General announcement. I'm scrapping The Howling Wind as you all know it and rewriting it under the title The Wind, Howling (prologue went up a few hours ago). Foundations will remain the same, but a lot has changed, and it's going to be a much better story for it. I've improved in the years since I first started this, and I'd like to do the idea I first had justice. I hope you'll all forgive me, and I hope even more that you'll enjoy this new version.

Don't worry. There won't be very much rehashed at all.

I've made a donation page on the dreaded P site. You don't have to donate to it, I'll be doing my best to write TWH one way or another. But if I raise enough I can take time off work to write, and more of that at a more reliable pace will be the result. I'm there under jmenace, or you can just type in the general url and add /jmenace. Thanks for reading. I'll see you in the rewrite.