More Than That –Adopted- 1

Summary: After Aaron picks on Tyler, because of Reid, because Tyler is the youngest, Tyler gets fed up with being the Baby Boy. What will this do between the brothers? What happens when an old enemy comes back and makes it worse? Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN THE COVENANT OR THE CHARACTERS! R&R Adopted from Starstruk97 thanks so much!

Fallenqueen2: I am currently in a Covenant kick and I loved this fic and I'm really glad that Starstruck97 I letting me take over! :) So enjoy the adopted 'More than that'. This chapter is only slightly edited from Starstruck97's version.

Chapter one

"We win!" Reid yelled after sinking the last ball on the pool table, "Pay up Aaron."

"You cheated! There is no way you could have sunk that!" Aaron said beginning to walk around the table to confront Reid like he normally did after Reid beat him.

Tyler moved to stand beside his older brother, when he noticed Aaron walking over. "Dude, did you have to make that shot so obvious?" Tyler whispered, "Now he's pissed!"

Reid just ignored his little brother like he normally does in these situations, giving a death stare towards Aaron and his goons. "Come over to pay, aye?" Reid teased. Tyler sighed knowing that his words yet again didn't get through to the blonde.

Aaron walked right up to the boys, standing within an inch of them, "I'll pay up when you tell me how you sunk that last shot."

"Well," Reid said with a smirk on his face, "All I did was hit the ball with the cue, while aiming it at the hole. Not that hard."

Aaron grabbed Reid by his shirt, "How about we take this outside?"

Both boys knowing that was a hysterical question, marched out to the back of Nicki's.

Pogue and Caleb sat at a table with a beer in hand, chatting about the Covenant and anything else that came to mind.

"What do you think about Reid and Tyler scamming Aaron every night?" Caleb asked, "It's sure to either backfire or expose us sometime."

"I think Reid's a dumbass!" Pogue said. "Tyler is only going along with it because Reid said so, those two are nearly inseparable."

Caleb looked over to the pool table expecting to see his two younger brothers haggling Aaron, but didn't see them, instead seeing a boy and girl making out. "Where are they anything?" he asked worried for their safety.

Pogue face also flushed with worry, "You don't think they got into a fight do you?"

"I sure hope not! But with Reid it's a good possibility, let's search inside first." Caleb groaned having a bad feeling before getting up with his brother and setting off to find the 2 youngest members of the Covenant.

"Shut up!" Tyler suddenly said, stopping the other boys' yelling. They all turned and looked at him. Tyler suddenly felt really small. "Just pay up Aaron. Then we will leave, there's no need for a fight tonight."

This seemed to tick Aaron off more than the yelling. Aaron walked over to Tyler, backing him up against a wall, grabbing a fist full of his shirt.

"I'm not fucking paying faggot! Not until you tell me how Reid did that shot! Not even professionals could sink that! It was like he used magic!"

"H-how would I know?" Tyler cursed himself for stuttering. He tried to jerk himself out of Aarons grip, but to no prevail.

"Get your hands off him!" Reid interrupted, heading over to his brother and Aaron before being stopped by his goons.

"Y-you know what? We don't want your money anyways; it was only a friendly match. No need for a fight. J-just let us go." Tyler tried to reason with Aaron.

Aaron laughed, "Aw cute! Baby Boy just wants to be let go!" Aaron then suddenly brought a knee up into Tyler's stomach.

Tyler gasped as the air rushed out of him as he buckled forward from the force.

"BASTARD!" Reid screamed trying to break free from the goons but failing.

"Don't… call me… that!" Tyler said between breaths.

Aaron yanked him up straight, pulling his fist back and punching Tyler in the eye. Tyler grunted, but when the second fist came flying into his nose, he betrayed himself and let out yelp, before falling to the ground landing on his knees.

"Call you what?" Aaron yelled, "Baby Boy? Aw but it sounds so cute!" Aaron laughed before kicking Tyler in the ribs making him fall onto his side.

"STOP IT!" Reid yelled, getting Aaron to look at him while Tyler was trying to recover, "I made the shot! Tyler didn't play, don't bring him into this!"

Aaron smirked, "But he's your little brother, your Baby Boy, it just makes this all the more fun!"

"Yeah well we're his big brothers! And we want a little piece of this fun!" Pogue said as he and Caleb ran over to the boys.

"Want to help little Baby Boy here?" Aaron laughed, "Try me!"

Pogue ran out and punched Aaron in the face, everyone knew Pogue could beat Aaron anytime he wanted with a single punch, but this time he had hurt his youngest brother and things were personal. After a couple punches and kicks, Aaron was down for the count.

Pogue turned to were his second youngest brother Reid was being held, "If I were you I'd leave." He said to the boys. Each boy nodded and ran.

Pogue, Caleb and Reid ran to where Tyler was starting to get up.

"You ok Ty?" Caleb asked helping his youngest brother up.

Tyler shook the hands off him, not wanting help, "I'm fine!"

Caleb was a little taken back, "Tyler, your nose and eye!" Caleb said pointing out the bloodied nose and dark bruise forming around his left eye. He lifted his hand to touch Tyler's face.

"I said I was fine!" Tyler yelled wincing back whilst swatting the hands away from him, "It's not like any of you haven't ever had a black eye or bloody nose!" Tyler tried to walk off but was stopped by Pogue's hand in his chest.

"Let. Me. Go." Tyler hissed.

"What is wrong with you, we are just trying to help!" Pogue said annoying.

"I don't want your help and I don't need it!" Tyler pushed through Pogue, walking to his Hummer and driving home leaving his 3 older brothers in the wake of the dirt the tires spewed up.