A/N: This 2-parter is in the "John Stamos leaves after season 6" universe begun with "In Loving Memory." "High Anxiety" would air before so the Smash Club episodes can be together. As with others where episodes aren't aired in the order they happen (like when an episode takes place over weeks like "Star Search") in the Chronology "High Anxiety" could occur between scenes (Part 1 happens over weeks) Then again, there is just enough space it can happen before. (I also show why Michelle chooses clothes before but doesn't there; it was a privilege she lost.) Kelli is played by the Olsen not playing Michelle.

To draw fans, Gia re-appears earlier; the actress is signed for more episodes. Stephanie getting Gia to stop smoking, be nicer to her mom, and get better grades would be a *lot* more than the throwaway line of our universe. Yet, the more conservative approach of the first six seasons as mentioned in "In Loving Memory"'s note means Steph won't be drawn into mischief in an "I went this far Tanner, compromise a little" way; it's more D.J./Kimmy later. Episodes starting with "The Prying Game," would be altered to show this conflict and draw fans who might tune out without Jesse. It starts here, adding to stuff from our "Is It True About Stephanie." Gia is, however, a bit angrier because it's closer to the divorce being final. However, she also had a rebellious streak independent of that, too, much like Jesse.

Whose Club Is It Anyway?

(Teaser: Wild Colors – D.J., Kimmy, Stephanie, Michelle, Kelli)

D.J. Tanner, best friend of Kimmy Gibbler, a fellow high school junior, handed Kimmy a blouse while D.J.'s younger sisters – sixth grader Stephanie and second grader Michelle – looked on in D.J.'s room. "Here's that blouse you wanted to borrow," she said.

"Thanks, Deej," Kimmy said as she took it. The conservatively patterned pastel blue blouse was a stark contrast to Kimmy's red, blue, and yellow zig-zags.

"Did you dress like Kimmy before your dad your dad grounded you from choosing your own clothes?" Kelli asked. Kelli, a near lookalike cousin to Michelle was a granddaughter of the sister of girls' maternal grandmother, Irene.

"No, my look said 'rebel,'" Michelle said with a slight frown. She'd actually started to become like Jesse with his rebel look, but didn't want to think about their now deceased uncle.

Stephanie gave Michelle a small squeeze as she said, "You've been very good the last few months. I'm proud of how you've earned that back."

"Kimmy calls her look environmental," D.J. said.

"If these colors are good enough for the rainforest, they're good enough for me," Kimmy said.

Kelli joked, "Sure, if you want to attract birds."

(Opening credits)

The girls all went downstairs as their Aunt Becky brought the mail in. Danny Tanner and his best friend, Joey Gladstone, who helped raise the girls since their mother died, were also in the living room. "How come you don't call out mail call?" Kimmy asked.

"There could be some for females, too," Michelle joked as Becky looked at one letter.

"Looks like my Comedy College is paying off for her," Joey told Danny.

"Especially since tuition's free," Danny teased back before asking, "What is it, Becky?"

"Oh, just from the lawyer… probably about Jesse's inheritance," Becky said lowly, thinking of her late husband, who had died in a motorcycle accident around six years after a drunk driver killed Pam Tanner.

Danny nodded slowly as Becky opened it and read slowly. "From the guy who owned the Smash Club. He was sick about a year before he died. Jesse knew he was named in the will but that was just the initial notice; it didn't say what he'd get. I guess they were really close, ever since he snuck in and started working there as a kid."

"Yeah. So, who gets the money now?" Joey asked.

Kimmy shrugged. "Maybe it's not money. Maybe he had some old Elvis stuff."

"I don't know about Elvis. But, I can see some memorabilia, or…" D.J. paused, noticing Becky's face. "What is it?" she asked in a somewhat hushed voice.

Becky handed her the letter. "Jesse would have been so happy; it would have been a dream come true," she sobbed. Joey and Danny put their arms around her as D.J. read.

"Wow; he left Uncle Jesse the Smash Club," D.J. declared as the baby monitor sounded.

"Good, at least one of the boys is awake, I can focus on them now," Becky said as she went upstairs; she still lived in the attic apartment with nearly two-year-old boys, Nicky and Alex.

Danny nodded slowly as D.J.'s boyfriend Steve came in and said hello in the background, and he and D.J. kissed. "I remember after Pam died, having you girls to focus on was vital. Still is sometimes," Danny said.

"Yeah, I caught the tail end as your Aunt Becky went upstairs," Steve told D.J.. "Sounds like she's really missing him, huh?"

"That and we just learned Uncle Jesse would have gotten the Smash Club," D.J. said.

"So, it's Aunt Becky's now?" Stephanie asked as Danny scanned the paper.

"Why can't it be Nicky and Alex's?" Kelli asked.

"They're too young to understand it's not a club where you smash things," Joey explained.

Danny explained. "Okay, here's the scoop. The owner had a number of specific gifts in his will. His lawyer was smart enough to plan ahead. If Jesse had lived, he'd have had to get a small business loan to make sure it went to someone who could run it. His will said if Jesse had surviving issue they would take unless Jesse named someone in a will. Since he didn't have a will yet, the club is placed in trust for them, and a trustee must be named."

"What do the intestines have to do with anything?" Kimmy asked.

Stephanie quipped that, 'The idea of a couple toddlers owning the Smash Club is hard to digest."

"I think intestate means without a will," Steve said.

"Right. See, this kind of confusion is why I did a new will a few months after your mom died," Danny told his girls. "But, knowing Jesse, he'd be okay with this. Becky should easily be appointed trustee when she applies. And, now we can all pitch in."

"Sure; we'll probably have to fix the place up, it was closed while he was sick, but we always do things as a family," Joey said.

"Yeah – can Mickey come, too, Dad? Her parents want her to do some community service projects," Stephanie said.

Danny was stunned. "Your new friend? I knew she was bad news."

"Dad, calm down. Steph told me; it's not community service from a court," D.J. said.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Danny insisted on knowing.

"Precisely because of this reaction," Stephanie explained.

Steve told him, "D.J. said Mickey was involved in some stuff with another girl, Gia."

"They weren't doing anything criminal, just things like skipping curfews, lots of backtalk and stuff. Even smoking, though I've helped get Mickey to quit like she was hoping to. Mickey's parents thought it was a better punishment than keeping her away from sports, since sports force you to have to breathe well," Stephanie said.

"Sure, calling her mom by a first name is like I said before. She's just like Bess with Mary's friend Phyllis on the Mary Tyler Moore Show;" Joey said.

Danny finally relented. "I know. I just get worried with all the temptations you face, Steph. But, you're right. I should have talked with you about her, and listened to the facts. Sure, bring her; we'll be a good influence together."

That Saturday, everyone gathered at the Smash Club, including Mickey. Kimmy looked at how run down it was and the incredible amount of trash and said, "Wow. You could make good money renting this place out as a scene in a horror movie."

"And look at all the graffiti – I'm glad you boys can't read yet," Becky said.

D.J. sighed. "Where do we begin?"

Joey spoke up. "Okay, this place is a mess, but let's focus on the positive."

"Yeah, Deej; your dad's not having angina," Kimmy said.

"And, that's a good thing, I'm not affected by the mess… not much anyway," Danny said.

Steve popped his head through the counter. "Wow, termites have gone crazy here. Nick and I could spend a week here, with all the bugs." Nick, Jesse's dad, was still in his fifties, so hanging on to his extermination business, though he was very grateful Steve was around.

"And, there's another good point," Joey said as he helped Steve out of the hole he'd made. "Steve's was thinking about how much money he could make exterminating, right?"

"Actually, I wanted to make sure there wasn't any food left," Steve quipped. "Seriously, your uncle's dad's going to be glad I started apprenticing with him, Deej. It'll cut the time in half, probably more with his age and health, huh?"

"I don't doubt it," D.J. said.

"We could put a karaoke machine where this old jukebox is," Stephanie said.

"And maybe some video games," Michelle speculated.

"They might have one already… what's Pong?" Kelli asked, referring to the first video game ever, in arcade form here, though it hadn't been used in years.

Joey added, "Maybe we could get some comedy in here, too. You know, expand things a bit."

"Okay, good, see, you're getting a vision of the future." Danny looked around. "Which sure is better than the present. Now, let's all start taking stuff out to the dumpster we got," Danny said as he and the others began piling trash into a garbage bag.

Becky had been trying to get a word in. "Uh, Danny…"

"Oh, you want to take the twins home? Probably a good idea, this place doesn't really have anything fun for them right now," Danny said. "Maybe take Michelle and Kelli home, too, I just wanted them to see what this place was like, and you were coming, too."

"That's part of it… I just want this place to honor Jesse. I mean, I think you're right; after all he poured into the family, he'd want family friendly music and no drinking, so people could come in at any age. But…" She sighed. "I'm just not sure what's best."

"It doesn't have to have comedy. But, let's not worry now, this is a six week project till we can get it up and running again," Joey said.

"It's not that," Becky assured him. "I just feel a little overwhelmed yet, that's all."

Danny smiled. "Take your time. We'll all pitch in; when the boys get tired you younger girls can go home with them, but at least now you'll start to appreciate how much work this is going to be," he told Michelle and Kelli.

Later, Danny, Joey, Stephanie, and Mickey remained. "Phew," Danny said as he stood with a mop. "I never thought we'd see the end of that pile."

"I never thought I'd hear Steve say he didn't want to eat someplace," Stephanie said. She turned to Mickey. "The way he eats, I thought he'd just eat all the bugs."

"I'm sure being an exterminator's apprentice has made him more aware of problems," Joey remarked. "At least now Becky has an estimate on costs from him and from a few other people who'll need to come in here and work."

Mickey agreed. "This place could really be something someday," she said. "I'm glad I can have a part in helping to clean it up. And, I haven't thought about cigarettes all morning."

"I thought you quit," Danny said.

"I did, but the temptation's there a little," Mickey confessed. "But, Steph's helped me get a really good safeguard."

"Oh, because I'm here?" Danny asked hopefully.

"No, if I ever light up again, I have to hear Nicky and Alex sing Barney songs for five minutes," Mickey said.

Joey quipped, "And if that doesn't work, we'll have Michelle and Kelli add 'The Song That Never Ends' on the end of that. No matter how long it takes."

Danny chuckled. "Hear that for five minutes it'll stick in your mind for a week."

"I hear someone coming," Stephanie said. "That can't be them back from lunch yet." Suddenly Gia came in. "Gia, I know you overheard us talking, but I never expected you to show up," Stephanie said.

"Don't look now," Mickey warned, "but it looks like she's here to cause trouble."

(Commercial break)

Gia looked around. "Just wanted to make sure this was the right place. I'll go tell the others…"

Danny and Joey blocked the door. "Wait, what others?" Joey asked.

"We were gonna trash the place," Gia said.

Danny was upset. "Look, we just spent the whole morning picking up trash," he complained.

"He's right, Gia, someday this will be a great place to come hang out," Stephanie said.

"Yeah, we've been talking all morning about what cool stuff will happen here. We've got a vision for a great place," Mickey elaborated.

"You sound like a teacher! We can have a lot of fun right now." Gia scoffed.

"Well, teachers have a lot of very practical points to what they say. After all, there's great reward that comes from having been part of a team. When we finish we'll be able to say we had a part in making this happen," Joey said enthusiastically.

"I thought the taller one was your dad," Gia said snidely. "This one's rambling like crazy."

Joey held up a finger. "Good point. Should I stick to what I do best?" Gia nodded emphatically, and Joey suddenly began to impersonate Daffy Duck. "Now, see here;" he began, spitting a little with a few of his consonants. "This here Smash Club is gonna re-open, and you're acting mighty suspicious. So, either start helping, or go back where you came from."

Gia was stunned. "Was that supposed to be Daffy Duck?" She shook her head, unsure of what to say.

"Okay, now that you're ready to listen to reason, let me remind you that you could wind up in court. Invasion of private property, vandalism…." Danny began as Stephanie and Mickey wished they could help; they were supposed to be responsible enough to handle peers like this, after all. That's what growing up was supposed to be about, not having to let adults handle everything.

"Whoa, wait, Danny." Joey held up his hands, then put them down and looked at Gia with compassion. "Gia, why do you want to trash any place? Why not have fun and make the world happier? After all, that's what I do all the time; my job is making people laugh."

"Oh, sure. It's probably easy for you." Gia walked back toward the door. "Don't worry; we won't trash it. You want to have fun in your little cartoon world, go ahead," she scoffed, slamming the door on the way out.

"Well, at least we got her to leave," Danny said. He looked at Stephanie, who appeared quite sad. He squeezed her and said, "I know, she's got problems, doesn't she?"

"I wish we could help her," Stephanie mourned.

Danny promised, "Someone will, Steph. Just help Mickey stay away from her for now. And, if you two do that… maybe she'll realize she needs help."

Stephanie nodded slowly. However, inside, she wondered how Gia could ever know she need s help by them staying away from her.

"So ends another day at DiMaggio Middle School," Stephanie said as she and Mickey collected books in their lockers. "I wondered what people were giggling about when I walked by today; you're sure you didn't see anything in my teeth or hair?"

"Nope; no signs on your back, either," Mickey said.

Stephanie tried not to worry. Instead, she said, "Well, you'll have a number on yours now. Congratulations again on making the girls' basketball team."

"Thanks. And…" Mickey became quiet "Well, thanks for being there for me when Gia was bugging me. I was kind of looking for someone to help me who… you know…"

"Wasn't a parent?" Stephanie suggested.

"Yeah. Gia and I didn't cross paths much last year when I was in sixth. Now she flunked and she's in seventh again, and she'll probably be in seventh when you move up there next year," Mickey predicted. "You know, my mom tries. She's really good at having rules for me; it's just we're a team like… well, your Joey's right about her acting like Phyllis. Especially when you add how close we are in age…"

They were interrupted by Gia's voice. It boomed as Gia walked through the crowded halls with a tape player. "Everyone, listen; I have here the sound of Stephanie Tanner's home."

"What is she talking about?" Stephanie asked.

Before she finished asking, Gia was playing a wide variety of cartoon voices, speaking over them that this was the sound of Stephanie and her family talking at home. "Gia Mahan, have you been doing that all day?" Stephanie asked angrily.

"Why not? DiMaggio deserves to know we've got a cartoon character for a student."

Stephanie was mad. She didn't mind telling people about Joey – he was the kindly uncle a number of kids wished they had. Some had asked if Joey was mentally challenged, and not all were nice about asking that, but some had been. And, while she didn't think that was possible, she at least appreciated their concern. If she had a mentally challenged family member, she would want people to be nice about it.

Gia, however, was making Stephanie sound like she went around acting like that all the time – even Joey didn't do that. As Stephanie told Mickey in a huff, "Even Joey's serious when he has to be; he's got a college degree, he's been in advertising, why this one time on Dad's talk show he had this really intelligent discussion about cartoon violence…" she said proudly. However, she was drowned out by the increasing laughter.

A few weeks later, Stephanie and Mickey were at the Smash Club again, this time putting up some posters. "It won't be long now; we've got new flooring, new walls," Mickey said. "It really looks nice. Especially since we decided not to do Kimmy's color scheme."

"Kimmy makes the 1970s seem conservative with her color choices sometimes. Anyway, you're right, everything's going really well," Stephanie agreed.

"Say, I heard there was a boy who liked you. Did he finally talk to you?"

"No," Stephanie said with a frown. "He did, and I thought he might even ask me to do something together; you know, not going out but as friends. Then Gia happened along,a nd just stole him out from under me within hours." She pounded the wall. "She is making my life so miserable."

"Hey, remember what I said about Gia flunking? Betcha she has a zero grade point average when our report cards come out next week. And, I know the girl who works in the office." Mickey explained her plan.

Stephanie didn't know if she liked it, but Gia had spent the last few weeks totally driving Stephanie up the wall. However, needless to say, Gia really looked hurt when her report card was out in the open for all to see.

Days before the opening of the New Smash Club, The Tanners gathered to look at their creation. "Look at this. It's so nice and clean," Danny said proudly. He got a bit wistful. "I know, I get that way because of Pam, hiding behing cleaning so I don't think about her so much. Maybe Jesse passing brought it back a bit. But, for now…"

"We get to relive that fabulous telethon we did together," Joey said. When the others gave him strange looks, he said, "Our entertainment cancelled on us."

Becky rolled her eyes. "Just what we need. There's supposed to be a reviewer coming, too." Back to Joey, she said, "I'm glad you breathe comedy at times like this."

Danny piped up, "We'll find something." He turned to his girls and Kimmy. "How many from your schools do you think will come?"

"We all passed out fliers," D.J. said. "It was fun to be able to be able to say I had a part in this."

Kimmy pointed to the area where the restrooms were. "Yep. I can proudly point to my bathroom that I helped with."

"That'll impress Nicky and Alex a lot more once they're potty trained," Michelle said.

"Only if you helped with the boys' bathroom," Kelli added.

Mickey spoke up. "I told the whole girls' basketball team. We've got a practice but we'll be over after we change."

"Good. Steph, is that Gia still bothering you?" Danny inquired, concerned.

"A little. I feel bad about something I did to retaliate; it calmed her down some but that didn't last more than a couple days," Stephanie agreed.

Becky held up a hand as Danny began to talk. "Danny, let me." She led Stephanie aside. "Steph, I know it can be rough, especially when Gia tries to tear you down on purpose. But, she's probably hurting a lot inside even without you retaliating."

"But, if she's hurting so much, why is she hurting others instead of trying to feel better?"

"I don't know; maybe hurting is all she can think of," Becky suggested.

Stephanie's eyes grew wide. "You mean she could be like Charles?" Charles was a boy who was being abused whom Jesse had reported

"Not necessarily," Becky said.

Joey had come up to them. "When I tried to get Gia to talk, I was going to tell her about my parents' divorce. Your dad felt hurt by his and it was pretty civil; they talked even after his mom remarried, unlike after my parents' divorce."

"We're not saying that she's been through that, but we are saying that maybe you should invite her for our pre-opening Open House and try to make peace. If she won't come, that's fine; but, at least give it a try."

"Okay, Aunt Becky."

"Well, here we are," Becky said a few days later. "The night before opening night. Thanks, everyone, for pitching in."

Joey nodded. "I just wish I could have tried to find someone else, but with Jesse gone I did so much work here in addition to the radio show, and then I was thinking…" he turned to Stephanie. "Any word on Gia?"

"She promised to come. Without spray paint, too," Stephanie said. "Do you really think there's something wrong?"

"A person doesn't try to glue your locker shut like she did a few days ago if there isn't," Becky replied.

"Hi," Stephanie heard D.J. say. She didn't think she wanted to turn around, especially when her older sister said, "You must be Gia."

"Well, here I am, Tanner! The big zero!" Gia announced.

Stephanie turned toward her and beckoned toward a booth as she said, "Gia, what I said at school is true; I'm really sorry I embarrassed you."

"Oh, who cares? Everyone at school knew I was a big fat nothing before!"

"Gia, that's not true," Stephanie said as they sat across from each other. "You've got a lot of positive qualities."

"Oh yeah? Name one?"

"Well… you're a natural leader…"

Gia might have accepted that from Stephanie a few months later. However, even closer to the time when the final divorce decree had come down, she harrumphed. "If that was true, I could have found some way to convince my parents to stop fighting."

Stephanie nodded slowly and muttered, "So, Joey was right."

"The human cartoon?"

"Yeah. He went through a bad divorce, too. He and his mom didn't talk to his dad for twenty years; he just moved away," Stephanie explained.

Gia scowled. "I'd like both my parents to move away. They're both lousy excuses for humans, just like I am," Gia said.

Stephanie grabbed Gia's hands and held tight. "Gia, never say that about yourself. You are a very special person."

"Are you kidding me? There's nothing special about me, Tanner. You saw my report card. I'll never amount to anything."

Becky had quietly snuck up beside her. "Gia," she whispered tenderly. "If anyone has ever said that they're wrong. It's bad to say that about people. About anyone."

"Look, I'm sure your parents said a lot of nasty things during their separation," Joey began.

"Before, too," Gia practically spat out.

"And, that hurts, I'm sure. But, calling them names like that just increases the venom. That's why mine eventually agreed to stop talking; and, my dad agreed to move away because he could see he wasn't a very good parent. He wasn't willing to change out of his military attitude and realize some people are really sensitive and need handled with more care. Sure, you have to have boundaries, but you also have to accept everyone's different." He noticed Gia's look. "I'm sounding like Steph's dad again, huh?"

"I sure don't want to hear him ramble if you're like that," Gia scoffed.

Stephanie said, "Gia, we want you to feel good about yourself."

"Really? Okay, you're on, Tanner. I'm gonna show up tomorrow night! And you better be ready!" She got up and left in a huff.

Steve tried to look at the bright side. "Hey; now we know she's coming."

"Yeah, and Blondo gets to help her," Kimmy said.

"You can do it, Steph," Kelli said.

"You're still the same genius who helped me in Kindergarten," Michelle added.

Stephanie leaned back tiredly. "It'll take a lot more than a genius to help here. We've got a reviewer coming for an opening with no entertainment, and Dad and Aunt Becky seem to be competing a little to see who'll run it. And, when it comes to my wish to help Gia, I'm starting to think about that saying - 'Careful what you wish for, you might just get it.'"

(End of "Whose Club is It, Anyway? Part 1)