Parallel Lines Always Meet…

About: This should be considered an unrelated anthology. All the stories contained herein will be Warehouse 13, most will be Bering & Wells centric, though there may be one or two that focus on another character.

How did this happen? Essentially, I have started writing a lot of comment fic on tumblr. A LOT OF IT. And because most of that fic is written for a specific screen cap, or gif or work of fanart, most of it is short and unrelated to anything else I've done. Rather than posting the rather ridiculous number of these things as individual fics, I'm going to go ahead and collate them here. Some will be set in the show universe, MANY will not be. I will try to specify when it's an AU.

Want to see how the madness started? If you would like to see the originals (and really, I highly suggest this, because there is an INSANE amount of talented artists and graphics wizards in the fandom) you may find them at my tumblr (same user name) tagged/fic (You will also find fics I've come across and recommend).

A note on the title: Since this seems to confuse some people. I passed 8th grade geometry. I am well aware parallel lines by definition do not meet. It's a quote. From the show Witchblade to be precise. Its also a rather (admittedly) oblique reference to multiple universes colliding. As in, Bering and Wells will always find a way to be together no matter where or when they are.