Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I make no profit out of this. All characters belong to J.K Rowling. Italics were taken directly from Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

"Hermione we should go back, look for Harry. We can't do anything for Professor Snape, he's gone."

"Shut up Ron, he's breathing" exclaimed Hermione, Ron crouched down to the older man's level heard the shallow breathing.

"Get up Mione, we have to get him to the infirmary." Ron did not doubt it for one second; even though this man was probably the most wretched human being the ginger haired young man felt the need to help his professor. For once Hermione listened to Ron and they levitated the man to the infirmary.

Madam Pomfrey true to her medical oath and convictions helped the man who had been a patient far too often. For the mediwitch it became second nature to heal him. The two thirds of the Golden Trio left the infirmary; Ron was in shock he was trying to make himself busy and forget that there in the Great Hall laid Fred's cold body. His big brother was dead; he would never play pranks or make fun of "little Ronniekins" anymore.

The young couple was about to enter the Great Hall, "Mione, I can't please, don't make me go." Ron was pale and holding tight to Hermione's hand. She looked at him and caressed his face. "We won't go, we'll wait until you're ready." Hermione hugged him and heard him crying into her hair.

They sat together until they heard Voldemort's booming voice echo through out the castle.

"Harry Potter is dead. He was killed as he ran away, trying to save himself while you lay your lives for him. We bring you his body as proof that your hero is gone."

Ron ran like he never ran before, he could hear background noise, Voldemort kept talking but all Ron could process in his mind was "Harry is dead, this isn't happening."

The next thing he knew he was talking to Voldemort, "He beat you." They all attacked and it was chaos; Neville killed Nagini and Harry rose up from the dead. It didn't make sense but Ron knew there wasn't any time to think about anything but protecting Harry and his family. He saw how his mother killed Bellatrix; he didn't want to think about it but he got satisfaction out of seeing her mum killing the deatheater.

Suddenly his best mate and the darkest wizard of the century were battling each other; Harry was shouting something about Snape being innocent and in love with Lily Potter. To be truthful he wasn't paying much attention because deatheaters were either attacking or escaping.

Ron and the other saw how Voldemort and Harry aimed at each other; in minutes Voldemort was dead on the floor. He came forward and hugged Harry; Hermione and Ginny also came forward. At that moment Ron took charge and led his sister and best friends away from the crowd.

Ginny refused to follow them to Dumbledore's office, "Mum needs me right now."

The Golden Trio climbed the stairs to the Headmaster's office. Ron and Hermione listened attentively as Harry talked to the headmaster's portrait. Ron was amazed; Harry owned the Elder wand and was giving it away.

"Mate, are you sure?"

"Yes Ron, I have my wand and I don't want any more trouble, can you imagine? Sooner or later people would have recognized the wand and all kinds of wizards would duel me for it. No thanks mate."

"You're right, bloody hell I just remembered." Ron hit himself in the head.

"We left Snape in the infirmary. We have to get there and talk to Kingsley just in case the ministry wants to take him."

"You're brilliant." Hermione said while she looked at him, Ron blushed and kissed her.

"I don't know if I should go, he probably doesn't want to see me." Harry looked down to his feet.

"Don't be stupid Harry, of course he wants to see you. He has devoted his life to you." Hermione said in her best know-it-all voice.

Harry smiled, "Mione, he did it for my mum not for me."

"Mate, I think you ought to see him. If anything just to apologize or acknowledge all he did for you." Ron stated, Harry was surprised; his best mate Ron Weasley was being the voice of reason. Hermione seemed to like the change in the red head; she was smiling and seemed anxious to hug him or something.

"I have to do this alone, I just want to talk to him and apologize for everything." Harry stood up and let himself out of the office.

As he walked Harry Potter kept thinking about Snape's memories. He really misjudged the older man. Severus Snape had been his only ally during all this time. He was the only adult who looked after him; since he was eleven he had looked out for him.

When he entered the infirmary he saw Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall talking to each other.

"You can't let him die Poppy, do something. He's getting worse." Harry had never seen Professor McGonagall so desperate.

"Minerva, I have done everything I can, we need blood. The blood-replenishing potion is not working on him. His body has developed tolerance; we need someone with his blood type.

Harry did not hesitate; "I can help, do the tests; maybe we have the same blood type." The boy who lived twice said rapidly.

McGonagall cried and took Snape's hands on her own. Harry didn't understand shouldn't she be happy? Madam Pomfrey cleared his doubts.

"It doesn't work like that Mr. Potter. Severus is one of the most powerful wizards I know, his magical signature is one of the most complicated I have ever seen." Harry's face was still blank

"Harry, Severus needs blood from someone biologically related to him, the closest the better." McGonagall somberly said.

He didn't know how to explain it but he felt as if someone had stabbed him. Harry refused to accept Snape's fate. Harry was sure that they wouldn't have any type of relationship but he wanted Snape to have a second chance at living. "Madam Pomfrey I have a question? Aren't most of us related?, I reckon Sirius said so years ago."

"Harry, I really don't thinkā€¦" the mediwitch started.

"We will call the Weasleys, Malfoys, Andromeda and Neville. I know they will want to help. They have to, we owe the professor so much."

The mediwitch looked at Minerva for directions and the older woman nodded her head. The school nurse dealt with the few injured who still needed to be transferred to St. Mungos. The only patient left was Severus Snape, Kingsley made sure to view the memories the Potions Master left for Harry. As minister in charge he pardoned the ex-deatheater and kept the memories for a private trial with the Wizengamot.

Within thirty minutes the Weasleys and everyone else except Lucius Malfoy were assembled in the infirmary. The Weasleys and Andromeda were closer to Harry. Narcissa and Draco were sitting next to Severus.

"Oh Severus, what have we done?" she kept crying and holding onto one of his hands while Minerva held the other. Draco looked grave; "what's happened to him?"

Madam Pomfrey finally spoke, "Professor Snape needs our help. He's lost a lot of blood due to Nagini's attack. He's built a tolerance for blood-replenishing potions; we are running out of time and we need donors. Mr. Potter believes that since most of you are related there should be someone in this room who could help Severus."

"Harry, are you aware of what you are asking? This man is a deatheater. He killed Dumbledore; and almost killed George." Charlie shouted.

"He is innocent; I will not have you insult him or what he's done for us. Dumbledore staged his own death. The leader of the light manipulated Professor Snape for about twenty years. Severus Snape has been on our side since Professor Trelawney gave the prophecy." Harry said he was getting to his feet and stood alongside Draco who was right beside Snape's bed. The two young men were protecting their professor against any possible threat.

"I ask you to please help but I won't force you. I just thought you should know about Professor Snape. He deserves to live; he deserves to have a second chance.

"I volunteer, he's my godfather; we are bound to have some connection." Draco said. He was the first to roll up his sleeves. Madam Pomfrey set up her equipment and started the process of collecting samples.

All of the Weasleys donated but unfortunately none of their samples were matches. The Black sisters gave their samples. As it turned out Narcissa was a match but Andromeda was not.

"How is that possible? Cissy and I are sisters for God's sake."

"Mrs. Malfoy shares Severus signature because of the unbreakable vow. I am sure Mr. Malfoy will also be a match."

Narcissa's and Draco's blood was enough to keep him alive for another few hours but the fact was that Severus was slowly dying. He needed blood that perfectly matched his own type without any magical enhancement.

Madam Pomfrey drew blood from Harry's arm; she was sure this wouldn't make any difference but tried because of the desperation he saw in his eyes.

"Impossible, this is incredible. Mr. Potter is a perfect match but that would mean; no, it can't be." The mediwitch looked at both the Potions Master and the young man.

"Why are you looking at me like that? We are a match, please Madame Pomfrey get to work we are losing time.

"Yes, quite right you are." She started working and soon she was able to stabilize her patient.

After Snape was stable the room full of people kept staring at him. Harry was used to the stares but this was different; even Ron seemed to be surprised and was looking at him like he was seeing him for the first time

"What's the matter is something wrong?" Harry was annoyed now, these were supposed to be the closest people to him, well except for the Malfoys.

"It can't be, he looks nothing like my godfather. This is just a genetic anomaly." Draco was shaking his head and muttering to himself.

"Please professor, tell me why are you looking at me like that?"

"Harry dear, remember when we told you earlier that only related people would be able to donate blood to Severus?"

"Yes, so what we are related maybe we are cousins or something?"

"Don't be stupid Potter, yours was a perfect match. Perfect matches can only come from parents and their children. Do the bloody math, what McGonagall is insinuating is that my godfather and you are father and son." Draco said venomously.