Hey this is going to be a bit crappy because i wrote so much and lost it.

In the cab Patricia pov.

"do you think Eddie will forgive me?"i said

"Yeah when you told the house about you and Jerome he squeezed the life out of his pancake and knowing him for the last 15 years and next week 16 years,he never hurts his food unless he is angry"

"You have known Eddie for 15 years and almost 16 years?"

"Yeah we went to primary school and half of secondary but then i moved here and then he did and that other half is still on going"

"Oh ok"

"We never went out or anything"

"You really think I was going to care about that? The only reason i am not mad is because A:You are my best friend and B:you have known each other a really long time but if it was someone else I would kill them"

"Patrica that is by far the nicest thing you have ever said to me or anyone"

"Awww,thanks neens but mention it to anyone i will hunt you down and kill you"

"like i said by far the nicest thing you ever said to me and i swear i wont say a thing"


"Oh we are here"Nina said.

In the hospital

"Hello how may i help you young ladies" the recpantiast asked us.

"We are looking for Eddie Miller"

"Eddie Miller,Room 1.19 on the fifth floor ladies"

"thank you"

we went up the lift in silence my heart was pounding like never before.

"1.19,aha there it is"

"Oh my Anubis he is "

" in a healthy position"

"Hey yacker"

"Hey Eddie can i talk to you alone"

"Oh yeah, i will leave uses to alone"

"Hey what's up"

"Um i want to give peddie another shot?"

"What did Jerome do because i am out here tomorrow and you will change the subject every time i will ask so spill

I told Eddie about everything that Jerome did.


"For what"

"telling me even though you didn't want to repeat what happened"

"Okay then. I really love you Eddie i lowered my force-field for you and you only and Eddie i was wrong about jeerome breaking up and everything but there is one thing i am not sorry about"


"My Love For You"I blushed really red after that

"Who ever knew the Patricia Williamson had a soft side"

"It only comes out for you"


"So what yah say can we give peddie another shot?"