Transformers Prime/Doctor Who

The Silent Invasion of Jasper

Chapter 1: Fear of the Dark

"June." she heard her name called "Your patient's back from post-op" Finishing up her notes June Darby got up and made her way to follow the orderlies as they pushed the cart into the room at the end of the hallway. It was a normal routine for June, Take the patient's vitals, stay with them and made sure they were comfortable. Usually the patient had a Foley catheter already in and about an hour or two it would have to be taken out depending if their bladder had woken up from the anesthesia. June normally worked the ER of Japser Memorial, but ever since Jack became an ally of the Autobots, He wasn't spending as much time at home. June found herself with a lot of free time to take extra shifts at the hospital. This day she found herself on the Post –Op ward, caring for patients that were recovering from recent surgery.

The rail of the cart was lowered as the patient was put into position to be transferred over to the bed. June saw her patient was a teenage girl; she could transfer over herself if she had too, but she had the extra hands and they needed the workout. Making sure the Foley catheter and the IV were not in danger of being pulled out she moved across the bed and grasp the sheet the girl was on .

"Ok boys nice and easy now on three, one, two, and three!" She then pulled the girl onto the bed. She was still groggy from the surgery and probably nodded off in transition from the post op room to the floor.

"All right, I have it from here. " She said as she dismissed the orderlies.

She examined her chart and read the post op notes, she was recovering from a tonsillectomy, not a bad procedure but it required a long recovery time. She was in store for a lot of ice cream eating, not a bad thing June thought to herself.

June began to nudge her awake "Rachel...Rachel wake up dear, your surgery is over."

Slowly the girl began to open her eyes; she looked to see the smile of June looking down over her. Rachel instinctively gulped, her eyes shut from the pain that racked her throat.

"Yeah your throat's going to be raw for a while, you should take it easy." June instructed.

"I-is it...over..." She asked in a scratchy voice.

"Yeah, your back in your room now, "June said softly" I'm going to take your vitals every 15 minutes for the first hour and then taper off, I'm giving you something for pain in your IV and then after you wake up some more I'll give you some ice cream for that throat..."

"Where's my dad?" She asked

"Your dad left a note he had to leave for a meeting, but he'd said he would be back tonight. "

Rachel blew out a disgusted breath as she shook her head in frustration; he was a busy man and always jetted off for work. Rachel was used to it, she practically had to raise herself since she was 9 when her mom left for Baja and never came back. She felt a tear or two well up in her eye, maybe it was the anesthesia but she wasn't as good at hiding her feelings as she normally was, June immediately caught her disappointment.

"Hey , tell you what. I'll sit with you until you wake up a bit more..." June said as she injected the morphine into her IV. Rachel soon felt her head get light as she drifted off to sleep.

Rachel was a pretty sixteen year old; she had blond hair, blue eyes and was on the cheerleading squad with her friend and cheer captain, Sierra. She lived in Jasper all her life with her father who worked as an architect in one of the towns firms. She was a pretty and she was intelligent, but living in a boring sleepy town, she got bored easily. She often found herself in detention for when she acted out of boredom. It was her way of filling up the day with good memories, so she could avoid the bad dreams at night.

Rachel Rogers hated her dreams, rarely were they happy, mostly they were vivid, filled with images she couldn't understand or comprehend, the worst nights were terror filled. Shadows stalking her, a feeling of dread, the sound of mechanical stomping, then the images of a blank expression followed by a cold steel hand raising up to cover her face, She tries to scream but nothing comes out until at last darkness envelopes her.

She awoke with a frightful gasp, and could feel a warm caressing hand on her forehead; It was soft and caring, a motherly feeling she hadn't felt in a long time. She looked to see it was Nurse Darby by her bedside, her warm smile beaming down to Rachel like a noonday sun.

"Bad dreams? " She asked "My son Jack still gets them from time to time. "

Rachel saw her badge and remembers the name Jack Darby from school. He was in her grade, not a bad looking guy, He seemed real attached to his bike.

"Jack Darby?" Rachel asked "You're Jack's mom?"

June nodded "Do you know him?"

"I think he likes my friend Sierra," She said trying to sit up "He's kind of cute, but we rarely see him anymore, He must like to ride his bike a lot."

June paused and smiled a little as she thought of Arcee, "Yeah he's very attached." She said as she placed a selection of vanilla ice cream, frozen yogurt, and smoothies before Rachel. "Ok young lady eat up all of this, we need to reduce the swelling in your throat. Those tonsils are gone for good so we have to make sure the sutures heal up fine, ok"

Rachel took a mouthful of ice cream and smiled. She liked June, from what she could tell she was a very nice person. She hadn't even noticed June removing her urinary catheter, until she saw it being thrown in the hazardous waste bag.

"This is the start of summer vacation for you isn't it." June asked "Yeah "She said softly "What a way to start it, huh?"

"I dunno Rachael you could be on another planet or deep in the earth..."June said remember of the past few months with the Autobots. June then saw the odd look given to her by Rachel."I…read a lot of science fiction!" June recovered awkwardly.

"Look All I'm, saying is these outages have been going on for about a couple weeks now the Hospital administration is tired of it and wants it fixed yesterday! "Said the burly maintenance man Ted Logan to hi subordinate Max. "I'm not happy about it anymore than you do."

"Yeah, I just think it sucks it's the weekend of Memorial Day, "Max said thinking of the BBQ he could be eating now.

"All the more reason to get it fixed as soon as we can!" ted said as they made their way down to the lower levels of Jasper memorial Hospital. The dusty old hospital had corridor upon corridor of the underground levels. They go two to three floors down to check the system of wires that supported electricity to the hospital. For weeks now the hospital underwent various power outages and "brown outs" . The power and water company did their part and checked every part of the power grid that the hospital was attached to. It was them deemed the power problem was lied solely on the hospital. For the third time the hospital sent its crews down to find the source of the problem

The first thing Ted and Max noticed was there was no lights in the lowers levels, sans for the red dim of the emergency signs. The hall way was cool and the air stale as they made their way through the darkness. With their flashlight beams up they followed the map to the Electrical Room. Max traversed down the darkened hallway as a feeling of dread crept up on him slowly and deliberately. It was a feeling that gained strength tenfold when he realized that Ted was no longer following him.

"Ted? Ted! Teddy! Where are you man!?" He yelled, as he heard a loud crash behind him. He followed the sound to the far corridor. "Ted! Ted don't play around this isn't funny!" Max shouted as he turned the corner to see nothing but complete darkness. He had a screaming instinct that pleaded with him not to go down the hallway. Max then quickly turned to leave the hallway as the last thing he ever saw was a grey metal hand reaching for him.

"Justice will be served!" He heard a cold metallic voice call out, before the darkness took him.

June stayed the hour through her lunch break in Rachel's room, just sitting and talking with the girl. They talked about Jack the most, Rachel confided that while Jack had a infatuation with Sierra, Rachel herself had a small crush on June's son. June then happily showed Rachel pictures of Jack from his younger days. Knowing full well she had given Rachel plenty of ammo for blackmail. June the left Rachel to get some rest as her lunch hour ended.

She made it back to the Nurse's station when she noticed something rather odd occurring. June looked at the white poster board behind her and saw that a good number if not all of the patients on the floor were marked for discharge. She saw orderly's taking patients out of their room as they were fully dressed to go home.

"Carmen!" She called out in a long tone that said she was not amused. Patty the other nurse on the four day weekend shift with June came out of the Medications locker with her clipboard in hand.

"Carmen…..Why are there so many patients leaving!?" June said in disbelief.

"The Doctor on call discharged them.." She said "He would visit them and told them to go home as they were fine."

June's mouth hung open as she picked up the phone to call the Nursing Manager on call on the 7th floor, the Telemetry ward.

"Barbara! It's June!, look the Doctor on call is telling patients to go home! And-"

"I know June! Isn't it great! We might actually be able to send some nurses home this weekend!" Barbra said as June blinked in disbelief. June wondered if the whole hospital was going mad and immediately thought if it was a Decepticon plot. "What are you saying Babs?"

"I'm saying he was just here and he discharged our entire floor, At first I was shocked like you but somehow our patients were fine! , Everything was normal, labs and vitals. We saw no reason to keep them."

June could feel a rising rage in her, as she was not convinced at all these patients should be leaving. Especially the patients on the telemetry ward. She had been a nurse long enough to know the type of patients can't "Just go home" . June picked up some discharge orders written by this Doctor on duty.

"He was working his way down the floors, he should be on your floor next, I think he said his name was.."

"Dr. John Smith" June said as she read the name on the discharge papers. "Lemmie call you back Babs."

June walked out to the floor as she saw two patients leaving with their loved ones being pushed by orderlies. She looked through room after empty room, until as last she heard a voice coming from Rachel's room.

"There we go!, now open up wide and say Ahhh!" She heard a voice say.

She went into the girl's room and stopped as her eyes saw the sight of the mysterious Doctor who had taken it upon himself to let nearly all the patients in the hospital to go home. The first thing June noticed about him was the large mop of brown hair on his head, it was parted to one side as he had a wide forehead, He wore a white Doctor's coat over what appeared to be a brown tweed jacket, a blue shirt with maroon suspenders and a maroon bow tie. He stood over Rachel's bed as she laid flat on her back. He was holding some kind of device inside of her mouth. It emitted a green glowing light with a high pitch buzzing sound from within Rachel's open mouth.

"What are you doing!?" June shouted "Take that thing out of her mouth!" It was loud enough that there was more than one awkward glance staring down the hallway.

He took the metal device out of her mouth and pressed a button as the tip of it sprang up into four metal prongs, he looked at it closely as if he were taking some kind of reading off of it.

"There we are Miss Rogers! Now sit up and tell me how you feel!" He said in an excited tone that had a British accent to it.

Rachel blinked as she sat up and gulped hard as she felt her throat. Nothing no pain, no soreness, It was as if nothing had happened to her throat.

"I um, I think I feel fine…" Rachel said in a voice that was no longer raspy.

"Now just wait a second!" June growled as she took her pen light and nudged her way past the Doctor, and lit the light down Rachel's mouth. June examined her throat and saw it was a normal healthy throat, without tonsils, infection or even surgical scars. The throat was healed perfectly. June stood up and faced the Doctor," What did you do to her!?" She said in a sharp and biting tone.

"What do you mean what did I do? I fixed her throat and a couple of cavities!, You should lay off the sweets young lady!" The young Doctor pointed at Rachel "Or at least switch to Jelly babies!"

"Doctor John Smith I presume? June asked

He smiled warmly as he pulled out a black billfold and showed it to June, It showed his medical credentials, He was a Doctor out of England and that he worked for a place called U.N.I.T. As quickly as he showed the credentials he put it back in his tweed jacket, "You must be June Darby!, now be a dear and help Miss Rogers gather her things, I'll be discharging her so she can enjoy this Holiday!"

"Excuse me !" June said as interrupted her.

"Please! Please! Just call me The Doctor…" He said proudly

"Doctor!," June said harshly " I don't know who you think you are but you are showing gross negligence by sending whoever you want home!"

"Nurse Darby, I can assure you everyone I sent home is fine, they were even happy to go home so they could enjoy the sun and eat hot dogs, which why you lot eat those things is beyond me! The stuff that gets put in them besides Rat excrement and Bug parts…"

"You can bet I will call the board of Health today!" June threatened.

"The board of health has taken the day off today as well.' The Doctor announced.

"Tuesday morning then!" June said in a raised voice.

June was about to read The Doctor the riot act, when the lights began to flicker on and off in repeated succession.

The Doctor looked up spun on his heel as he stepped up on the chair next to the bed, June looked at him incredulously as he pulled out his mechanical wand and scanned the light fixtures. He pulled it back and looked at it closely.

"I don't mean to interrupt your fascination with your wand.." June said sarcastically.

"Screwdriver," the Doctor muttered "It's called a Sonic Screwdriver, What do you notice about these light twitches?" He asked as he hopped down.

June rolled her eyes "The hospital is on a sketchy part of the grid, It usually does that."

"The lights flickered on and off in the same pattern and always 5 to 15 minutes apart." Rachel noted as they saw she was sitting up and dressed as she was tying her shoes.

The Doctor raised his eyebrows in approval, "What a clever girl, very observant Rachel!, I am impressed!" He congratulated. "Now where is the main power grid for the hospital?" he asked.

"The basement," Rachel said "My dad works for the firm that designed the new additions to the hospital."

The blond girl stood up "I can show you if you want."

The Doctor smiled as he whipped off his white lab coat to reveal the tweed jacket underneath.

June immediately protested " I don't think that's a good idea young lady, even if you appear to be healthy, you don't even know this man! I don't think your parents would approve."

"Mrs Darby, My mom left us when I was nine, and "Going to a meeting" Is my dad's code for "I'm staying in Vegas for a week or two". When I get home there will be at least a couple hundred in the cookie jar for pizza." Rachel said flatly "It's not like I have anything to do for the next couple of hours."

Rachel started to walk out of the room with The Doctor, " Wait!" June called out "Thanks to The Doctor, I now longer have any patients, so I'll come along, if anything to keep an eye on the both of you!" She pointed.

The three loaded on to the elevator that went down to the lower ends of the hospital, they saw the countdown from the 4th floor to the basement, Beyond that were lower levels.

"That's right " June said as she looked at the buttons " The lower levels can only be accessed by a key and only the building manager has that. June blinked as Rachel proved her horribly wrong as she pulled out a keychain from her satchel. Picking the odd looking key she stick it in the lock and turned it as the elevator continued down to the lower levels.

"Dad always made copies." She said simply.

The doors opened as the darkened hallway greeted them; The Doctor marched out with his companions in tow. He scanned the air with his Sonic Screwdriver as the green light illuminated the dark. Rachel caught her breath as she clutched the smock of June tightly.

"Are you ok Rachel?" June asked.

"y-yeah, just not a big fan of the dark, that's all." Rachel said softly.

"Most intelligent beings have a basic fear of the dark," The Doctor said "And they are wise to do so…" He said as his screwdriver began to emit a small beep.

"What's going on Doctor?" June asked as she held Rachel's hand. She wasn't normally afraid of the dark, but for some reason she was filled with a sense of dread.

They continued down the hallway turning corner after corner following the pulse of the screwdriver.

"So Doctor, Why did you feel the need to send all of our patients home? " June finally asked.

"I was passing through town and I found an odd signal originating from this hospital, I needed everyone out but unfortunately the right people I needed to make that happen took the weekend off!" The Doctor huffed. "You lot …"

"How far did you say this electrical room was?" The Doctor asked Rachel.

"Just at the end of the hallway, why?" Rachel asked.

"Because I'm not sure this is part of the hospital" the Doctor said as he pushed the tip of the screwdriver into a control box, and turned on the artificial lights. They soon saw they were in a corridor with soft blue walls. The design on the walls were definitely alien, on each side of the walls were a clear glass that was painted with frost around the edges.

"Oh my God…." June said as the color left her face, She could see that in these cases were people in a cryogenic sleep. On their heads were a metal like crown with a red light glowing near their temple. June knew these people; they were maintenance men, and hospital volunteers, patients and even nurses she knew that worked in different parts of the hospital.

The Doctor looked at the readout on the digital display on the chamber they were held in. "It's ok June they are still alive." He said

"I don't care we have to help them! We need to get them out of there!" June yelled as she took out her phone. She immediately thought this might be a Decepticon plot, and if so she had to warn Optimus. She checked her phone to see she had no reception down here.

Then the doors slid shut at the end of the corridor they just came in, and then from the same part of the corridor the two side doors opened, as they heard a series of loud metal clunking. Like heavy footsteps against a metal floor. Rachel and June soon saw what was making the loud noise. They were the footsteps of metal men. At least June hoped they were still men, they were a light metal grey, and they looked like they had black rubber insulating in between their leg and shoulders joints. Their faces held a blank expression of two black eyes and a slit for a mouth. And on the top of their heads protruding out of their ears were two rods that connected back to the top of their heads.

Then they spoke. "Intruders will be tried! Intruders will be tried!, Justice will be served! Justice will be served! The Cybertronians must be found! The Cybertronians must be found!" They repeated in dull metallic voices. They were at least six of them that were marching toward the Doctor and his companions.

"Doctor what they are!?" June yelled as Rachel screamed.

"They are called Cybermen!" The Doctor said as if he were very familiar with them." You need to listen to me as what I have to say is very important!"

The Doctor then grabbed both June and Rachel's hand. "Run!" he shouted.

They ran in the opposite direction as they heard the advancing of more Cybermen emerge from the corridor. Covering a good distance of the underground base, it soon became apparent to the Doctor where they were.

"I can't believe this is part of the hospital!" Rachel said as she kept close behind the Doctor.

"That's because it's not part of the hospital!" The Doctor stated "This is the ship of the Cybermen."

"Who are they?" June asked "What planet are they from!?"

The Doctor stopped to a walking pace as he looked at June oddly. "The Cybermen are from the sister planet of Earth called Mondas. They were people once, but they gradually converted their bodies into metal, leaving only their mind and I have fought them time and time again." The Doctor stated.

"And you're not just a medical Doctor " Rachel said " You're an alien aren't you?"

"Again the clever girl." The Doctor smiled. "And Yes, I'm not human if that's what you're asking; now I'm curious June, You didn't ask if they were an alien, you asked what planet they are from. Tell me how many aliens do you know."

June gulped as she tried to find the words to describe the Autobots. She was about to speak when they were suddenly enveloped by a white light. They each felt lightheaded as the light grew brighter.

"Doctor! What's happening?" June asked

"Hang on! It's a Teleport!" The Doctor said as the three were scooped up by the teleport beam.

Within moments they found themselves in another part of the ship. Rachel blinked her eyes as the feeling of vertigo left her. She looked to see she was inside a large beam of light. She pushed her hands though it and saw she couldn't penetrate it, no matter how hard she pushed.

"You can stop Rachel, it's a force field. Nothing will get through it." The Doctor said.

Rachel looked to see The Doctor and June were trapped alongside with her in their own force field cages.

"Just stay calm you two, I promise I will get you out!" The Doctor said as from around the room the lights slowly came on. They were in the Cyber control room, as 7 to 10 Cybermen were positioned about at various work areas. In the center room was a large control table that emitted a holographic image of the Earth.

"What are they doing Doctor?" June asked as she looked at the metal men busy in their own work.

"They're scanning the Earth, they are looking for something." The Doctor said " Oy! You lot! That's right over here!" The Doctor yelled out as he got the attention of the Cyberman whose head rods were black, the only one in the room with that feature.

"That's right! I know your scanning the planet. Well you can stop, you got me! "The Doctor said "You can let these two go now, Take me to your leader!" He mocked.

The Cyberleader marched to them and analyzed them. "The Prisoners will be scanned, Justice will be served."

"Hang on a minute! It's me!, the Doctor!" The Doctor said flabbergasted "Don't you recognized your sworn enemy!?"

'What do you mean sworn enemy!?" June asked incredulously.

"Yes, sworn enemy, every time they tried to take over the Earth I've stopped them time and time again." The Doctor recanted.

"How many times have they tried to take over the planet?" Rachel asked.

"I don't know I've lost track after the hundredth time, that isn't important. What is ,is why don't they recognize me?" The Doctor said as a metallic arm with a cybernetic eye was lowered from the ceiling. It fired a laser beam that spilt into three smaller beams. The laser began to scan each of them, over and over.

"Scanning scanning scanning." A Cyberman repeated. Then an alarm sounded at the beam abruptly stopped.

"Scan found! Trace signature of enemy element has been detected!" The Cyberman announced.

"Sieze the offender!" The Cyberleader ordered as two Cyberman approached the Doctor and his team.

"That's it now let's get on with it then!" The Doctor said, once he got out of this force field he could work on his plan that he was making up as he went along. Except his plan took a sharp and unexpected detour as the two Cybermen didn't take The Doctor.

They took June instead.

"No! No! Let me go! Let me go!" June screamed as she struggled against the steel grip of these metal monsters.

"Extract the information about the Cybertronians from her mind, and then convert her. "The Cyberleader ordered.

"What trace element did you find on her!? And Cybertronian? This is Earth not Cybertron!" The Doctor argued as he saw the Cybermen as they slammed June onto a Cyber conversion table. June gasped and breathed heavily as the metal restraints clamped on her wrists and ankles. Finally the last brace enclosed around her neck and pulled her head back on the table.

"ANSWER ME!" The Doctor shouted.

"Trace elements of the fuel Energon has been found on the female, through her we will find the Cybertronians hiding on the Earth!" The Cyberleader told the Doctor.

Soon a metal crown was lowered on June's head. She gasped as her body went ridged and her mind was probed. The Doctor and Rachel saw on the holoscreen images from June's mind flash on the screen. Everything was projected from when she was born, to her growing up, School, Giving birth to a child, seeing her husband leave for the last time, raising her son by herself and finally the images of large robots appeared on the screen.

The Doctor recognized the beings as Cybertronians, Particularly the Autobots and the Decepticons. Instantly The Doctor had the answer June didn't have the chance to tell him. Somehow she knew these robots that were being sought out by the Cybermen, but for what purpose? The Doctor vowed to find this out.

Then on the hologlobe two points on the planet were highlighted. One was a moving target high in the Earth's orbit, and the second was on a point just outside of Jasper Nevada.

"Enemy Cybertronians have been located!" The Cyberleader announced.

"All right good! Now let the woman go! She is of no further use to you!" The Doctor demanded.

"Incorrect." The Cyberleader said as metal components dropped from the celing and rose from the floor. They hovered around June, as an orange light shined on her face. June screamed as the metal fitting began to install over her body. The Cyberconversion of June Darby had now begun.

Next Time: The Doctor and Rachel are locked in a race against time to save June Darby. What do the Cybermen want with the Autobots and the Decepticons? The Doctor is determined to find out and stop the Cybermen. In doing so, The Doctor will discover a deadly secret leftover from Gallifrey's past.