Thursday Morning

"Mrs. Devereaux's waiting for you in room 108, Dr. Hummel," Lisa said over her shoulder as she passed Kurt in the hall, tossing the chart toward him. He reached out with a look of shock and fumbled to catch it. It bounced off of his arm and then his hand before landing on the floor, papers spilling everywhere. He looked at her over the top of his glasses as she scrunched up her nose in apology.

"Really, Lisa? How long have we known each other? When have I ever given you the impression that have the ability to catch something randomly thrown in my face?"

"Sorry," she tried to hide her laughter. "I was thinking of your husband, I guess. You know what they say, the longer you're with someone the more you start to look alike."

"I didn't realize that I had shrunk thee inches," he said sassily as he crouched down to scoop up the mess.

"Hey now!" A voice called from within another exam room. A curly head popped through the door and Blaine stuck his tongue out before disappearing again.

Kurt and Lisa grinned at each other as the doctor stacked the papers from the chart neatly again and ducked into the patient's room.

"Morning, Mrs. Devereaux," Kurt greeted cheerily. The elderly woman looked up from her magazine and shot him a winning smile. "How are you this morning?"

"I'd feel better if that cute young nurse was about forty years older. Actually, I'd rather he stayed the same age and I was forty years younger," she winked at him and folded her hands on her lap. Kurt was careful to hide his smile.

"What nurse is that?" He asked innocently, knowing full well that Blaine was the only male nurse working that shift.

"Oh, that adorable one with the curly hair," she waved her hand at him and gave him a look that said he should already know. He smiled at her then.

"Oh, that one. Well, unfortunately for you, not only is he much younger, he's also gay," he grinned. She looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"Oh! Well, then you should ask him out, honey. You'd make an adorable couple!" She clapped her hands excitedly. He laughed as he sat down on the edge of her bed and opened her chart.

"What makes you automatically think that I'm gay too?" he teased. She patted his arm.

"Oh, honey. Who are you kidding?" She smiled at him. He pretended to be offended for just a moment but couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Anyway," he rolled his eyes, "I think that's enough talk about my orientation. Let's move on to your physical therapy."

She lost her smile and stiffened, pulling the blanket up around her and refusing to meet his gaze. He sighed.

"Come on, Mrs. Devereaux. You're never going to start getting better if you don't try. How come you're refusing to go to therapy?" She glared at him out of the corner of her eye before speaking quietly.

"It hurts and I'm tired and old. The therapist isn't nice and I just don't feel like trying anymore."

Kurt sighed again and took her hand, stroking it for a moment with his thumb. She melted a little at the kind gesture but still refused to look at him directly. Just that moment, Blaine entered the room with a wheelchair.

"Hey, Marion!" He greeted with a smile. "I'm here to take you to therapy. Has Dr. Hummel been able to convince you to go today?" She shot both men another glare and crossed her arms with a loud, "Hmph."

Blaine looked at his husband with a little grimace, but Kurt smiled, inspiration striking him.

"Tell you what, Mrs. Devereaux. I'll make a deal with you. I will make sure you have a new physical therapist, a much nicer one." She gave him a look that said 'you gotta do better than that'. He held up a finger to show her that he wasn't finished. "Aaaand... If I can get this gorgeous nurse here to agree to go out on a date with me, you agree to give physical therapy one more try."

She looked up quickly and a slow smile spread across her face. Blaine looked at his husband questioningly, but Kurt refused to meet his eye, not wanting to give them away. Marion tapped her fingers together for a moment, deliberating. She gave Kurt a challenging look.

"Get him to kiss you too and it's a deal."

Kurt hopped up off the bed and approached his husband with a smile. Blaine shook his head as if to say, 'You are terrible.' Kurt gave a tiny shrug that Blaine knew meant, 'I do what I have to do.'

"So," Kurt began shyly. Blaine had to work incredibly hard to hold in his laughter. Kurt cleared his throat nervously before continuing. "I've been meaning to tell you what a great job you're doing here, nurse."

"Why thank you, Dr. Hummel." Blaine replied, barely holding it together.

"I've also thought for a while now that you're really cute." Kurt bit his lip and took a tentative step forward. Blaine had to turn his head to the side so that the older lady couldn't see his amusement. He took a deep breath and regained his composure before turning to look at his husband again. Marion was watching them with wide eyes and bated breath. Blaine moved a bit closer and turned a smoldering gaze on the doctor.

"Well, thank you again. I've actually been noticing you for a while now too, and hoping you'd ask me out. I've been trying to get your attention but you're just so... sexily aloof." The nurse took another step toward his husband so that they were only inches apart. It was Kurt's turn to work desperately at holding in his laughter. Marion reached blindly at her bedside table for some apple slices that were sitting there. She started munching happily while she watched, thinking that this was better than one of her soaps.

"I'm just really shy is all," Kurt looked off to the side. Blaine closed the distance between them and reached for the doctor's hand.

"Well, you should get over that. I'd definitely say yes if you asked me out."

"Will-Will you go out with me?" Kurt asked.

"Definitely," Blaine smiled, linking their fingers together. "In fact, I think we should take it a step further." Kurt bit the inside of his cheek to hold in his smile.

"Oh, really? What step would that be?"

"It's obvious how much we like each other, so let's just go for it. We'll move in together, get married and have two beautiful children." Blaine moved in closer and grabbed Kurt around the waist, pulling the doctor to him. Kurt didn't even try to hide his grin.

"I'm game if you are." He was surprised that his breathlessness was actually genuine. Even playing around, his husband could still make him feel like he was falling for the first time.

"I'm going to kiss you now," Blaine whispered. Kurt just smiled and wrapped his arms around the nurse's neck.

No matter how many times they did this, it never got old. Both men felt their hearts beat faster as their lips met. They actually lost themselves for just a moment before they heard a small gasp. They broke apart and looked to the elderly lady who was peering at them as realization set in.

"Wait a minute, that was too easy. You're already together aren't you?" She pointed at them accusingly.

Kurt grinned, reaching across to grab Blaine's left hand with his own and raised them in the air, flashing her their wedding rings. The nurse kissed his cheek before turning to Marion with a wink, wiggling his ring finger at her.

"How the heck did I miss those?" She exclaimed, pulling her glasses off to clean them. "I suppose I'll have to give you some credit, even if you were being tricky. You did put on a nice little show for me." She sighed and clucked her tongue.

"Alright. A deal's a deal. I'll give it another try. Let's get a move on, honey," she said to Blaine as she tossed her blanket aside. "We're burning daylight."

Blaine did a little fist pump and both the doctor and nurse quickly helped to settle her in the chair. She smiled at the couple when she was in place.

"Do you really have two children, or was that just part of your sneaky act?" She asked cheekily. Blaine snorted a laugh.

"We really do have two beautiful children. Their names are Adelaide and Elliott and they are in the first grade this year."

"Oh! Twins!" She exclaimed. The couple gave each other knowing smiles as Blaine wheeled her out. They were used to it by now. Most people just meeting them thought that the kids were fraternal twins, since they were the same age.

"Interesting story, actually," Blaine began, kissing Kurt on the cheek once more before he exited the room.

Kurt's smile faded a bit once he was alone. Two kids. Still just two.

Thursday Night

"You can't take my children!" The woman screamed at Finn, throwing a glass against the wall so it shattered just above his head.

Finn held the baby close as she snuggled into his shoulder and grasped the toddler by the hand. He made no move to stop or even acknowledge the woman as he headed to his car as calmly as possible. A police officer wrestled her back and restrained her as she tried to lunge at the social worker once more.

"They are mine! You have no right, you fucking ass!" She screeched as the officer put her into the back of his squad car.

Finn watched as the toddler's eyes filled with tears and the tiny fingers clutched tightly to his hand. His hand... the hand of a perfect stranger was more comforting to the child than his own mother's. He settled both children into his back seat as his anger boiled over. Shutting the door, he walked quickly over to the woman and leaned in with a menacing look.

"Oh, I have the right," he spoke in a low, even voice. "When I find children that are covered in bruises and look like they haven't been bathed or barely eaten in days. When I come to check on those children and find the mother throwing her child up against a wall and screaming. When those children are relieved to be taken away rather than begging to stay with their mom... I have every right."

She only glared back, shaking and breathing heavily as the officer shut the car door. Finn stared through the glass of the window for only a moment before turning quickly and getting back in his car. He took a deep breath to steady himself. These types of situations were the hardest. All he could see were his own little boys in the eyes of the older child. They were the same age. The thought of someone doing that to Teegan or Skylar made him so angry he couldn't see straight. He swallowed hard and turned around to look at the little boy.

"Are you hungry, sweetie?"

After a slight hesitation the child gave a shaky, little nod. Finn gave him an encouraging smile.

"What would you like? Absolutely anything."

The little boy gazed at him in wonder and Finn knew right away that this was probably the first time anyone had ever asked him what he wanted. The child took a deep breath before whispering hopefully.

"Fwench fwies?"

Finn nodded, smiling again. "We can do that."

Cara walked down the sidewalk slowly as a smile formed on her face. Her father walked beside her, looking like he felt sightly awkward and out of place.

"So, you feel good about this, Car-bear? They're the ones?" He asked her carefully. Cara smiled and reached out to take her father's hand.

How many single dads would have been this loving and supportive when their sixteen-year-old daughter got knocked up by their high school boyfriend? Not many, she figured. Her dad may not have always known what to say or do, but without fail, he was there. Usually quiet and stoic, but always loving and unwaveringly supportive. While he had definitely jumped on the adoption ban-wagon when she mentioned it, he had never pushed, always leaving any final decisions about the pregnancy up to her. She knew how lucky she was and would be eternally grateful for her amazing dad. She glanced back at the house of the couple she had chosen to adopt her baby.

"Yeah, I feel good. They seem so perfect... and they really want a baby so bad. I feel like this will work out best for everyone. This little nugget will have a good home with them." She patted her rounded abdomen lovingly then, and her father laughed. She had been concerned about getting too attached if she found out the sex of the baby, knowing she was going to give it away... so they had nicknamed it 'nugget'.

He squeezed her hand back and smiled. If she was happy, he was happy.

"Oh! Wait, dad! I almost forgot. I brought along the ultrasound picture to give them. Let me run back real quick."

"Run?" He smirked. She made a face and stuck her tongue out. It was true though, she really couldn't run anymore. Any movement she tried to make turned into more of a waddle.

She made her way back down the walk and up the front steps as quickly as she could. It was getting pretty late and she was ready to get home and rest. She raised a hand to knock on the door but paused when she heard yelling.

"The girl is gone. We don't have to act like the perfect couple anymore, so stop with the fake politeness!"

"Fine! I'll stop trying to be nice! I thought it might be a good idea to have a pleasant home environment for the baby."

"You're the one that wants the baby, not me! I'll act however I want in our home. The only reason I'm being nice in front of that girl is so she'll give you what you want and you can stop bugging me about it."

"Why do you have to be like that?! Why can't you just try? Why do you have to..."

Cara blinked back the tears that had formed in her eyes and quickly backed away.

No! She shook her head vehemently. Her stomach churned when she thought of how big a mistake she had almost made.

There was no way that this couple would be getting her baby now. Not only had they purposely deceived her, she could never purposely put her child in a toxic environment like that.

She immediately felt a little bad for the woman. It was obvious that having a baby was still important to her. The teen paused for a moment and glanced back at the house, but shook her head quickly again as she hurried back down the walk. Having a child wouldn't fix a bad marriage. Cara was only a teenager, but even she knew that. By the time she reached her father, her tears would no longer be denied and leaked from the corners of her eyes. He looked at her in surprised concern.

"Car-bear! What's wrong?" She just shook her head in response at first, charging down the sidewalk angrily. He glanced at the house uncertainly before taking after his daughter. He caught up with her and took her arm to stop her, giving the girl a look that said she'd better spill. She sniffed loudly and wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand.

"Can you take me back to the adoption agency tomorrow, daddy? We need to start again."

He looked at her solemnly for a moment and then nodded, taking her hand in his as they headed back down the sidewalk.

"Sure thing, baby. We'll go first thing in the morning."

Brandi crouched down in the dark alley, staring helplessly into the night. She was shaking from the cold and pulled the thin sweater closer around her in an attempt to keep warm. She sank down to the ground completely and gave in to the desperate loneliness and fear that was overwhelming her.

She took a ragged breath, tears streaming silently down her face. Curling up into a little ball, she eventually cried herself into a restless sleep. In the moments of stolen sleep she dreamed of homemade food, a warm bed and most of all, people that loved her.

She knew deep down that it wasn't going to happen though. No one knew where she was. No one cared where she was. No one was going to rescue her.

Friday morning

"Anything?" Blaine asked quietly when he saw Kurt pull out his phone to check for emails or voicemails for the tenth time that day. The doctor shook his head and moved to walk away without a word. Blaine sighed and grabbed Kurt's hand, pulling him quickly down the hall and into his office.

"What's up? Why are you so bothered by this today?" Blaine asked as he scooted himself back to sit on top of the doctor's desk. Kurt gave him an irritated look and yanked out his phone again before pulling up the calendar, sticking it in his husband's face.

"Seriously? Do you not remember what day it is?"

Blaine's eyes widened for just a moment, racking his brain. It wasn't their anniversary. Kurt always made him heart shaped pancakes that day. It wasn't Kurt's birthday either, they had just celebrated that last month.

Suddenly, it hit him. Of course. That's why his husband was especially anxious today. It had been two years since they officially decided to expand their family. Two years since they had started the whole process. Two years... and still nothing.

The process of applying for an adoption had seemed to take forever. Well, just a year, but they had been anxious to begin, so it felt like an eternity.

Not long after starting the paperwork at the adoption agency, they had talked over the possibility of being foster parents too. They had taken a little bit longer with this decision, as there more so many more considerations than with adoption. They were both understandably concerned about putting Elly and Addy through the process of taking on a foster sibling. So many of these children would come from troubled backgrounds and they knew how much it could potentially disrupt their home. When Kurt had taken Elliott as a baby, he had been the only one in the picture. It had been an easy decision. They had talked it over for several weeks straight without making a decision. They kept coming back to one question. How would the kids feel about it? Kurt finally came up with the brilliant idea of just asking them.

They sat them down one evening before dinner and carefully explained what they were considering. They went through everything, from how much they could help a child that needed it, to how much it could potentially disrupt their lives. After listening closely, the kids looked at each other.

Addy shrugged and said, "Sounds like fun, daddies! I love other kids!" She hugged both of her fathers and then bounced happily away. The laughed at her response and then turned back to their son.

Elliott was a little more thoughtful. He looked at Blaine and then Kurt before asking a question.

"I thought we were already getting a baby?"

"Well," Blaine said, while glancing at Kurt. "We applied to adopt a baby, but it could take a long time and it may not happen at all if no one chooses us. This is different. Most likely whoever we take in will be older and we probably won't keep them forever like with adoption."

Elliott absorbed this information in silence before standing and scooting himself up on Kurt's lap. The doctor held his son close, not saying anything. He had learned by now that when his son was quiet like this, he was processing and organizing his thoughts.

"I was one of those kids, wasn't I? I was a foster kid and you took me home and then you adopted me?"

"Yup," Kurt answered softly. "Best decision I ever made, Elliott." He kissed his son's head and Blaine put an arm around both of them to hold them close. Elliott gave one of his signature, silent nods before hopping down.

"You took me home when I didn't have a mommy or a daddy. We made Addy my sister and Daddy Blaine adopted me." He eyed the two men expectantly. They nodded in the affirmative, still not completely sure where he was going with this. He smiled at their nods. "I want us to take home another kid. We're really good at loving people and being a family."

The two fathers gave him watery smiles and hugged him tight. When he bounded off to play with Addy they looked at each other and leaned in for a kiss. They knew without even asking each other what the next step was.

The very next day they started the process for Blaine to get certified and Kurt to get re-certified as foster parents.

The approval for Blaine's foster parent certification had finally gone through last week, but they had been approved and ready with the adoption agency for almost a year. Now, they were just waiting. Waiting for someone to pick them. Waiting for someone to need them. Every day that passed made the ache in their hearts for another child a little deeper. Kurt even more so than Blaine.

The nurse pulled the other man to him and held him close. It only took a moment before the tension radiating from the doctor faded away and he melted into the nurse's arms. He sighed and nuzzled down into his husband's shoulder.

"What if nobody ever picks us or needs us?"

"They will."

"But what if they don't?"

"They will."


"Kurt!" Blaine laughed, pulling back to take his husband's face in his hands and gaze at him lovingly.

"We will get to do this, one way or another. Some girl will pick us to adopt her baby, or some foster child will need to be taken in and loved." He cupped Kurt's cheek and brushed their lips together gently. The doctor breathed in and leaned into the kiss, holding still and soaking in the feeling of the other man's mouth against his own. Blaine gripped his waist tightly and pressed small, emotion heavy kisses on his husband's lips, one after the other.

Things quickly became heated and Blaine was pulling Kurt up on top of the desk with him.

"We're supposed to be working right now, baby." Kurt laughed, but let himself be dragged up onto the furniture anyway.

"Nope, this is more important. You know what they say. When a couple is trying to have a baby they need to just relax and make love and it'll happen." Kurt nearly fell off the desk when he burst into laughter.

"You are aware that they are talking about heterosexual couples that are actually trying to create life, right? Somehow I don't think that applies to us, darling."

"Still," Blaine grinned, desperately trying to get his husband's pants down. "It never hurts to have a nice relaxing orgasm. Let's relax together, baby." The doctor laughed again, but helped Blaine with the buckle on his belt.

"Wait a minute," Kurt gasped out, hopping down and going to lock the door. "You'd think we'd have learned our lesson by now," he smiled. "How many times have we been interrupted by the staff here?" Blaine grinned and yanked him back up on top of the desk.

"Enough times that you'd think they'd stop walking in without knocking."

"Well, that's the last of them," the case worker sighed as she pulled the binder back from Cara's lap. The teenager looked at her guiltily and then glanced to her father. He sent his daughter a reassuring wink and it steadied her resolve.

"I'm sorry, I just... none of these feel right. I need it to feel right," she responded quietly. The case worker softened and patted her hand.

"Don't worry, sweetie. We'll find someone. It's just that, at the moment, these are the only couples we have on file that meet the requirements you laid out. Unless..." Cara brightened and looked up expectantly.

"Are you open to a same sex couple?"

The teen felt surprised. She knew that she had requested a family that had both a mother and a father, but really, all she just wanted a stable environment. It didn't matter to her, she had just never personally known a same sex couple before.

"Sure! Definitely!"

The case worker grinned and pulled out a new binder, sliding it across the desk. Cara eagerly opened it and started scanning the pages, but only made it three or four couples in. It felt as if the page literally jumped out at her. She had no idea why, it just seemed right. She felt warm tingles of excitement run through her and looked questioningly to her father. He shrugged with a grin that said, 'If you feel good about it then so do I.' She handed the binder back to the case worker and tapped the page excitedly.

"Them. I want to meet with them."

"We can arrange that," the case worker smiled. She reached out a hand and picked up her office phone.

"I can't keep them for another night, Mr. Hudson. One is my limit. I'm getting older, you know. I just don't have the energy for this anymore."

Finn sighed as the woman's voice spoke to him over the phone. "I understand. I appreciate you taking the temporary placement, Mrs. Wright. I wanted someone experienced and reliable for these kids. They've been through so much."

"I know," the voice on the other end of the line sounded genuinely sad. "I truly am sorry that I can't keep them longer. They are good kids. I just..."

"No, I get it. Don't be sorry. I'll be by to pick them up this afternoon. Is that soon enough?"

"Oh, yes. That'll be just fine."

Finn hung up his phone and plopped into his desk chair. He tipped back and spun in circles with his eyes shut. Most social workers would dive into their files at this point to try and come up with a suitable match. That wasn't how he worked though.

On his fourth spin around, his eyes popped open suddenly.

Of course! Why didn't I think of them already?!

He grabbed his phone and pressed speed dial.

Kurt and Blaine were resting together on the doctor's desk, half naked with blissful smiles on their faces.

"Oh, yeah. I'm definitely more relaxed now," Kurt drawled out lazily. Stroking his fingers lightly up and down his husband's chest. "You were ah-MAZ-ing, honey." Blaine grinned and let out a happy sigh.

"I work to be the best."

Kurt laughed and rolled his eyes as he sat up, slowly pulling his pants back into place. He started when Blaine's cell phone rang. They looked at each other and quickly yanked their clothes back on before the nurse grabbed it and glanced at the caller I.D.

"It's them. It's the adoption agency," he said quietly, his hand suddenly shaking.

"Answer it!" Kurt jumped up and down happily.

"Okay, but let's prepare ourselves. They may not be calling for the reason we hope. They may just..."

"Dammit, Blaine! Answer it before I hit you in the head with it!"

Blaine raised the phone to his ear and said hello with a crack in his voice.

Kurt stared in anxious anticipation. Blaine was fairly certain he'd have bruises later from how tightly Kurt was gripping his leg.

"Oh my gosh, yes!" Blaine yelped out suddenly, tapping Kurt's hand excitedly with his own. "Oh yes, we can definitely meet her on Sunday afternoon...Sure, she and her father can both come..." Kurt had grabbed Blaine's hand and was squeezing so tightly that both of their knuckles were white. "Three o'clock at our house. You have directions?... Alright. Thank you! Thank you so much!" Blaine jumped off the desk and grabbed Kurt by the waist with one arm, pulling him close. "We'll see you all then, I guess. Let us know if you need anything else from us."

He hung up the phone and they stared at each other for a moment.

"I will literally die if you don't start talking right now," Kurt whispered.

"Now Dr. Hummel, you know that's not possible - Ouch!" Blaine laughed and rubbed the back of his head where Kurt had whacked him.

"I swear to God, Blaine..."

"Her name is Cara. She's sixteen. She's almost seven months along and she took one look at our profile and loved us. She wants to meet as soon as possible, so the case worker is coming out with them on Sunday."

Kurt just stared and nodded, before biting the inside of his lip and blinking back a tear.

"I'm telling myself that I shouldn't get too excited just in case, but I really can't help it." He started to bounce a tiny bit as he spoke and by the end of his sentence he was jumping excitedly. Blaine laughed and wrapped his other arm around his husband's waist, picking him up off the floor just enough to swing him in a circle. They clung to each other as they laughed and cried. Blaine stumbled for a moment after his first spin and they regained their balance together, tears mingling on their cheeks. They kissed over and over between their laughter.

Kurt eventually pulled away when he heard his phone ringing. He wiped away the tears and pulled it from his pocket.

"Finn! Hey! You'll never guess..." Blaine watched as Kurt stopped talking abruptly. His face paled and grew serious. The doctor looked steadily at his husband and swallowed a quick lump that had formed in his throat. "...Yeah, a-absolutely. Of course we do. I mean, I just, let me talk to Blaine real quick to make sure we're on the same page... Right... I'll call you back in just a moment... Okay, and Finn?... I'm really glad you thought of us."

It was Blaine's turn to watch in anxious anticipation as the doctor blindly groped for a chair and sank down, looking like a zombie.

"Don't tell me that call was what I think it was?" Blaine laughed in disbelief. His humor died quickly when he saw the seriousness on Kurt's face. The taller man's eyes watered up once again, but this time in sadness.

"A two-year-old boy and an almost one-year-old girl... beaten and close to starved. They were taken from their mother yesterday and they need a more permanent placement." Blaine felt his heart breaking and sat down in front of Kurt, holding his hands.

"How soon can we take them?"

"Tonight. As soon as possible," Kurt replied softly. "Are you sure? Especially after knowing that we're going to meet that girl on Sunday?"

"Yes. I'm sure. Very sure. Never been surer. What about you though? Are you having second thoughts?"

"I want those babies safe in our house tonight, Blaine."

The nurse smiled and took in a deep breath before letting it out quickly.


"Yeah," Kurt laughed then. "Definitely, wow. So, remember when you convinced me that we should buy that really big house a few months back with all of the bedrooms and I thought you were ridiculous, but humored you because I love you?"

Blaine threw his head back and laughed before gazing back at his husband. "Yes, darling. Seems like I'm not so ridiculous now, huh?"

"Nope. You're a sheer genius." He smiled and leaned in to kiss Blaine with a little smack. "I don't know about you, but I'm not going to be able to focus any more today. Let's see if we can get someone to cover for us and kick off early. We'll get the kids from school and have time to prepare them before Finn brings the little ones over."

"Sounds great!" Blaine jumped up and grabbed for the door handle. Kurt checked himself over make sure he had zipped and buckled everything back into place properly. His cheeks turned pink when he examined his outfit. He quickly stepped behind the door and out of sight. Blaine looked at him in curious amusement.

"What are you doing?"

"We must not have been as careful as we thought, babe. I kind of have evidence of our passion smeared onto my pants. Can you bring me your spare scrubs?"

Blaine looked him over and snorted a small laugh. He blew his husband a little kiss before scooting out the door and heading toward the locker room.

Kurt shut the door and quickly undressed, tossing his clothes to the side, waiting for the clean replacement. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror... underwear, socks and a stethoscope. He buried his face in his hands and groaned.

Yup, I look like a perfect example of someone who should be responsible for five children. What the crap am I doing?!

Brandi leaned weakly against the side of the hospital. She realized that it wouldn't be long before her strength gave out and she wasted away completely. She was going longer and longer without food and the days and nights were getting colder.

She told herself that this was the easiest way... to just give up and die, right here in the street. Less trouble for everyone else, not that anyone cared. She told herself that she didn't care either. She almost believed it. She told herself that it was pure coincidence that she had positioned herself right outside a hospital for what she was sure would be her final hours here on Earth.

Pulling the paper-thin sweater around her slim shoulders, she slid to the ground. Her face scraped against the brick of the building and broke her skin, but she barely felt it.

Just as she was closing her eyes and letting blissful numbness wash over her, she heard bright laughter. She blinked slowly and tried to focus her blurry vision in the direction of the sound. Laughter seemed so out of place to her and cut like a knife, mocking her situation. People shouldn't be allowed to be that happy. It wasn't fair.

Her eyes unfocused once again as she dazedly watched two men, holding hands and leaning in to kiss before they climbed into their car.

So unfair. So painfully unfair.