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Chapter Two: Welcoming New Faces


you'll always be my friend.

Always and Forever

Together Forever

just us two.



Who's Garry?

There is no one named Garry.

There is only The Sleeping Man, who dreamed so vigorously

for a day he'd leave

his Well-Meaning Hell.

I Worry the Hanged-Man will fall

and hit his head

and remember no Promise of a Reunion.

" Where could our new friend have gone, Garry? " Asked genuinely curious Mary, who's eyes, so deep and vast, shone when she glanced to meet eyes with her dear brother Garry. He stared into her eyes, like there was nothing to be envious about; and shrugged so meaninglessly, hoping to get the child off his back this way. She did do just as he thought, seeing Mary turn away and skip on ahead, looking through every crook and cranny for their "new friend". " Oh Friend, wherever could you be? " She sang out loud.

Garry especially kept a sharp eye out for the human who was so careless enough to follow his instructions in entering the Fabricated World. He had to keep an eye out for the human who was willingly going to give up his life, worthy of two paintings, for Mary and himself.

The man wanted to laugh at such a decision made by such a selfish human, but kept to himself, for the sake of Mary.

Humans think nothing of life the way he does. A beautiful thing life is with it's cruelties and imperfections. Though life and the world they live in is such, humans always had the choice to make it better for themselves. Humans are given choices all their life, unlike in the Fabricated World where everything is perfect and plastic. Nothing is real, so they'll last an eternity. And when they're worn out and old, a new painting will come along by the hands of either Mary or Garry.

In the Fabricated World, time has stopped for both humanoid paintings. Mary will always be a nine-year old girl, with a curious, and vivid imagination, whilst Garry will remain a twenty-eight year old man with a mind filled with hopes and dreams, and gruesome scenes for unworthy humans.

He wanted to scoff, but didn't, for the sake of Mary.

Watching her lift up a watered vase that held no bouquet, he watched her eye the dust on the table so carefully, and silently blew it away.

With a giggle she turned to look at him, " our friend isn't here either. "

" Maybe he's in the Art Gallery, " suggested the older one. Mary stopped to ponder such a suggestion and nodded within seconds, pulling on Garry's hand, claiming him to be taking "too long" and that "their friend will get scared, being alone for so long".

She dragged him along and without fail, they were in the Art Gallery, where all the paintings and sculptures there began to speak at once, feeling Garry and Mary's presence in the room.

" Our friends! Our friends! Mary, Garry! We have new arrivals! " They all said in unison, to which Mary began to clap her hands. She was so very happy to hear that their friend had made in alright, and weren't too badly frightened with such an excited crowd. " They're down below with Abyss of the Deep! "

" 'They're'? Garry! You made two new friends? That's even better than one! "

Garry blinked to the news of two humans entering the Fabricated World and was sent off contemplating the signs of such a thing.

Did that mean Garry and Mary were for sure allowed to leave?

Rather than Mary being the one to bounce about, searching, it was Garry, this time, who dragged Mary into the room where Abyss of the Deep slept.

The angler-fish was boasting about the friends who so bravely entered his waters without hesitation and was grinning widely, seeing Mary and Garry, interested in his story.

" They were wonderful-looking paintings, Mary! " Went the angler. " Much like you and Garry, the two children had such human-like qualities and aspects to them. Mary, did you paint them? "

" No, actually! It was all Garry! "

" Garry, you've gotten better. All I've ever heard you've ever drawn by Mary, were dolls. I'm so glad to see the change in pace. "

Garry twitched, " that's right. "

" How old are they, Abyss of the Deep? " Mary asked with bright eyes.

" They both looked around your age, Mary. "

And there went Mary, diving in through excitement, too eager and anxious to meet the new ones already.

Because now, rather than two paintings that walk about, hand-in-hand, there will be four, all of them, with linked arms. Together forever.

When the angler-fish made sure that Mary had already entered the next room, it turned to Garry with eyes that could shatter hearts.

" So human-like, Garry, " was all it said, before Garry shrugged it off and dove in himself. He wasn't going to tolerate a fish judging his righteous decisions.

As Garry stumbled into the room where the hallways were all decorated in green wallpaper and flooring, the sight of Mary trying to talk to two frightened children caught his eye. He approached the little bunch of children and wasn't surprised anymore of the fact that two children entered their world without hesitation. They were children after all, and just as the angler-fish said, they looked about Mary's age, if a few years older.

They were young to say the least.

Despite being siblings as they appeared to be, there was no protective stance between them both for another, obviously executing well their bumpy, typical "brother-sister rivalry" relationship. Garry's read about these sort of siblings and found them rather odd, if anything.

Mary was his sister, younger sister at that, and never once did the thought of hating her, ever come to mind. He's always remembered her birthday and gave her a pat on the back when she did a good-job. She'd hug him and hold his hand, and never once did he ever swat her away in sheer disgust. He's thinking of her, even now, to bring her along to the human world with him.

Such siblings as these one, present, wouldn't dare think twice about leaving one another if they could.

It was strange, and Garry didn't understand these sort of humans. He's read about these one and he's aware that there is hate in the world; but it was all still so hard to digest - coming from a Fabricated World, where everything is perfect and no one hates. Nothing in this world is corrupted like the world outside.

Yet Garry wanted to go out and see it for himself.

The corruptions and imperfections of the outside world was what made it beautiful. Those flaws were what made it possible to expect a new tomorrow. Nothing was ever the same, and in that world, out there, it was required of one to treasure the past, live for the present and look forward to the future. Unlike here, where everyday is the same.

It was just so boring.

" There's no need to be afraid. I'm Mary! What's your name? " She was asking the older-looking female, who only stared at the blonde, then turned her head with a huff. Mary was confused to such a reaction, but payed no heed, and turned to the younger boy. He only stared at her, confused as can be. " What's your name? " She asked again.

" I'm John, " he choked and took her hand into his. " It's nice to meet you Mary. "

" It's nice to meet you too! " She beamed and gestured off to Garry, " this is my big brother. "

Garry and John shook hands with such an awkward tension floating about the room.

" Garry. "

" John. This is my big sister, " he nodded to the girl who reluctantly shook Garry's hand.

" Sally, " she murmured and took Mary's hand after Garry to give her a faint smile, in proof that she wasn't trying to give Mary the impression she was mean or anything. She was just a little frightened and confused as John was, and Mary looked to have understood, giving Sally a reassuring grin." I'm kind of glad we found others. I thought we were the only ones here. "

" But the paintings.. ? " Mary questioned with a tilt of her head. " They're here aren't they? "

" Yeah and they're alive! " Exclaimed Sally. " This place is so weird, I just can't wrap my finger around it. Where are we? Do you know, Mary? Garry? "

And this time it was Garry who spoke, with a face that held his glee in place, " Fabricated World. "

" You mean like the painting? "

" That's right. Welcome to The Fabricated World, Sally and John. "

The siblings looked at each other, not getting the "joke" of the matter.

Mary piped in before more could be said, holding each one of the siblings' hand, " we're going to have so much fun! Do you guys like drawing? Let's draw some pictures! " And there she was, pulling them away through a secret entrance that only the paintings knew about.

Garry was left behind as he enjoyed the solitude at times, and took a gander at the changes the humans might have done, due to their visiting. Garry wandered through the hallway to find the familiar door that was always blocked off with a watered vase. Though normally there was nothing in the vase, but maybe some of Mary's paper roses, this time, there were two roses, entwined and thornless.

Purple and pink.

The man approached the flowers and picked them up with his index and thumb, twirling them about, without a care.

When the time was right, finding his way back to Mary's room, he remembered in a book that he read that the roses are known to be 'spiritual' things, which could suggest that it is connected to one's soul. That maybe the children were as delicate as the flower petals and could be easily destroyed if not looked after properly.

Watching John jokingly draw stick-men and Sally scribbling in flowery designs; seeing Mary laugh and noticing how much she's changed in the last couple of minutes. The color in her face and her dress have grown to be more lively with vibrant colors. The way she looked at things, and the way the world looked was so much lighter in tension, all according to how Mary was feeling. Her happiness devoured the gloom that Garry created, to suit the world he loathed so much.

Looking back the roses, he teasingly tried plucking off one of the pink petals, and wasn't surprised to see Sally, being the one, jerking about. He simply let the petal go and if anyone was paying attention, they'd see a cruel smile plaster over his face.

How easily it would be to control the human children now, with these simple, yet so very frail flowers.

Garry hid the flowers in his back pocket, where he was sure it wouldn't be crushed when he sat, and especially unseen by anyone around him.

He sat down to join the group and so "enthusiastically" began to draw his ugly dolls once more.

" Again Garry? "

" They're my friends. "

" But we have new friends, you don't need so many dolls now. "

" I want more though. A big, warm, happy family, " he was smiling ever-so. Too bad none of the children found anything wrong with it.

But there was so much more that meets the eye.

' Forgive me Mary, but our new friends won't be staying very long. Dear Sally and John will be our tickets into a real life. Everything will be fine; they'll take our place, as they already seem to be enjoying themselves after all, and all with end with 'happily ever after'. Everything will be fine, Mary, just trust me. '

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