Rock Hard, Fight Hard


It is night-time and the Deception war-ship are shown somewhere over Tokyo. Megatron is bent over a computer reading something when Knockout and Soundwave enter. "My liege, we are ready to land by the relic" Knockout states and Megatron gives an evil grin before turning around and saying"Proceed." They land the ship a couple yards away from the the relic is. Megatron departs the ship with Soundwave and Knockout flanking him. A couple dozen Cons trail behind them. "Two years. Two years of digging, and hard labor all lead up to this moment," Megatron practically yells as he places his hand on what looks like a palm scanner. A red light appears, scans his entire body, and then make a beeping noise. "ACCESS DENIED!" it chirps. "What?" Megatron roars and hit the giant relic. 'Soundwave, how can this be." Soundwave responds by scanning the relic and having a picture pop up on his screen of what appears to be of a girl about 5 with dark black curly hair. "So this child is the key to my ultimate relic," Megatron rambles. Soundwave moves one of his hands giving the sorta hand sign. He then shows another picture of a girl with black and pink hair. Miko. "Haha so this so called child has matured since she found the relic has she?" Megatron then looks at the horizion at says, "Then we must find this girl, Miko."

It was just a normal day for the Autobots. Jack and Raf were playing video games, Bulkhead and Bumblebee training, Arcee out on patrol with Optimus, and Ratchet and Nurse Darby attempting to fix one of Ratchet's tools. Suddenly, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" came the screech of Miko that echoed throughout the base. She ran into the main room, and did a backflip as Jack and Raf stared in amazement. "You're serious? I won!? This Saturday? I get to go backstage?! This has to be a dream, Ana." Prime and Arcee had returned from patrol and were staring at Miko too. She finally noticed and said,"Ana, I'll call you back.." She flipped her cell shut and looked around the room. "Uhh, hi guys," she said still beaming. She walked over to the stairs and climbed to the top and sat down, fearing a lecture. "So you know my favorite band, Slash Monkey. Well I entered in a contest to get tickets to see them about 6 months before I came here, and they just now got back to me to tell me i've won, so if you guys could just ground-bridge me to Tok-.."

"No Miko!"

"Are you crazy?"

"We're not putting your life at risk!"

"Absolutely not!"

"Beep Beep (and two whirls)"

"Okay now i"m confused, why can't I go?" Miko grumbled. Optimus walked forward and began with, "There has been much Decpticon activity there lately and we will not risk your well being to let you go see a concert." Miko began thinking,"Okay what about this, I let Bulkhead escort me to the concert, and I call when I need pickup and i'll check in every hour." "Every half an hour and you've got a deal" Optimus smiled.

The day of the concert arrived and Miko and Bulkhead went through the Ground Bridge and into the lively place that was Tokyo. "There's my favorite diner, and the best place to get ice cream. There's the movie theater, the post office.." Miko began to talk about everything else in Japenease and event though Bulkhead was fluent in earth's launguages he was the worst at Japenease. "Whoa, whoa slow down there Miko." She gave a sheepish grin and then apoligized. They arrived at the concert arena. "Ana!" Miko shouted and reached for the door handle. Bulkhead quickly hit the automatic lock and said "Slow down. Remember to check in every half an hour and stay safe. Have fun!" she jumped out and ran to hug her friend and they made their way toward the entrance. "They grow up so fast," Bulkhead murmured to himself as he turned and called Ratchet for a ground-bridge. Little did either Miko or Bulkhead know was that a certain faceless Con was watching from the top of a nearby building.

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