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Tankards and Tempers

Chapter 15: Vampiric Justice

A swift kick against the door of the dry-docked slaver-ship opened the lock and caused the door to violently fly open. Oddly enough, at least according to Laska, the crash from the opening of the door was followed by a stifled yell and several loud clanking sounds. Stepping out into the open revealed the reason, for the first thing she saw was the dry-docked boat's guard lying unconscious at the bottom of a ten foot high staircase in the middle of a puddle.

"Ermmm, sorry!" Laska yelled sheepishly. Then Laska noticed it was still raining, and that, in fact, the intensity of the rain had remained the same. It explained why the guard had been standing so close to the door – there was a small makeshift roof at the top of the staircase.

"Well," Laska said, "I guess it's only a short dash to the Copper Coronet."

"We'd be completely soaked when we get there," Keldorn added.

"Ach!" Korgan yelled. "I will nay be runnin' aroun' in that bloody rain! It be ruinin' me grimy complexion! Can we nay wait this out?!"

"Sorry, my friend," Keldorn said. "But autumn-rains like this are very unpredictable. They could have a dry spell in a minute, or it could last for a week without end."

"Ach, blasted bloody," Korgan cursed. "Can ye two morons nay order yer bloody gods to make this bleedin' rain stop?"

"It doesn't quite work that way, Korgan," Keldorn shook his head.

"Shar does not control the weather," Viconia said. "Besides that, you could definitely use a bath or a good shower, in this case."

"I 'ate baths, and I be 'atin' showers even more!" Korgan snarled.

"Yes," Viconia grinned. "I can smell that from here."

"Oy!" Korgan retorted. "This be a manly smell!"

"Trust me," Viconia chuckled, "if drow males smelled like you do now, our race would die out in less than two generations."

"Okay, cram it you two," Laska said. "I need a drink and I need it now, so either we make a wild dash through the rain and hope we don't run off a cliff or we go back through the sewers and get there completely dry."

"See, completely dry!" Laska said as she and her friends emerged from the secret entrance to the Copper Coronet.

Minsc, Jan and the children had already arrived. And exactly two minutes later, Laska found herself in exactly the same situation she had been in this morning before all the kerfuffle around helping the slaves escape and revolt - sitting at the table being bored stiff.

It was still raining profusely outside, there was still nothing going on inside, exactly the same drinks were on tap. The only difference was that there were a bit more people about. Laska had expected there'd be more celebration – happy children dancing, slaves hugging, feasting away at the roasting meat in the center of the room, musicians were playing merry tunes, while the ex-slaves were dancing. But there was actually none of that.

Ex-slaves tended to their wounded, the children were too traumatized by their ordeals to do much of anything and most of the ex-gladiators were resting in the backrooms. This left the Copper Coronet, once again, boring as hell. The rain still slashed against the windowpanes and leaked through the many holes in the ceiling of the common room. It was a depressing state of affairs.

Nursing her drink, Laska looked around and saw that Jan and Minsc had picked up their game of Amnian Easy-Street again, while Keldorn was napping in a chair.

"Ahey!" Minsc bellowed in joy. "Minsc has an inn at the docks! You must pay!"

"Argh," Jan grumbled. "Throw a poor gnome a bone here."

And Jan was still losing said game. Laska glanced over at Viconia. The drow noticed this and beckoned her over. When approaching her, she saw that Viconia was counting their money. Most of their collected wealth lay spread out on the table in front of her, as well as their party journal, while she was jotting down notes and calculations on a notepad. Diligent as the drow was, she would copy her findings to the journal afterwards.

"What are you doing?" Laska asked.

"Accounting," said Viconia, without looking up.

"What's that silly hat?" Laska said, pointing at the odd cap-like hat Viconia was wearing.

"Hm?" Viconia frowned. "Oh, that! I picked this up at the Adventurer's Mart the other day. It keeps the light out of my eyes and Ribald say all moneycounters should have one. And since I handle the party's finances, well..."

"So," Laska said. "How are we doing?"

Viconia took a pencil to her mount and huffed slightly.

"That doesn't sound good," Laska pouted slightly.

"Let's see, we've done four jobs of note so far," Viconia said. "The beholder caverns, cleaning out Mae'Var's guild, liberating the circus, we got a bit of reward money for freeing the slaves. First two jobs paid well, the other two not so good. Add in various lootings, Korgan's ill-fated bookhunt and the sale of found items... I come to an end total of 2726 gold."

Laska sighed. "That little? But... we got so much reward money!"

"Laska," Viconia sighed. "You purchased a rather expensive armor. Worth the price, sure, but expensive. We bought assorted amounts of adventuring equipment, you've had two tattoos done, and while luxury at the Sea's Bounty was a welcome distraction, it did cost us a bundle. Add in that you and Korgan put away drink after drink... On average, our group blows through at least 400 gold a day. That is a lot more than we used to spend per day up north. We have to find a way to be a bit more economical."

"That or we need to find better jobs," said Laska.

"Better paying ones often help," smirked Viconia.

Laska sat back and lay her arms in the back of her neck. "If only we still had those crates of money we had in Baldur's Gate. I wonder what happened to it."

"Most likely your Irenicus used that money to buy the equipment he used to experiment on your with," Viconia rubbed her chin.

"Charming thought," sighed Laska. "What time is it?"

"Laska!" Jan called over from the game. "My automatic sundial says it's almost five o'clock."

"Minsc says the friend Jan should focus on the game he is losing!" Minsc annouced.

Laska sighed. "Gods, much too early to go to bed, but nothing to do here. Charming."

"You could help me work out a way to limit our expenses," Viconia said.

Laska blinked. "I'd only get in your way. Besides, you said I couldn't buy that gnomish underwater ship."

"We have no use whatsoever for an underwater ship, you moron!" Viconia slammed her fist on the table. "I told you before, we have to be more economical, not spend money like water!"

"It'll earn itself back!" Laska challenged.

Viconia narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. "How, exactly?! Do tell."

"Erm, we could go pearl diving with it?" said Laska.

"Wrong season, wrong location, and how would you actually get in and out of the underwater ship without it sinking and without you drowning?" Viconia replied. "Besides, you're scared of being in the water!"

Laska tried to think of something, but finally held her hands up in defeat. "Spoilsport," she sighed.

"You go amuse yourself," said Viconia. "I'll work out the details here."

Viconia noticed Laska looking over her shoulder. "Vico," said Laska. "I think my entertainment for the evening just walked down the stairs." Laska's target was apparently one of the freed slaves. Though it was hard to tell a human's age for Viconia, he seemed around twenty-ish as far she could see. Short brown hair, slightly muscular, brown eyes. A good choice.

"Very well," Viconia smirked. Laska nodded, got up from her seat and headed towards the young man. The drow could see that the tattooed elf was in full-flirt mode. There was pride in her stride, she swayed her hips a little more than she usually did and had her chest thrust forward. The drow shrugged and returned to her accounting.

After putting the money back in the money-pouch-of-holding, Viconia turned her mind to thinking of ways to cut costs. She wrote down a few ideas and looked up to see Laska and the young man quietly chatting at their table. The young man seemed a bit flustered by the attention, not all that strange considering this was the woman who rescued him was flirting with him.

In fact, flirting with him was a bit of an understatement. Laska's body language was screaming 'I want sex and I want you in bed with me right now!'. Her flirting was not of a girlish nature; though she sometimes twirled a lock of her long hair, she was more aggressive and often touched the young man's arm and inched ever closer to him.

Viconia returned to her notepad, writing down another idea. When she looked up again, she saw that Laska and the young man were lip-locked. She smirked for a moment; this was the young man's lucky day. He had been a gladiatorial slave and, judging from the amateurish way he had held his sword, he had near zero combat experience; a recent arrival. He wouldn't have lasted long against the beasts. Laska's timely intervention had saved his life.

In one day, he regained his life, his freedom and, very soon, he would be bedding the woman whom had rescued him. A lucky day indeed.

When Viconia looked up again, he just saw the young man and Laska walking up the stairs to the rooms, his arm wrapped around her waist. With one hand, Laska was already loosening her braid. Laska would have her fun this evening, while Viconia started striping down ideas which she think would not work.

To cut costs, Viconia thought it would be for the best to either stay at a cheaper inn or, in fact, stay at Keldorn's estate. That was an idea Viconia wanted to explore; there'd be be no costs to staying there and Laska and Korgan were a lot less likely to get in contact with enough alcohol to binge on. Yes, she would have to explore that.

Her sharp elven hearing picked up on someone approaching her. She looked up and looked at the rugged yet smiling face of Hendak. "Excuse me, my lady," Hendak said. "We have decided to hold a feast in the honor of our rescuers and to celebrate our freedom. We are preparing the kitchen for a feast that will be served soon. Please be our guests of honor."

"I'd be delighted," said Viconia. "Though I think Laska and one of your friends will be busy for a while yet."

"Cadaemor?" Hendak chuckled. "Lucky lad. But not to worry. It'll take a few hours still to prepare the feast."

Ironically, Laska ended up in exactly the same dilapidated room she had been during her first night in Athkatla. It was in exactly the same state she had left it. Rain crashed against the pane of the single window of the room, the first proper cleaning it had had in months. Two buckets had been kindly placed on the floor by the maid service to catch the water leaking through the roof, amidst clothes that had been haphazardly strewn about the floor and the room when Laska and her lover of the evening had carelessly strewn them.

Moans and sighs of pleasure filled the room, along with loud creaking of the old rickety bed and the groans of protest from the half-rotten floorboards underneath it. In fact, any casual observer (and there were quite a bit due to the thin walls) would wonder if the bed or the floor would give way first due to the strenuous activity taking place.

This was far from the minds of the two occupants of the bed. Laska straddled the young man and bucked her hips in a slow but steady rhythm. The young elf dug her hands in his chest as she threw her head back and let out a groan from the depths of her lungs. She often slowed or quickened the speed of her movement for variation and increase their pleasure.

Though the buckets on the floor took care of the biggest leaks, it was not enough. One of the smaller leaks was right above the bed. A drop of cold water dropped down on Laska's back and slid down her spine, making the elf shudder and gasp. The fact that it happened at completely random intervals greatly added to the experience.

The young man was a good lover; a bit inexperienced, but definitely enthusiastic. He lay beneath her, his eyes closed and his face locked in an expression of bliss as Laska continued to slowly ride him towards climax. His hands slid along Laska's hips, her sides and her back. The tattooed elf grinned as one hand lay on her side while the other gently massaged her right breast. Indeed, this young man was no gladiator; he had the soft and skillful hands of an artisan.

Laska bent forward to lay on top of him and their lips met. A deep kiss followed, without slowing down the rhythm. The young man loved to embrace and took any opportunity to do so. Their sweat-drenched bodies slid over each other while he embraced her. Another ice-cold drop of water fell down on the warm skin of Laska's back, making her hiss and clench her teeth.

"Gods..." the young man said between gasps. "You... are... so... beautiful..."

The young man surprised Laska by gently flipping her over. The two rolled in bed for a while until Laska ended up lying on her back. The young man raised himself up somewhat and increased the rhythm of their lovemaking slightly, his enthusiasm apparently having gotten the better of him. Laska responded by spreading her legs a little further so that he could move a bit more comfortable while she held on to both his arms. The young man panted while Laska let out a small cry with every thrust. It was obvious to her that he was close to going over the edge now. Indeed, it followed swiftly; he threw his head back as the release of his climax came long before hers. But it did not matter, the evening was young.

The two lovers of the evening lay next to each other, panting and sweating from the excertion. Laska rolled to her side to watch the rain fall. It was dark outside, and it seemed that the sun had set. It was then that another drop fell down, hitting her on the side of the hip. "Ah," Laska exclaimed as the cold drop ran down the side of her buttock.

An arm wrapped around her waist while the young man started kissing her shoulders. Indeed, the young man loved kissing, touching and embracing; he treated her gently and with respect. Behavior for with Laska had pleasurable rewards in mind.

"Your skin is so soft," the young man said. "You were wonderful."

"Oh, we're not done yet," Laska grinned as she rolled around to face him. She pushed him to his back and rolled on top of him, crushing her body against his. "We are going to have sex as if it's our last night together. Because it is."

The young man seemed a little disappointed. He gently stroked her hair while embracing her with his other arm. "Just for one night?"

"Just for one night," Laska smiled as she leaned in for another kiss. Their tongues met as the elf's hands started to roam over his chest. "What was your name again?" Laska asked.

"Cadaemor," he laughed. "It's not that hard to remember, is it?"

"I was... distracted," Laska smirked as she slid over his body, making her intentions clear.

"W-wait," said Cadaemor as he blushed a little. "After that, I... I'm not sure if I can do it again so quickly after."

Laska grinned wickedly as she started to lead a trail of kissed slowly downward. "Oh, trust me, you will..." The elf grinned as she mercilessly continued her ministrations. This would be a very, very fun evening.

"Ah, there is the lady of the evening," Hendak said as Laska walked down the stairs. The tattooed elf was wearing clean clothes and had had a short but relaxing bath after her evening of fun. The victory feast was in full swing. Most of the children were in bed as the hour was late, but the adult ex-slaves and Laska's friends were only too eager to partake. There was roast pig, mutton and lam waiting for the eager guests to fill their bellies with.

Laska sat down and nodded at her friends.

"Bloody good shag," Laska said.

"Yon lad be givin' ye a right royal seein' to? Har har!" Korgan laughed.

Laska crossed her arms and chuckled. "No, I was the one who gave him a 'right royal seeing to', but he was able to keep up."

"A male lover this time?" Viconia said.

"I was in the mood."

"And where is the poor boy now?"

Laska grinned wickedly. "Still in the room. Recovering."

The elf soon found her plate filled with all manner of good foods. Since she hadn't eaten anything for most of the day, Laska was only too eager to fill her belly.

"You know," Keldorn told the tattooed elf, who was wolfing down yet another leg of lamb with amazing speed, "just because it's an 'all-you-can-eat'-buffet, doesn't mean that you should feel obligated to eat yourself sick."

"Hey," Laska replied with her mouth full, "great sex can work up quite the appetite in me, and besides, I haven't eaten anything since this morning."

"That's enough general information for one evening, Laska, "Keldorn sighed and looked around. The festivities seemed to be dying down a bit and some of the former slaves were ready to call it an evening. As usual, this group was lacking any table manners whatsoever, with the notable exception of the drow sitting next to him.

"You know," Jan said, "I had promised you that tale about my uncle Eastwood Jansen."

Keldorn groaned slightly and shook his head. "Do I have to listen to this?"

"Yes. You see, Uncle Eastwood Jansen was an ace-cattle wrangler on the Cormyrian planes, just west of the city. Fastest shot in the west, they used to call him, and his two miniature crossbows hanging from the sides of his belt were used frequently. But unlike the other wranglers, who just wrangled cows like the amateurs they were, uncle Eastwood wrangled a thousand-head herd of Cormyrian Jumping Turnips. Luckily, he was good with a lasso, since those Turnips tend to jump around and escape a lot. One day, he came home after a long day of wrangling, only to find that his little frontier-town had been taken over by a group of desperado's known as the Waltons, a horrible dysfunctional family of cutt-throats, murderers, thieves and life-insurance salesmen. Some blame the parents, you see. So, he let his Jumping Turnips stampede, and they ended up crushing the lovely frontier town under the purple menace. Afterward, he drew his trusty crossbows and proceeded to mow down all the surviving Waltons with fervent glee. When he had the last Walton, Pa Walton himself cornered on what used to be mainstreet, he rasped in his low and threatening voice, 'Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you?'. Apparently, Pa Walton did, since he was buried with three nostrils. And all the surviving townsfolk (both of them) rejoiced at his great deeds."

"Sounds like quite a hero," Laska said, while munching on another piece of roasted lamb.

"Yeah, but unfortunately, he died a few days later..." Jan added.

"I'm almost afraid to ask," Keldorn said, "but how did he die?"

"Griffin sat on him," Jan said. "A griffin that was feeling more lucky than Pa Walton."

Over the sound of the voices chatting, it was almost impossible to hear, but to sensitive elven hearing, it was clear as day; the rain was no longer slashing against the window panes, nor was there water dripping into buckets. The rain had finally let up.

"Boo says it is safe to go outside now without the risk of getting wet fur," Minsc announced. "Shall us heroes of goodness go outside to administer a righteous butt-kicking?"

"It's midnight, Minsc," Viconia said. "And I don't know about you, but I am feeling rather tired. I do believe I shall retire for the evening now that the rain is no longer threatening to wet my linen. I shall take the bucket off my bed and indeed go to sleep.

"You gonna eat that mutton on your place?" said Laska as Viconia rose from her seat.

"You're welcome to it," Viconia yawned as she walked up the stairs.

"Good night, little Viconia!" Minsc waved at her. Viconia did not wave back. "Hm, maybe she did not see us, Boo?"

At that moment, a hooded figure stepped in through the door. As soon as she was inside, the cloaked woman dove towards the shadows, doing her best not to be spotted. Though Korgan and Laska kept eating, it was Keldorn who first noticed the woman. Despite thinking there was something off about her, Keldorn didn't immediately perceive a threat from her. He watched her as she rounded about the room and crept towards their table.

Finally, she arrived, stopped short next to Keldorn where Viconia had been seated, and leaned forward to face Laska.

"Greetings," the female spoke in a low tone of voice, and made no effort to remove her hood, "might I have a word away from the ears of others? I would impart a fine bit of business your way."

"Can't talk," Laska said and took another bite, "eating..."

"Now 'old on, lassie!" Korgan said. "What be this business, and will there be a reward?"

"Oh, there is profit, to be sure," the woman said. "There are also answers, but they shall come from my mistress. She would have words with you."

"Would she now?" Jan said. "Now, I've always wondered why people send other people to tell even more other people their problems? Hmm, might be a good thing though, since the unemployment-rate for adventurers would shoot through the roof if those people dealt with their own problems in their own way in their own time with their own assets."

"She is worthy of your trust, do not concern yourself diminutive one," the female added. "If you feel worthy of it, come to the Graveyard District tonight and she will speak her offer. Make your visit while the sky is darkened; she will not be there when the sun rises."

"Boo wants to know who you are, strange, pretty lady," Minsc broke in.

"I am Valen," she said, "though my name is not important. Go see my mistress." That said, the female straitened her hood and strode right toward the exit.

"Well," Laska said, while taking yet another bite, "it seems we've got a new job! And we didn't even have look for on."

"Ye could 'ave asked the bugger ta come 'ere, doncha know?" Korgan said angrily. "Now we 'ave to go out in the bloody rain."

"It's not as bad as it was the rest of the day," Laska said.

"Still wet," Korgan muttered. "Should we be wakin' the she-bitch?"

"Nah, let her sleep," Laska said. "Let's finish our food first and then go. I will tell Viconia all about it later."

Laska's stomach groaned in protest as the party set foot on the darkened Graveyard. Unlike the daytime, the graveyard was very, very creepy during the night. The wind howled through the branches of dead trees, and the groans of the wind roared past the stone crypts. The moon shot its rays of light upon the headstones of persons dead for hundreds of years. The rain, the mist and the lightning, inspired even more eerie spectacles.

Despite the rain having let up somewhat, it was still far from being dry. The rain had also done quite a number on the patches of soil. The regular grave sites were little more than puddles of mud, making it clear why the graveyard consisted mostly of crypts.

"Boo is shivering from fear," Minsc said. "Plus, Boo is soaking wet."

"Aye, I be reasonably dry," Korgan said, and he had picked up a piece of sheetmetal which he held over his head like an umbrella.

"Yep," Jan chuckled. "and you'll be reasonably dead when the lightning comes here."

"Ach, I might be dead, but I would 'ave died dry. HAR, HAR!" Korgan laughed.

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhh," Laska groaned as another sting of pain crossed her aching belly. "I should have listened to you Keldorn. I shouldn't have ended the evening with a pan of soup, like you told me."

Keldorn said nothing, but simply nodded. "I still don't know how you managed to put away an entire pot of soup in five minutes."

"Like I said, sex can make me really hungry," Laska replied.

The party made their way through the dark graveyard, looking for any sign of life or unlife. Walking from crypt to crypt, they were starting to wonder if this had been a fool's errand.

"See anyone?" Jan said, but suddenly he head a short hiss for a doorway. Immediately, weapons were raised.

"So, you're finally here," a childlike female voice sounded from the doorway. "Do you know how long I've been standing here?! It's raining, you know?"

"Trust me," Korgan said. "We be knowin'"

"Yes, I can tell by looking at the sheet metal," the girl said. "I am Bodhi, and I greet you warmly."

"So you're the mystery-mistress, then?" Jan asked. "Afraid of a little rain?"

"Hardly," the girl sing-songed and stepped into full view. She was an extraordinary pale-skinned elven female, with jet-black hair and eyes like black coals. She wore a leather outfit which let very little to the imagination.

"Beware, Laska!" Keldorn said. "I sense intense evil from this creature...Do not parley with her... it will lead only to ill! I believe she is undead..."

"Trust me," Laska groaned as she felt another batch of nausea flare up, "I quite certain that she is."

"Ye be lookin' a mite green, lass," Korgan remarked.

"Shut the hell, up!" Bodhi suddenly snapped. "I have a deal for you and I expect you to listen! I will outline what I intend. You are...employed of course, and do errands occasionally. No doubt you have questioned the intent of your employer on occasion? If you haven't, then you should. You work for the Shadow Thieves, on the pretense they will help locate your missing companion, Imoen, but I would offer you an alternative. I will help you find your friend for...oh... half the gold the Shadow Thieves demand? What do you think of my terms?"

"Sounds bloody good ta me!" Korgan said. "We'd be 'avin' more golders left to buy other stuff!"

"Such an offer from this woman sends chills up and down my spine like angry weasels... Even Boo is confident, Laska, but neither of us would like to deal with this woman," Minsc said.

"I must decline," Laska felt her stomach constrict "You are undead."

"Is that a problem?" Bodhi asked and stepped a little closer, wearing a sly, seductive grin. Apparently, she saw Laska's objection as a challenge.

"You... you," Laska said as the nausea intensified even more, "you really shouldn't stand so close to me..."

"Come now," said Bodhi as she stepped closer, making the party fumble for their weapons. "Am I not beautiful? What does it matter if I am undead of not? Dear Laska, I have heard of your exploits and your tastes. "I would be perfectly willing to... sweeten the pot, as it were."

"You are quite lovely, yes, but... you see, I have this problem," Laska started as her stomach started to twist around in her belly.

The creature slid her hands over her body. "Look at me. Am I not beautiful? Dear Laska, spending the night with a vampire is like experiencing pure exctasy itself. We have no inhibitions, we never stop. I will show you pleasures unimaginable. Join me, Laska Leafwalker, join me and..."

The tattooed elf truly did her best to fight back her nausea, but as the vampire stepped ever closer, it become a losing battle. Bodhi was now mere feet away, close enough that Laska could see her razor-sharp fangs glistening in the moonlight. Suddenly, Laska's eyes bulged as her dinner returned towards the entrance. A deafening, high-pitched disgusted shriek followed by a crypt slamming shut resounded through the entire Graveyard, while Laska was on the ground on all fours coughing after her order.

"Aye," Korgan laughed. "That be screwin' up that particular deal."

"Yep," Jan added. "And, geez, what an amount! Where did you put it all, Laska? Do you have a stomach-of-holding? That poor vampire was completely covered with that muck."

"Stupid vampire!" a partially recovered Laska yelled to a closed crypt. "Now I'm hungry again!"

"Well, that was a complete waste of time," Laska muttered as she and her friends came back to the Copper Coronet completely drenched. "All I want now is a hot bath and sleep."

"Wet armor chafes much worse," Minsc replied.

As the party rounded about the corner, they were greeted by a rather grisly sight. Valen, the human girl whom had told the party where to find Bodhi, was now standing in the middle of the road, surrounded by three deformed undead creatures. Vampires again, vicious and angry.

"You!" Valen shouted. "You have spurned my mistress and insulted her in a most foul manner. This cannot be forgiven!"

"Laska, look," Keldorn said in a horrified fashion as he saw a corpse strung up from a lamppost behind the vampires. The corpse was bloodied and mutilated, covered with claw marks and puncture wounds. His throat had been torn out and his gullet torn opening, making intestines spew forth. What was worse, Laska recognized him.

"Cadaemor," Laska whispered.

Korgan laughed. "Har, that be the lad ye been shaggin' tonight? Looks tonight's shag be 'is last."

"How did they know?" Keldorn blinked.

"I think," Jan said. "That that lady vampire we just met must have been watching us. Either that or she got a lot of trained flying monkies spying for her."

One of the vampires picked up Valen and, with unnatural force and speed, jumped on top of one the buildings with her in his arms. "Tread carefully, Laska Leafwalker," Valen called down before disappearing. "You have made a dangerous enemy today. Consider this a warning!"

"Oh, shit!" Laska shouted and she ran towards the Copper Coronet. "Viconia!"

The elf sped into the inn, past Bernard and Hendak and dashed up the stairs. "VICO!" she shouted as she rounded about the corner and literally crashed through the door to her room. Of course, it didn't take much effort to lift the rickety door off its hinges. Laska half expected to find her friend in bloody pieces strewn across the room, but relief washed over her when she found the stricken drow awake, alive and well.

"Laska?" Viconia snarled as she reached for her robe. "What the hell?! Why did... hey!" Viconia shouted as she barely had enough time to put on her robe before being dragged out of the room, and found herself being pulled into the street.

"Alright," Viconia sighed heavily. "Why am I standing here barefoot in the rain with only a robe wrapped around my body?"

"Look!" Laska pointed at the mutilated corpse.

"What the..." Viconia blinked. "I leave you lot alone for one hour and you end up with a mutilated corpse hanging from a lamppost?!"

The party took some time to cut the poor boy down and brought him inside the Copper Coronet. The guards were called while Hendak and the other ex-slaves that were still up took time to mourn. The body of Cadaemor was put in cold storage for the time being, covered up by a white shroud.

Laska ended the evening with a stiff drink of scotch. "Well," she said. "I guess we've made dangerous enemy who has been and probably still is watching us. Lovely. Why can't things ever be simple?"

"Hm," Viconia nodded. "I guess the poor lad didn't have such a lucky day after all."