Hi, this is our first Mirady story. Hannah and myself will be sharing the writing of this story between us and hopefully it will be updated quickly.

Faced with unearthing her childhood memories,issues and problems Miranda finds her self in an emotional whirl wind she has never found herself in before. But how much can Andy help her? Can Andy help Miranda enough for her to lay her demons to rest? Or is Miranda too damaged for even Andrea to deal with ?

This is Mirandy so it is not garenteed it will go smoothly, ultimately ups and downs will occur but hopefully things will work out.

Both parties have their own issues and problems to over come and together they are able to build bridges and move on... Together?

We own none of the characters in this story but a little bit of imagination doesn't harm any one so we are simply borrowing the characters for our imaginations benefit.

We hope you enjoy the journey of this story.

Lauren and Hannah x

It was a warm sunny night in the middle of July; Andy was, as usual waiting around for the book to arrive. Using the time wisely because she hardly ever got free time these days, she would write, read, catch up with her parents or make sure everything was perfect for Miranda for the following day; she never had time to switch off completely.

Tonight she'd been really engrossed in her writing and didn't even realise the time until Nigel stood in front of her desk with the book.

"Six" he said trying to get her attention.

"Sorry Nigel, I didn't even see you there." She replied taking the book and smiling up at him.

They both said their goodbyes and Nigel left.

Eventually she packed away and left for the evening, getting into the waiting car outside. Roy dropped her at the townhouse and Andy slid out. "I'm going to take the Subway home tonight Roy", she smiled to him through the open car window.

"If you're sure, good night Andy." he smiled back at her and drove off.

Turning around, she started walking up the steps to the townhouse, pulling out the key and let herself in.

As usual she opened the closet and put the dry cleaning in and went to put the book on the table.

"Andrea." she heard coming from the den "Bring the book here", the voice demanded.

Andy walked through and was shocked when she saw her. Miranda looked fragile, red puffy eyes and just very unlike Miranda, similar to when Andy saw her in her hotel room in Paris.

Miranda cleared her throat, feeling a bit self conscience at Andy's reaction to seeing her. "I need you to arrange a meeting with my lawyer as soon as possible about the divorce; I want it over as quickly as possible. It's been dragging on far too long."

"Of course." Andy smiled and wrote a note to call her lawyer tomorrow.

"That's all." Miranda said sharply.

Andy stood for a few minutes, reluctant to ask her boss if she was okay. Emily's voice popped into her head 'You never ask Miranda anything.'

Soon enough she was snapped out of her thoughts, "Was there something else Andrea?" Miranda asked.

'Quick, make something up!' Andy thought. "I...urm…Are you okay? You looked a bit upset when I walked in." She then remembered to breath and realised what she said. 'Oh shit' she thought. 'Why are you such an idiot Andy?'

Despite what she was thinking, she wasn't sure she was ready for the reply.

''Yes Andrea. I was upset, but I am fine now.'' Miranda hoped this would be the end to it, she wasn't exactly happy about letting people know how she was feeling and she wasn't exactly fine now.

Although recently she'd felt she didn't know herself than more ever, it made her feel weak because in some ways she felt out of control and everyone knew Miranda never lost control.

Andy thought better than to push it, but she was now concerned for Miranda and she wanted to try and be a friend to her.

Andy had thought about being more than her friend, but now was an inappropriate time to think about that.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Andy asked, looked down at the floor, avoiding all eye contact.

Miranda felt like she should be angry, she'd let her guard down, admitted that she wasn't some hard, cold bitch and did have feelings. Andy had seen her like this before and she didn't run a mile, never judged her and never brought it back up again.

Miranda had never even thought about if they'd ever be friends, she was just an assistant. Despite all that, she felt something for Andy and had done for a long time. However, until now she had managed to not think about it too much or even acknowledge these feelings.

Truth was, Miranda cared about her in her own none showing way. Miranda knew Andy cared for her too, really cared, not the, get close and stab you in the back way. This was unusual for Miranda; she'd never had anyone care about her, in a long long time.

"Sit down Andrea." Miranda put aside the book and moved up a little on the sofa, for Andy to sit next to her.

Andy was taken back by this, but sat down trying not to show how nervous she was.

"It's the girls" she sighed, feeling herself getting worked up again.

"Oh my God! Miranda are they ok? What's happened?" Andy was panicking now.

"Calm down Andrea, they're ok, physically." she took a breath.

"They've been getting mad at me lately, blaming me for Stephen leaving, which then went on to them blaming me for making their dad leave." at this point she was trying to hold back the tears. It wasn't all her fault…was it?

" They never even liked Stephen, I just guess it's their way of telling me, anyone I bring into their lives, is gone as quick as they come. Soon enough, they'll leave me too, they hate me." She struggled with the last words and let the tears fall.

Andy didn't know what to do, it was one thing to ask Miranda anything, let alone touch her. Although, Andy couldn't just sit back and see her cry like this, she wasn't thinking straight tonight and actually begun to wonder if she was dreaming because Miranda was actually talking to her about how she felt. Why would she talk to me? Nothing was really making sense to her this evening.

"They don't hate you Miranda and they won't leave you." Andy tried to reassure Miranda and placed a hand on her knee, rubbing it to try and soothe her.

Miranda was shocked at this, Andy knew better than to touch her, but right now, she needed this; the reassurance, an actual friend for the first time in as long as she could remember.

Looking up into Andy's eyes, she saw the hurt, which confirmed what Miranda was thinking. 'She really does care about me' that was enough to make Miranda even more emotional. Genuinely, she couldn't remember the last time she'd felt that kindness.

"How can you be so sure?" she asked, choking on her tears.

Andy didn't realise she had feelings for Miranda, maybe they were already there and she just hadn't noticed. Or maybe it was just the situation of tonight, Andy didn't know, she was just confused right now.

" I know because when I was 11 my sister was involved in a car accident. She was 5 years older than I was and she always used to try and break the rules a little. If my parents told her to be in for 11, she'd always push it and come in at 12. Anyway, one night my parents had given up trying and told her to make sure she was home by 12, in the hope she would actually be home on time."

Andy had to take a deep breath as the tears pricked in her eyes. "She didn't return home that night, turns out she was once again pushing it and wasn't planning on coming home until early morning. That's when the car hit her; she thought she knew better than to listen to my parents. They'd gone over and over how important it was to be safe on the road and to come in at a reasonable enough time. That's when I started blaming my parents, saying if they'd not give her the leeway, then she'd still be here. I constantly used to shout at them, putting them down, telling them they were horrible parents. I guess I was grieving and eventually, when I was about 15, I realized it wasn't their fault, they were just trying to let her be an adult and she abused that privilege. So you see Miranda, the twins will come round, they know how much you love them and never, ever would leave them and they'll always need their mum."

Andy smiled and again rubbed her thumb on Miranda's knee, she knew Miranda needed this reassurance; the girls came before anything in her life.

"I had no idea, I'm sorry to hear that Andrea. I hope you're right, I know it's my fault and I need to correct it, but I have no idea how to." she sighed, feeling so upset that they were her daughters and she felt like she knew nothing about them, she knew it'd have to change and quickly.

"Miranda, it's not your fault, you're just very committed to your work and if someone can't understand that then that's their problem, not yours"

Andy knew from herself, Nate didn't understand her commitment to her work and that's mainly why they broke up. Andy blamed herself for it and thought she was just being selfish, but she realized, if you want something for yourself, you have to get it, no matter who you leave behind.

"Andrea, if only my ex husbands had your mentality. My work is very important, but the girls? They are more important me to. so I think I need to take them away for a while, away from everything here, just us." She sniffed and smiled, looking deep into Andy's eyes.

'She's known me shorter than most, yet she understands me more than most. How does she do that?' Miranda thought to herself, she realised this girl was exquisite and if she was honest to herself, she had deeper feelings for her than she'd ever allowed herself to feel.

" That sounds like a good idea Miranda, I'll re-arrange your schedule for when you want to go and get everything sorted for you." Andy smiled; glad she played a little part in making Miranda feel a little better.

"I best get off though, it's getting late." Andy yawned. " I'll see you tomorrow" she removed her hand from Miranda's knee and went to get up.

Miranda didn't want her to leave, she was really warming to the girl and she missed not having the physical contact, even if it was just a hand on her knee.

Miranda pulled Andrea back down with her hand. "Thank you." Miranda smiled, genuinely for the first time in a while.

Andy wasn't even surprised at her thank you, after what had gone on tonight, she was really given a chance to see Miranda was human after all and there was another side of Miranda; one that not many would get to see.

Any understood why though and hoped everything wouldn't go back to normal and Miranda would consider her a friend.

Their heads were close together after Miranda pulled her back down. Andy was feeling brave, if she got sacked she didn't care, but she had a feeling inside her that Miranda felt like she did.

"You're welcome" she smirked then closed the gap between them both, their lips clashing together in the most passionate kiss Andy had ever endured and Miranda didn't pull back, which confirmed it for Andy.

'Thank God she feels the same.' Andy thought to herself.

Miranda was taken back, but she certainly wanted it, she hadn't realised for how long until Andy actually kissed her! Andy had courage, she loved that. Not only that, she actually liked her too. Miranda doubted she would, because of her being double her age, but none of that mattered.

They were so lost in each other, tongues colliding and small moans coming from both of them, they didn't just want each other, they needed each other.

''Mom!'' the twins coursed standing in the doorway.

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