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Smithy had told her to be ready for half past seven for there 'date'. She had on her tight black jeans and a smocky blue top, a huge high heeled pair of shoes to at least attempt to reach his height. She had a small amount of make up on, making her eyes look smokey and her cheeks rosey red and a tiny amount of gloss just touching her lips. She felt good, she looked good, but she wasnt prepaired for the sight as she pulled the door open, he was stood in a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt, making his musles buldge through, his hair was spiked and his eyes shone brightly as he gleamed down at her "You look really beautiful Stevie..." he grinned "Im a very lucky man". She smiled "Just remember Inspector Smith.. this is not a real date!" he laughed "I know, I know... come on lets get out of here". She laughed as she stepped out the door pulling it shut behind her and making her way down her stone steps. "You scrub up well". He smiled "D'you know DS Moss that almost sounded like a complimant... see you can be nice". He pulled the door open of the waiting taxi and she slipped in, slidding over so he could slide in next to her. "Where are we going anyway?". He grinned "Thats for me to know".

Arriving at a small pub just out of the city she smiled, "This is where you have brought me?" she asked a slight smile on her face "Whats wrong with it... we can go somewhere else?". She shook her head "No.. its great.. I just thought you were going to take me clubbing or something... you know go dancing so you could have a grope". He laughed as he pushed the door open and held it for her to walk inside "It was tempting.. very tempting.." he grinned eyeing her body up and down "But come on Stevie we are mates... I just wanted to spend an evening together..." she interupted "Well you could of done that without splashing out four hundred pounds..". He laughed as they made there way to the bar "But then you could of ended up on a date you would of actually liked". She smiled as he ordered a bottle of champaine and gestured to a small booth in a quite end of the busy pub. Inside was very old fashioned, low beams decorated the cellings, a huge log fire in the far corner. There was a juke box and a few fruit machines, but a far cry from any of the dives that they normally went too.

She took a sip of her drink and glanced round once again, "So why this place then?". He smiled "My Mum used to bring me and my brother out here when we kids... to get away from my Dad.." he paused turning to face her "This was the only place I can remeber being happy in my entire childhood". She smiled at him, he was always so closed off from the world and she couldnt be happier that he had given her a slight insight into his childhood. "Are your Mum and Dad still together?" she asked. He shook his head "No... they split up years ago... anyway.. you dont want to talk about that...". She interupted "I do Smithy... I know a few things about you... but nothing real..." he interupted "Im a closed book... something we have in common..". She smiled "Tell me something no one knows about you Smithy..." he laughed "I hate nosey women" she interupted "So does everyone" she paused staring at him "When I was younger me and my sister went out shopping.. and we nicked some sweets... nothing major I was about fourteen... she was twelve... the shop assistant caught us and I ran off and left her..." he interupted "Is that your deepest darkest secret Stevie..." she smiled "No.. but tit for tat Smithy". He nodded "Ok.. my Dad.. he was a real nasty piece of work" he paused taking a gulp from his drink "He used to beat my Mum... everyday.. and I used to go out and leave her to it.. thats part of the reason I put the uniform on everyday... to make up for not helping the one person I cared about when I was younger... as soon as I was old enough I went into the army... when I came out after my first tour.. my Dad had left and my brother wouldnt talk to my Mum... I still dont know what happened...". Stevie smiled "And it doesnt bother you... not seeing them?". He shook his head "I couldnt imagine how anyone could do that to someone they love... and I hate myself for leaving my Mum to deal with it..." she placed her hand gently to his, she could see tears in his eyes but he quickly recomposed hiself "The food will be here in a minute..." she smiled "We havent ordered..". he smirked slightly "I pre-ordered it... trust me.. you'll love it". She nodded, she knew he had good taste and she trusted his choice completly. "My Dad isnt the nicest of blokes either... he left my Mum for his secertary... I could never really forgive him". Smithy smiled "I didnt realise your parents wernt together...". She nodded "Oh they are.. she took him back when little Miss Gold digger realised he wasnt as well off as she thought and that he wouldnt be keeping her financaly secure for life". Smithy smiled slightly "You ever done it... been in love?". She grinned "Once... but.. he didnt really fit in with my job". Smithy laughed "So in other words he was on the wrong side of the law". She nodded "I was sent undercover to investigate him... and some times feelings.. you just cant help them". Smithy nodded slightly "I know that feeling...". She smiled his face had sadened "Louise?" she asked, thinking back to a past conversation they had had. "I loved her... she was the real deal... I would of done anything for her... but I ended up in hell.. I went to prison and my life fell apart..." he paused as the food was layed infront of them and he smiled "You cant beat a homemade roast eh?" he gestured to her food "Dig in".

After they had eaten she couldnt help but aggree the food had been amazing, he certainly did have great taste. She smiled at him "It was really lovely... you are really quiet Smithy?". He smiled at her "No... I am fine.. lets play pool.." he gestured to a small room in the far corner and she rose to her feet and followed him accross the pub, he paused at the bar and asked for another bottle of wine before making his way into the small room, he began to rack the balls before she had even entered the room "Tonight has been lovely Smithy... I want to thank you incase I forget at the end of the evening..". He nodded "You are more than welcome... you are great company Stevie..." he paused as she grabbed a pool cue "You remind me of Louise" she smiled at him slightly "Really... why?". He smiled staring at her "She was beautiful, funny, smart... and she had this clever wit... you are the same... you are beautiful.. probably one of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life... your funny and smart... and your witty...". She watched him as he grabbed a cue "D'you wanna break?". She nodded slightly "I think we need to have a little bet though?". He laughed "And what did you have in mind?". She shrugged her shoulders slightly "I dunno...". he interupted, he shot the ball before smiling at her "Whoever wins gets one piece of the others clothing to go home with as a reminder of the night out...". She laughed "D'you know for a minute there I thought I forgot I was only fourteen and thought I was a fully grown woman..." he smiled "Fully grown... really? you in or out Moss?". She nodded "In...I dont back down from a bet Inspector Smith".

They had played the game fairly quickly in a compfatable silence, both concentrating on winning the game, both down to the black ball she watched as he missed a very easy shot and she grinned at him "And there was me thinking you were good at this game..." she lent over the ball and missed her shot, sighing she glared at him "You put me off". He laughed "Watch someone who knows what they are doing... mind out". He lent accross the table and she could see the concentration on his face, she knew she had to prevent him from making this shot. Just as he pulled the cue back she lent into his ear "I have never seen you look so sexy" he sighed as he missed the shot "That DS Moss is cheating". She grinned as she lent accrss the table "No.. its called playing tactfully Inspector Smith". She took her shot but feeling his hand pinch her bum she turned to face him "That was cheating..." he lent towards her "No... its called playing tactfully". They both glanced back to the table and she shreicked as the black ball rolled into the corner pocket "I think that Smithy is called whipping your arse..". He nodded "At least I got to pinch yours" he gestured to his body "My jacket is expensive.. you want that". She laughed "No.. I want your underwear...". He shook his head "Jog on Stevie". She smiled as she pushed up onto the pool table "Backing out of a bet eh Smithy... and here I was thinking you were a man.. I guess you are just a chicken". He smirked "Fine... I will be back in a minute... chase up the bottle of wine..". She watched him make his way to the toilet and she headed back into the main room towards the bar.

It took her a moment to get the barmens attention but when he did come over she smiled "We ordered another bottle of wine..." he smiled "Champaine?". She nodded "Sorry... can I have it?". He grabbed a different bottle "Would this be ok... we got the other bottle in especially for Mr Smith... its very expensive.. we dont keep it in stock". She nodded "This is fine... erm.. how expensive?". The barman smiled "Bout two fifty a bottle". She nearly fell over as she stumbled back towards the small room in the corner of the pub. "Smithy..." she smiled to him as he set up another game of pool "Can I contribute towards tonight?". He shook his head "Nope..." before turning back towards her, holding out a pair of black and red underpants "These are my lucky pants... so if I never score again I will be blaming you..". She smiled as she took them from him "very sexy... why have you done all this?". He turned back to the pool "Done all what?". She grabbed his arm turning him back to her "How much has this cost you?". He sighed "Does it matter?". She nodded "Yeah it does Smithy...". He turned back to the pool table "Under a grand...". She gulped, she knew it was gunna be a lot but that seemed so much to spend on a friend "Smithy..." he smiled slightly "You wanna break again?". She took the cue from his hand and layed it onto the pool table "Why have you done this... spent all this money on me?". He stared at her "Because I think you are amazing Stevie... and I care about you... a lot.. I just wanted one night.. I dunno.. to show you how special you are... I'll break" he smiled turning back to the pool table. His words had took her completly by shook and she played the game in silence, what was he saying? did he love her? is that why he had done all this?

The rest of the evening had flown past and the two hadnt spoken much, the taxi pulled up outside her house and he climbed out he smiled to the taxi driver and handed over some money "Thanks.. I can walk from here". The two watched the taxi pull away and he nodded "Come on... I need to know you got home safely". She paused on the top step, pulling his underwear from her pocket "You want these back...". He shook his head "Na... you won 'em fair and square... and I dont think I'll ever get a happy ending". She lent up and placed a kiss to his cheek, he smiled as he pulled from her "Good night Stevie". He lent down and placed a kiss to her cheek "Its been a pleasure". She took her chance pushing into him as he pulled away and placing a kiss to his lips, gently at first, he pulled away slightly trying to read her face, and pushing back into his lips she let her passion take over as she moved her hands to grip the back of his neck. His tounge slowly pushed into her mouth as his hands gently rubbed the bottom of her back, the kiss had taken her breath away and as he pulled his lips from hers the grin emerged on her face but his eyes were cast to the floor "What.. I thought this was what you wanted Smithy?". He nodded "It is Stevie... I am crazy about you... there is no one else in the world I would pay four hundred quid to have a night out with... but.. I dont want to of paid you for... this" he gestured between them and she laughed "Smithy.. I am not kissing you cause you brought a date with me... what do you take me for?". He smiled "We have such a great time together Stevie.. and I..." she interupted "What you said earlier Smithy... you care about me... are you in love with me?". He glanced into her eyes, he nodded slightly "Yeah I am". She smiled "Come in..." she pushed her key into the lock and he grabbed her wrist "I cant come in with you Stevie..". She lent up and placed a kiss to his lips "Im not saying we jump into bed together Smithy but we can talk and at least give us a chance". He sighed "I hurt the people I care about Stevie... I cant hurt you". She stepped inside "Come in please.. and we can talk.. I am a big girl Smithy and I know what I want.." he followed her inside and she pushed the door closed, making her way into her flat, she gestured to her sofa "Sit down... I will stick the kettle on".

Resting down next to him she placed a coffee infront of him "The milk was off so you will have to have it black". He laughed "Your a domestic godess eh?". She smiled up at him "Smithy... are you going to give me a chance?". He took a sip of the coffee "I want to Stevie... I ment what I said I am in love with you.. but I couldnt not have you in my life.. you are my best friend..." she interupted "And we could be so much more". He smiled placing a slight kiss on her lips "Ok.. ok.. but we are gunna take things slowly.. real slowly...". She grinned "Well at least I know you're not gunna be pulling anyone else all the while I got these" she pulled his lucky underpants out once again, she grinned "I cant wait to see what you look like in them". He laughed placing a kiss to her lips "You Stevie Moss are amazing... and I will spend my life showing you".

The pair had fallen asleep on the sofa the night before and waking the next morning, she smiled as he cuddled into a pillow, he looked so child like and inoccent. She lent into his lips and placed a gentle kiss. She smiled in the kiss as he slowly began to kiss her back, as she pulled away he forced his eyes open "Morning..." he placed his hand to her cheek and she grinned at him "Morning... last night was so.." he silenced her by placing his lips back to hers "Stevie I want you to be my happy ending".

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