Okay,so this is my first fic of Ianto/Owen so be nice:) I was originally Love is a Mayer but that began to get to crowded so I created this one. Well, hope you like and please review, they make my day:D

Ianto gripped the metal canister roughly as he crouched down near Owen. The medical doctor was busy frantically typing away at his laptop, eager to get done with the mission and Ianto.

"Hurry up, Owen. They're coming!" He yelled, glancing over his shoulder as two badly wounded civil war soldiers began limping towards them.

"Just shut up, Ianto! I can't think with you breathing down my bloody neck." Owen replied angrily, his voice echoing sharply off the linoleum walls of the abandoned hospital.

"Excuse me for panicking then. It's not like I value my life or anything."

Owen sniggered a moment as he finished typing in the passcode. "Close your eyes." He murmured before hitting the big red button on the metal canister.

With a starry, blinding light, the canister made a whooshing sound as it took care of the two ghosts. And with a groaning cry a few moments later, the light blinked out, leaving the two men alone in the empty room.

"Well, that wasn't so bad."

Ianto smirked, getting off the ground. "Yeah, just a –"he began before being knocked down by one of the ghosts, a burly guy; how could they have missed it?

"Shit." Owen breathed as he ran over to the two men wrestling. "Ianto, hold on a moment. I'm going to get rid of the damned bastard, just hold on." He said, running to grab the canister off the floor, quickly pressing the red button.

Within seconds, the civil war soldier that had been strangling Ianto dissipated into the air, leaving the room silently as the Welshman collapsed onto the ground.

Owen practically fell over his feet as he ran to his partner's side. Once he got a full look at the guy, Owen knew something was deadly wrong. With practiced precision, Owen checked for a pulse, breathing slightly easier when he felt one, and then moved on to the eyes. Opening the left lid first, he scanned the pupils.

"Oh fuck." He muttered when he noticed the slight dilation. "What the hell did it do?" Owen yelled loudly when he noticed the same thing in the other eye.

With a snarky laugh that only half hid his fear, Owen tapped his comms quickly. "Jack…Jack I need your help. Ianto-he's…he's-"

"He's what, Owen?" Jack snapped.

"Well," Owen began, opening Ianto's eyes up again. "He's in a coma, Jack. He got attacked and now he won't wake up."

"What do you mean he won't wake up, Owen? What's going on, I don't understand."

Owen breathed out deeply, adverting his eyes. "Just come and see for yourself." He whispered.

"Okay, I'll be there in five. Don't move."

"I don't have any choice, now do I?" Owen sniggered, tapping his comms off as he took up a seat next to the unconscious body. "What have you done now you bloody idiot?" He murmured into the air as he waited.