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Fang's POV

The boy, Vortex, gently runs his hands over her to see what's wrong. "Shit." He whispers. "Max, Max I'm gonna need your help. Please. Come on. I can't do this alone. Come on." He takes her hand and places it over her heart and stomach. The little girl who hasn't said anything makes the light brighter. Vortex puts a force field around Max and settles to watching her. His eyes rake her looking for injuries. I know that look; I've used it plenty of times with Max. speaking of Max she sits up and slams her head on the force field. She glares at Vortex and he gives her a cheeky smile before taking the force field down.

Vortex's POV

Max looks at the new comers and sighs.

V, the eldest is Fang, blonde 1 is Iggy, curly haired is Nudge, blonde 2 is Gazzy don't ask, blonde 3 is Angel (name doesn't fit personality use mind blocks), and the dog is Total. My old Flock they kicked me out.

I turn to Max with wide eyes but she's concentrating on something else. Lux's light goes out and we're plunged into impenetrable darkness. Max softly growls and I hear nine clicks of locks. Max grabs me and jerks me forwards and out of the cage. I land ungracefully and Max whistles softly once. I hear everyone step out of their cages and I get an image of a window that's above us. So we're flying.

"Let's blow this joint!" Max says before I get an image of her flying through the air. I follow and hear everyone else come as well. The sun only seems to bother me, Fang, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel. Everyone else is unaffected. I get Ash, Misty, Pierce, Lux, Nox, Total, and Ace but not Max. They all have some DNA with animals that can change how much light goes into their eyes but not Ma…oh. I fly up next to her.

"What else are you?"

"2% bird, 2% panther, and 96% human…duh."

I smile and we get into two formations. Max leading one and Fang leading the other. I really do want to kill the guy. I refrain and listen as the kids whoop with joy. I turn to Lux who isn't saying anything but looking down at her hands. I turn to Max and see her face has the strangest expression on. I decide not to bother her until.

i'M a LiNe

I see movement out of the corner of my eye and I turn. Max is falling out of the sky.

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