Me- Hey I am back with an all comedy

Simi- Yay

Masmune- do I have to do this?

Me- yup now say the disclaimer

Simi and Masmune- blackstardragon2 does not own anything but the plot and her OC(s)

Start of Story

It was a warm summer day and the bey gang were all in the park for a picnic.

Ginga and Benki were stuffing thir faces with hamburgers. Kyoya and Hikru were talking about strategies to kick Ginga's ass. Ryuga was poseing all "chill-like" by a tree. Madoka was "sitting" under a tree with Tsubassa. Masumune was rambleling one about being the number one blader (much to everyone else's annoyment) and Yuu and Kenta and Simi and her twin Sami were bey battleing.

Everything was going just fine till Masumune thought it would be a great idea to put a kick me note on Kyoya back. Now that was a bad move.

Once Yuu saw the note he walked up to Kyoya and kicked his butt. It didn't really hurt but it left a footprint on his butt. Kyoya was enranged!

Within the next 5 minutes Yuu was up a tree with Kyoya hot on his heels. Lucky for Yuu. Kyoya couldn't get up the tree and was now tied to a chair as a last resort to calm him down.

Masmune was sninckering and Simi figured that he was the one that put the note on Kyoya. Poor Masumune he did not know what he was getting himself into.

You get Simi an troble that's one thing you get her boyfriend in troble then lets just say you opened your gate to hell.

Once Kyoya was calm, Simi went up to Madoka. "hey Madoka, can I pass out the lemonade?" she asked "shure" Modoka replied and handing her a tray with glasses full of lemonade.

Simi smirked and took the tray. She walked away from the group and took a packet of Force-a-pill out of her pocket. She grined evilly and droped about 5 pills in one of the glasses. She picked that glass up and walked over to Masamune.

"hey Masmune want some lemonade?" she asked inccontly and held up the glass. He nodded accepting the glass and chugged it all down in a gaint glup.

Once he finished he felt a little dizzy. "what was in that lemonade" he asked lazyily trying to keep his blance

"just some lemon juice, a bit of suger and…5 FORCE-A-PILLS!" she shouted with a smirk.

"wha-" he asked but before he could finish Simi shouted "JUMP" and Masmanue felt his body jump. "run around in circles like an idiot" she orderd and and masmunes's legs ran around in circles.

"what the hell is going on?" Masmune shouthed and Simi just smirked. " Revenge" she simply replied and laughed evliy "MUAHAHAHAHAHA" *chogh* *cough*.

Man I need to work on that she tougth to her self and wonderd what elase she should make masmune do.

End of Story

Me- ok people I want you to decide what Simi should make Masmune do.

Masamune- what is this torture masmune day or something?

Simi- I did not know I was that eveil

Me- ok people put in the reviews what you want masmume to do.