about cheap apartments near by. Soon after she was settling into her self into a small one bedroom apartment. She wondered how Cosette was doing, if she was happy. With that Fantine took a shower and went to bed, she had an early start tomorrow.

Well this took awhile to write, but to day was so traumatic for me. The women who lives across the street from us was killed, and I was swarmed by reporters, so the only thing that seemed to calm me down was writing. So enjoy I'm gonna try and make the chapters coming a head longer! Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight.

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