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My name is snake eyes. I'm 15 years old about to be 16 this is my sophomore year of high school but this year i transferred to gie-joe high school and i joined the foot ball team and after no less then 3 games I'm one of the star players and made a bush of new friends. Most of them have girl friends. I'm the only one that doesn't, but like every girl that not taken is after me it's only the seconded week of school and i have already found just about 209 love letter in my locker. I can only imagine what my friends at my old school think of me would know. I'm pretty share they'd call me a pimp or something.

When i get to school i walk state to my locker and find 7 more letters in my locker. I sigh.

"Just what i needs more of these" i say to me self as duke walks behind me.

"So more love letters form you not so secret amerisr?"


"Dude, it simple things just picks one and go after that girl"

"No dude i have one that i have my eyes on"

And their she was the green eyes and blonde hair with a patet frame and curvy figer. She a cheer leader.

"Her, you like her"


"Dude there's a reason people call her snow, because when she turns you down its cold"

"Hay i like a challenge"

"I get that snakes but lily"

"Why not"

Then she looks over my way and oh mu god she's coming over here god kill me now. My hart stars to pound as she comes closer.

"Hay your the new guy right?"

"Ya" was all i could muster

"Well, we have never been properly introduced I'm lily, or as many a guy calls me snow but i pretty sure duke can tell you why"

I nod trying not to blush.

" Well, so you know you might want to get a girlfriend fast or well those love letters are going to keep coming"

"I've been told"

"Well if you ever need help with anything just ask , oh and almost all the cheer team has a crush on you" she says walking away.

How could one girl make me feel so small? What a second she could just be playing hard to get. Well game on lily game on. I walk o my chore class which is one of 2 classes o have with her. She sits down front row center. I middle row left. The bell rag and the teacher began her lesson. Vocal worm ups and stuff, to day was we try out for the concert solos and duets. The best two are pared for the duet along with a solo it 3 months away but our teacher likes to get thing down before it need to be. The girls try out first was cat a great sing but when she hit a high note anyone clearer the building. Next carol good, but pitchy. Finally lily sweet and soft at the start then her tempo changed and it was louder she hit each note priestly. Ding ding we have a winner lily for the solo. First Patrick loud and pitchy, next tom tempo way off and last but not last anyone.

"Anyone else" the teacher called a depert look in her eyes.

I shockingly raise my hand.

"Thank snake eyes"

I chose a song that i knew by hart what was i thinking by dierks Bentley.

"Becky was a beauty from South Alabama
Her Daddy had a hard lock and nine pound hammer
Think He even did a little time in the slammer
What was I thinking?
She snuck out one night and met me by the front gate
Her daddy came out waving that twelve gage
We tore out the drive, he peppered my tailgate
What was I thinking?

Oh I knew there'd be Hell to pay,
But that crossed my mind a little too late!

Cuz' I was thinking 'bout a little white tank top sitting right there in the middle by me
I was thinking about a long kiss man just gotta get goin' with a night like me
Well I know what I was feeling But What was I thinking?
But What was I thinking?

What was I thinking?

By the county line the cops were nipping on our heels
Pulled off the road kicked it to 4 wheel
Shut off the lights, tore through a corn field
What was I thinking?
Out the other side she was hollerin' "Faster!?
Took the third road had the radio blastin'
Hit the Honky Tonk for a little close dancin'
What was I thinking?

Oh I knew there'd be Hell to pay,
But that crossed my mind a little too late!


When a mountain of a man with a "Born to Kill? tattoo
tried to cut in I knocked out his front tooth
Ran outside hood sliding like Bullduke
What was I thinking?
I finally got her home half past too late
Her daddy's in a lawn chair sittin' in the driveway
Put it in park as he started my way,
What was I thinking?

Oh What was I thinking?
Oh What was I thinking?

And she gave a come and get me grin,
And like a bullet we were gone again!


What was I thinking?

"Thank you; know our soloists will be posted tomorrow."

And the bell rang. Lily stops me in the hall. I swore that my hart stopped.

"Hay snake eyes your realy good i think you're going to be the male soloist" she says.

"Thanks, your and awesome singer"

"No I'm not"

"What? Yes you are lily if there one thing i don't do its lie"

"Oh well i have to get to my next class see ya"

"See ya"

The rest of the day was not se eventful. I never thought high school would be this exsosting. After football practice I'm so tried i just pass out after gating my home work done.

End of chapter one