More Than That –Adopted- 11

Summary: After Aaron picks on Tyler, because of Reid, because Tyler is the youngest, Tyler gets fed up with being the Baby Boy. What will this do between the brothers? What happens when an old enemy comes back and makes it worse? Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN THE COVENANT OR THE CHARACTERS! R&R Adopted from Starstruk97 thanks so much!

Fallenqueen2: Thanks to everyone who reviewed but you must understand I do have a life and college projects, my 3 week break is coming up soon and I plan on updating a lot in that time frame. So enjoy chapter 11, its short but it's dramatic.

Chapter 11

Caleb, Reid and Pogue were currently in class while Tyler was safely asleep in his and Reid's dorm room, but they couldn't help but feel like something was wrong with the youngest Son. Ever since he woke up that morning he had been dreadfully pale and shaky. He had never taken his eyes off his older brothers when he thought they were not looking. When they tried to make eye contact the blue-eyed boy quickly averted his gaze looking green around the edges.

'I wonder what has Baby Boy so shaken.' Reid mental mused to his 2 older brothers.

'I wish I knew Reid, I didn't sense anything during the night.' Caleb responded chewing on the tip of his pen as the teacher droned on about Shakespeare.

'Maybe just a bad dream, he has been through a lot.' Pogue offered up. That seemed like the most logical reason so the 3 teens closed their connection and focused on taking notes so they could teach this lesson to Tyler later on.

Tyler meanwhile had woken up from an even gorier nightmare, this time finding blood on his nails and the imprints from his own nail tips on his upper arms. He cleaned and bandaged them in a daze before dressing in a pair of blue jeans a t-shirt and a baggy sweater. He was currently sitting on the edge of his bed in the dark, hands clasped loosely in front his himself, elbows resting on his knee caps as his whole body shook like he was cold. The dreams were getting worse as was the bite; it was starting to spread outwards as it throbbed under the slight pressure from the fabric covering it. Tyler had to watch his brothers die over and over again by Chase's hand. The latest one where they had died… They had died by his hands; even though he had washed his own blood away he could see the stains of his older brother's blood on his palms. He let out a chuckle in the silence, he was going crazy like Lady Macbeth and before you know it he was going to chop his hand off and die. Now if Tyler had been in the correct mind he would have seen this was all Chase's work but his mind was too focused in on the fact that he had killed his brothers and their blood was staining his hands. Murder. Kept running through his mind, never stopping.

His mind gave him a solution and his body moved without him commanding it to. He needed to leave. He was going to run away in effect. He started packing a backpack; if he wasn't around his brothers then he couldn't kill them. It made perfect sense to the diluted teen. He wrote a small note, sticking it to his pillow before he zipped up his jacket and slung the bag over his shoulder, placing his precious hummer keys on the nightstand between his and Reid's bed. He couldn't risk taking his hummer; they could find it too easily.

He took one last look around the room; eye catching himself in the bathroom mirror and flinched back violently as blood dripped down from the frame. He grabbed a paperweight off his desk and hurled it at the mirror, shattering it into a million little pieces. He spun around and ran out of the dorm room before the blood could spell Murderer in the broken glass. He took the rarely used back stair well and came out by where he knew Pogue parked his motorcycle.

He stared at the yellow bike and a pain went through his chest, he needed something fast and easy to hide. He hoped Pogue forgave him… His eyes flashed black and the yellow paint turned black so it would blend easier, he straddled it and then remembered that he didn't have the key. He took a breath and let his eyes bleed black and the engine revered quietly. He gripped the handles and kicked off from the ground and started to drive away. He drove out of the town's borders and further. He loved the feeling of feeling free and the throbbing toned down a bit from the bite mark. He was doing the right thing he knew he was. Then why did he have a bad feeling welling up in his gut?

The remaining 3 Sons had finally finished their classes for the day so they took their combined notes and went up to see their youngest brother. Reid felt a tugging in the back of his head but brushed it off, he was sure the feeling of someone using was nothing to worry about. He flung open the door and flourished his notes for Ty to see, but it was a useless gesture since the room was empty, Ty's bed made and a small piece of paper sitting on his pillow.

"Ty?" Reid asked confused as he ventured inside with Caleb and Pogue flanking his sides. Caleb went to the open closet and peered in.

"Some of his clothes are gone." He reported and everyone looked over to where Pogue was holding something in his palm.

"His keys to the hummer… He loves that car why would he leave these behind?" Pogue showed them to the other two. Reid flew to the note while Caleb inspected the broken glass in the bathroom, the paperweight innocently lying there in the mess.

"God… Ty…" Reid moaned as he sunk to Tyler's bed, note gripped tightly in his hands.

"What does it say Reid?" Pogue inquired quietly.

"Reid, Caleb, Pogue. I'm sorry. I can't stay here anymore. The dreams keep coming. They will never stop. The bite throbs and spreads more each day I stay. I can't bear to have all your blood on my hands anymore than I already have. Don't look for me because soon I won't be a burden to anyone. Pogue forgive me? It was the only way to get out of town fast. You guys are my best friends and my brothers. None of this should have happened. I should have been stronger. Being the youngest also means I am the weakest and I can't stand it anymore. Tell my father I'm sorry and soon I'll see mom. Love you guys. Tyler." Reid finished reading, silent tears dropping down his face.

"He's gone…" Caleb said in shock as he dropped down beside Reid and Pogue took a spot on the other side of the blonde who was now shaking.

"Dreams, the bite… How did we not see it?" Pogue belated himself.

"See mom soon… Guys I think he's going to kill himself! We need to go after him!" Reid realized shooting to his feet.

"He said he forgive me… He took my bike!" Pogue stated.

"It makes sense, it's faster and smaller than his hummer. We need to contact our families and make a search party. We have to find him before Chase does… Or worse." Caleb stated in his leader voice, everyone shuddered knowing what the or worse meant. Still clutching the note Reid ran out of the room towards where Caleb parked his mustang with his brothers beside him. They were going to bring Tyler home, no matter what it took.