The Silent Invasion of Jasper

Chapter 3: Denouement

All June could think of was her son Jack, She wanted nothing more than to see him again. Thoughts filled her mind of never seeing her son again and even worse of him having to live a life without her taking care of him. She knew William would do everything in his power to make sure Jack was ok even if Jack could survive on his own. Still that very thought filled her with deep seeded dread, a dread that as a mother she could not push away. All she could do was put her faith and hope into the man whose arm she now clutch to, the man known to her only as The Doctor.

"You will represent the earth!"

"Represent the Earth!"

"Accused of hiding the offenders!"

"Charges have been set"

"You can plead for mercy; it sometimes helps….Sometimes"

"Doctor!" June said "What do they mean? What are they Doctor?" She said as she looked at the hideous egg shaped mechanoids, leering down at them from above.

"So let me get this straight, you want us to stand trial for the people of the Earth?" The Doctor asked the Judges.

"Yes , you will stand as this planets Champion!" The face that looked like it was highly amused said.

"You have no idea how correct you are.." The Doctor said smugly "Then I invoke article 31 of the Shadow Proclamation!, I demand time to confer with my client to mount a subtle defense!"

The lead Quintesson spun quickly and stopped on the Face that was elongated and looked like it wore a red crown. "We normally don't recognize the Shadow Proclamation but we find you highly amusing, Very well, you will have 10 minuets…."

The Doctor turned back to his companions. "The Quintessons are a race of engineers each face represents a facet of their being. "He described. "The scowly face represents Rage, The Smiling fat face represents Laughter, the Suspicious Face represents bitterness, and the grimacing face represents doubt."

"What about the face that looks like a skull?" Rachel asked

The Doctor paused before answering "Death."

The heaviness of the Doctors words sank into June and Rachel, before he finally pepped up into a boyish smile. "Chin up you two! Here's what we are going to do!" He said cheerfully.

He place his hand on each of their shoulders and drew them in close " You two stay behind me and do not look fearful, show no sign of fear, anger or sadness. They thrive on making their victims squirm! No stay strong and trust me, and when I tell you to, run…" He said as he turned back to face the Quintessons.

"I hope your plan works Doctor.." Rachel said while hiding behind the Doctor.

The Doctor saw she had a look of fear, shock and excitement all rolled into one look. "Trust me, I'm the Doctor!" He smiled.

"All right your badness! We are ready!" the Doctor announced.

The Quintesson spun and stopped on the Grey face of Doubt. "Your planet stands on trial for harboring the rouge Cybertronians! If found guilty we will obliterate the planet with the rouge Cybertronians on it , How do you plead?"

"Guilty as charged!" The Doctor announced as he felt the sharp intake of breath from the two women behind him "But I have a better question, just WHY is the Earth on trial? Why are you seeking the Cybertronians? You're going to obliterate us anyway, at least tell us why!"

The Quintesson spun and stopped on the smiling face of laughter. "You are like a braying astro donkey human! Stalling to hold off the inevitable but very well…" It spun again and this time stopped on the green face of Death.

"We Quintessons are the masters of Cybertron, the Cybertronians are our creation and therefore our property. They rebelled against their true masters and thus must pay for their transgressions. They waged a war that destroyed the planet we created for them to inhabit. They fled like the cowards they are to continue their pointless war on the Earth, and the Earth and it's people gave them safe harbor to continue their senseless war. That is why they Cybertronians and the Earth are accused of, Futility."

The Doctor ran his fingers through his hair and straightened his bow tie "Well that's all you had to say. Now I call for a motion of a mistrial!"

The Quintesson judged spun and once again stopped on the face of laughter "Are you serious?, On what grounds?" He asked mockingly.

"On the grounds that I accuse you the Quintessons, of failure to uphold a contract, gross negligence and above all cowardice!" The Doctor said accusingly.

The Quitesson spun again and stopped on the face of rage "On whose behalf!?" It said angrily.

"On behalf of the Time Lords of Gallifrey!" The Doctor announced.

June and Rachel immediately noticed that the Quintessons suddenly grew silent. What the Doctor said had a profound effect on them and he now had their full attention.

"Need an explanation?" The Doctor said as he pulled out his sonic screwdriver and activated one of their holopanels" Let me pull up a thought screen! "he Doctor said as he projected his thoughts into the holoscreen.

" I agree you Quintessons created the Cybertronians, but you forget who created you first! " The Doctor said as the images of his home planet of Gallifrey . "You were first created by the Time Lords to create an army to fight the Daleks in the Great Time War!"

Then the images shifted to fire and explosions and from the clouds of black smoke and fire, emerged the image of a Dalek, the most feared race in all of creation.


"You created the Cybertronians but you lot got it wrong did you? You forgot when you created life that you could not control life that life itself takes over! They rebelled and forced you off Cybertron." The Doctor explained as the images of the Quintessons fleeing from the revolting Cybertronians filled the holoscreeen. "You came back to Rassilon begging for your lives, and what did Rassilon do in his 'kindness'? "

The Doctor showed images of the Lord President of the high council of the Time Lords, a stone face man dressed in maroon robes; he held a staff on one hand on one the other he wore a metal gauntlet. "Rassilon , ordered you take the Cybertronians place in the war! He put you on the front lines at the Battle of Arcadia! But what did you do when you first saw the Dalek war ships descending upon you?" The Doctor asked as the images then shifted to a planet in the throws of chaos and fire.

"You turned tail and ran! It was your direct cowardess that caused the fall of Arcadia!" The Doctor said as the Quintesson ship was shown leaving Arcadia as the planet exploded.

"You dare put the Earth on trial when you yourself have committed the most grievous offense against any of the known universe! You failed to do your part in the Great Time War, and in turn countless beings suffered!"

The Quintesson spun and stopped on the face of Death," You are either very bold or very stupid human! Who are you to make such accusations?"

"Who am I ?" The Doctor said as the images came on the view screen of his previous incarnations, ten different faces passed through the holoscreen , each one were different, some were of older gentlemen, some wore outlandish clothes like a multicolored scarf or a leather jacket. Until at last the final image of the Doctor was displayed.

"Hello!" He said "I'm the Doctor!, The last of the Time Lords!"

June and Rachel watched intently as the Doctor's tone suddenly changed to a low and menacing tone. "Now listen to me carefully, I am this planets defender, and I give you ONE chance to leave peacefully or else…"

"Or else what?" The Quintesson laughed as the other two Quintessons laughed, "You're going to stop us?"

"Yeah, me…" The Doctor said ominously.

The Quintesson spun again and stopped on the face of Judgement " We have deliberated and come to a judgement, we find you and the Earth guilty, You and your planet will be eradicated!"

"Then what happens next is of your own design!" The Doctor said as he pulled out the info stamp from his jacket and pointed it at the Quintessons. "Rachel, June!, Cover your eyes!" The Doctor said as he fired the bright energy beam at the Quintessons. He made sure he emptied the entire contents of the infostamp before it finally gave out as it's contents of knowledge was expelled.

The light cleared and the Quintessons still remained. The Quintessons then began to laugh with all of their face at once. The laughter face stopped to address the Time Lord. "You have failed Doctor!, the weapon you possessed had no effect on us whatsoever!"

"Oh no, what I did wasn't for you, "The Doctor said " It was for the Cybermen!"

Then from all over the room the dozens of Cybermen that were previously in stasis began to move and pull the wires that were attached to them off.

"What I did was break your hold over the Cybermen! This is the first time in a long while I bet that they are free of your control, and I imagine they weren't very happy right now!" The Doctor said as the Cybermen began to wake up and realize where they were and what was going on.

The Doctor began to walk backwards and nudge his companions to move back with him, as the Cyberman began to take full control over their actions.

"Hostile enemies will be deleted! Quintessons are hostile enemies, Qintessons will be deleted!" The Cyberleader said as he and the other Cybermen raised their arms and their arm cannons popped out from their forearms.

"We have lost control of the Cybermen!" The Quintesson face of judgement shouted " Sharkticons! Come to our aid!"

From the far door that slid open emerged a dozen or so purple and grey Cybertroniand emerged, they growled as they saw the Cybermen. They then transformed into huge bioped creatures with round lime green eyes and rows of sharp razor like teeth. Almost immediately the fight between the Cybermen and Sharkticons commenced.

"Run! Get to cover!" The Doctor shouted as he led his companions to safety behind a wall of crates. June and Rachel saw the battle between the two robotic factions June saw as the weapons of the Cybermen were effective if the blaster bolts actually hit the Sharkticons. The Sharkticons had the numbers as the swarmed the Cybermen and tore them to pieces with their teeth. The Cybermen growled and roared in pain as sparks flew from their body and they were dismantled by their attackers. It wasn't long that the floor of the spaceship was cluttered with the dismantled parts of the Cybermen.

"Come out Doctor!" The Quintesson face of doubt called out, "We know you are hiding!"

The Doctor raised his hands in surrender as Rachel and June both did the same.

"Your pitiful attempt of defiance was amusing, but in the end you failed!" The face of doubt spoke.

"Oh I wouldn't claim victory just yet!" The Doctor said with a sly grin. "You see while it appears you have beaten these Cybermen you failed to notice one important detail!"

Then the severed heads of the Cyberman that lay on the ground in turn began to emit a small electronic beep, one by one each head began to beep and flash a tiny red light over and over .

"You see , Cybermen share the same information, when they were finally freed, they immediately relayed their information of their whereabouts to the Tenth Cyber legion. They are the Cyber legion that patrols this sector of the galaxy!" The Doctor explained " And they should be arrive just about….now!"

Then from the black of space coming out of warp appeared 20 or so Cyber war ships. They quickly surrounded the lone Quintesson spaceship, suddenly a robotic voiced filled the air inside the Quintesson courtroom.

"Quintesson spacecraft" The Cyber Controller spoke "Be warned, you have now declared war upon the Cybermen! We will proceed to deleted you!"

"Doctor!" June said "Are they about to destroy this ship!?"

"Yes June, they are going to throw everything they have at this ship!" the Doctor grinned as June grabbed him by his jacket lapels.

"WITH US ON IT!?" June shouted

'Oh I guess I should do something about that!" The Doctor said as he pulled out a tiny metal pipe that resembled a dog whistle. Blowing on it June and Rachel at first heard no sound, and then they started to hear the sound of a mechanical grinding, and gradually they saw their surrounding begin to change as the outline of a massive room began to form around them. Rachel then grabbed June as they both screamed as the TARDIS finished its final dematerialization around them and the Doctor.

The Doctor ran to the console of the TARDIS as he began to furiously pull and push various switches and levers on the console that was a mish mash of various junk and buttons.

Both June and Rachel took a seat on the car seats by the console as the Doctor continued to work on the console. Then the TV monitor next to him came alive as the voice of the Quintessons could be heard.

"Doctor! Don't do this! We beg you!" The five faces pleaded.

"No Quintessons you did this to yourself!" The Doctor said coldly.

"HAVE PITY ON US!" They screamed.

" I have pity for you! Goodbye Quintessons." The Doctor said as the TARDIS disappeared from the Quintesson ship as the cannons of the Cyberships reduced the ship and its occupants to scrap.

"Hang on ladies!, I will get you home in a few seconds!" The Doctor said as the inside of the TARDIS began rock from side to side, both June and Rachel clutched on to the arms rests of the car seats.

"Doctor! What is this place!?" Rachel asked her eyes wide open with wonder.

"This Rachel is my ship! The TARDIS, it stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space!, and it's the best ship in the universe!" he bragged.

Finally the inside of the TARDIS stopped shaking as the center collum of the Time rotor stopped bouncing up and down.

The TARDIS grew still as it came to a full stop. "Allrighty ladies!" The Doctor said as he took then by the hand and led them down the small stairs to the doors of the TARDIS. "Everyone please disembark!" The Doctor said as he opened the door of the TARDIS for them.

They walked out to see The Doctor had landed the TARDIS inside of the Autobot base in Jasper. They looked to see the Autobots staring at them with their guns drawn. Their optics went wide as they saw June Darby with them. The immediately put away their guns and stood up and seemed to breathe sigh of relief.

"June!" Acree said as she knelt in front of them "You've been missing for two days! Jack's been beside himself!, are you ok!?"

"Ah yes Arcee I'm fine actually!" June said as she turned back to see Rachel gawking at the ship they just walked out of. June saw it was a simple blue telephone box, She sae Rachel as she walked around it in amazement and then opening the doors again to poke her head inside and out. Rachel clapped her hands and laughed in utter fascintation.

"Mom!?, MOM!" Jack said as he ran to his mother and hugged her tightly." I was so worried when they found all those people that went missing in the basement of Jasper memorial, and then you went missing and no one could find you!" Jack said with relieved tears in his eyes. "I-Im just so glad you're ok!"

June hugged her son tightly " Im ok Jack…I'm ok!" She saw the Doctor walking up the staircase that led to the upper comouter area of the base; He did this to get a better view of Optimus Prime.

'Optimus," The Doctor began "When I suggested you leave Cybertron I meant for you to find a uninhabited world for your people to start again, not settle on Earth!" He growled at the Autobot leader.

"Doctor! It is good to see you again!" Optimus said "Sadly our ship was damaged by the Decepticons and we were forced to land here. We have been protecting this planet from the Decepticons ever since."

The Doctor moved his hand over his mouth and mumbled to himself as he was talking his thoughts out loud. "Ok, I recognize you are a force of good, and you will defend the innocent. Just know this Optimus, The earth and its people are very dear to me. I will defend them to my last breath. What I'm trying to say is, don't make me come back to fix your mess…"

"We understand Doctor, "Optimus said "The safety of the humans has and will always be our top priority."

The Doctor nodded as he walked back down the stairs to see June and Jack at the bottom.

"Oh hello!" the Doctor said as he grew excited at the sight of Jack Darby." This must be THE Jack Darby!; the Doctor said excitedly as she shook his hand. "You are brilliant! And you are going to do great things! May I please have your autograph?" The Doctor said as he pulled out an autograph book and a pen and handed it to Jack.

"Ok…." Jack said awkwardly as he began to scribble in the book. "If you could please make it out to the Doctor and write,: 'To the Doctor, Best wishes and sorry about the Fez!' "

"Ok you two, "the Doctor said to June and Rachel, "It was nice to meet you, and thank you for everything!" the Doctor smiled as he patted them on the shoulder and crept back inside his TARDIS. They then saw the TARDIS disappear with the sound of the mechanical grinding, and as soon as he arrived, he was gone again.

Later that night.

Once again the nightmares kept June awake. She could still hear and remember the awful time she spent about to be converted by the Cybermen. She recalled being dragged by the arm by the Cybermen and the deep fear she felt that she would never see her son again. Jack was off aiding the Autobots on a mission while June sat alone back at their house.

Her eyes were already red and moist from crying. This was a bother horrible event to be piled on top of other horrible events that recently popped up in June's life. She sat up in her bed and stared at the bottle of tranquilizers sitting next to the bottle of vodka. For a brief second the thought traveld in her mind that she could just end it all by swallowing every last pill in the bottle with the Vodka.

She would fall asleep and never wake up; Jack would be on his own. But he had proven time and time again he could take care of himself. So what was June needed for any further? As quickly as the thought of suicide entered her mind, she quickly chased it away. Those thoughts were becoming very common for her, and she knew there would come a day when she would not be able to chase them away so easily.

Taking another shot of Vodka, she heard her phone ring. After the fifth ring she finally picked up. "H-Hello?" She answered slowly.

Immediately she could tell the voice on the other end was British. "Uh hello, is this June Darby?" The voice of a British woman asked.

"y-yes " June answered " this is she."

"I believe we have a mutual friend, Ms. Darby. The Doctor told me about you and wanted me to see if you needed to talk." She said

"I-I'm not sure I follow." June said her voice partially breaking.

;I know the feeling, the feeling of utter terror, helplessness and fear of it happening again, Because I've traveled with The Doctor before. It's both exhilarating and horrifying at the same time. I've been where you are June, and the Doctor contacted me and wanted me to be there for you. To be a friend if you needed it, you're not alone June, you never will be.

June gulped as the feelings of happiness washed over her. She began to cry softly "t-Thank you….." She whimpered. June then took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name?"

"Oh forgive me! I sometimes forget small things like that!" The voice on the other line said "My name is Sarah Jane Smith."

Rachel Rogers ate a piece of Pizza silently as she peered out of the window. Apparently since the Doctor delivered her to the Autobot base, she now knew that Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai, and Raf Esquivel knew about alien robots living on the planet Earth. Of course the big robot called Optimus Prime had told Rachel that for now she would have to be under the Autobots protection. She looked to see the one they called Smokescreen sitting outside her curb in front of her house.

Rachek had been chatting with Jack and Miko about life with the Autobots. Suddenly it became clear to her why Jack was never around. He was always at the Autobot base, hanging out with the Autobots. Even his motorbike which he was always on was one of them. She chuckled softly as she realized it was a female robot. How she wanted to tell Sierra so much about Jack and Arcee, it made her ache, for she could never tell Sierra. If she did she would jeopardize her safety.

Rachel shook her head as she sat back down on the couch in the large empty house. Rachel had just closed up the chat and was about to go to bed, when she heard the familiar sound of the TARDIS coming from the kitchen. Getting up she raced to the kitchen to see the TARDIS had landed in her kitchen!

From within popped out the Doctor "Oh Hello Rachel!" He said as he walked out and looked around. "Is this your kitchen?, Too bad I already had dinner with Queen Victoria, or else I'd see if you had some Fish Fingers and Custard!"

Rachel smirked and crossed her arms "Did you forget something?" She asked.

The Doctor raised his eyebrows "Ever observant you clever girl!" he smiled. "Actually I was thinking. You see I recently had two very dear friends of mine, Amy and Rory part company with me. Amy told me, actually made me promise, to never travel alone. So I remembered from the hospital, you mentioned you were on summer holiday. So I was wondering…" He said as his words broke off.

"Yes?" Rachel smiled a little.

"How would you like to come with me and go see the universe? This box here doesn't just travel in space; it also travels in time and space!" He bragged at the rapped his knuckles against the door of the TARDIS.

Rachel grinned as she opened her robe and flung it off of her. Underneath the robe she was fully clothed. She wore a pink cardigan sweater over a white dress shirt, a blue jean skirt with two brown loafers. "Oh hang on!" She said as she raced to the living room to grab her laptop and a pad and paper. Setting the laptop and pad on the kitchen table she wrote a quick not to her dad.

Dear dad

I'm off to a business meeting! Don't wait up. Love Rachel.

She grabbed her laptop and followed the Doctor inside the TARDIS. She looked around to the inside of the TARDIS control room; she could hear what appeared to be a mechanical breathing sound coming from all around. She looked as the Doctor began to flip switches and pull lever from around the console.

"So Rachel Rogers, All of time and space, anywhere and any when, every star that ever was!," The Doctor smiled " where do you wanna start?"

The End

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