This is an AU Paily story, set in a supernatural universe (think more Charlaine Harris than Stephenie Meyer, please). I've left a lot of things ambiguous for the purpose of either making a prequel or a sequel, although for now this story stands alone. So far it's looking to be 2 chapters, with the second chapter having an M Rating. You and I are well aware that I own neither Paige nor Emily (sigh). Please enjoy and review!

Dance in the Dark

The night was dark, the air cool and crisp. Tall and slender—but with a subtle, athletic build— Emily made no sound as she walked through the forest, silently touching each tree as she passed. It was a habit she had formed from a long time ago. Thinking on it now, she couldn't remember why she had started doing it. Nor could she remember a time when she didn't do it. It was a habit that was one of the last remnants of her past life. One of a few, she thought.

Her steps were sure, even as she walked a path more familiar to her than any other. Though her footsteps were light, she traveled quickly feeling the rush of excitement in not only being on this path but in anticipation of what was to come. Had this been a different time her heart rate would have quickened, causing her skin to flush. Her breathing would have betrayed the calm, collected façade that over the years had become her default countenance—each step meant she was closer to her destination and she had started moving at an increasingly fast pace. So fast in fact, she was hardly making contact with the ground anymore. Any other time she would have been cautious, but she knew no one was watching her now. There were some things she would never have to worry about again.

Emily stepped out from under the shelter of the thick expanse of trees, basking in the unobstructed moonlight. It was a waning moon and Emily knew that it was not nearly as bright and potent as it had been the night before. She took a moment, feeling the power streaming down upon her not completely affected by it like some would be. However, it didn't mean she was unaffected. The moon affected every being that belonged to the supernatural world.

She walked to the edge of a lake that at any other time looked like a bottomless tar pit, black and unmoving. Tonight, just enough moonlight hit the obsidian surface making it seem like the moon was emerging from the earth itself. Emily's amber eyes, glowing with the waning moonlight, skimmed the surface, noting the lack of ripples. For a brief second her dark thin eyebrows quirked together but just as quickly her face became impassive, as she quickly shed her clothes and dove into the lake. No sooner was she fully emerged when she was grabbed, not at all roughly, and pulled to the surface. As her and her captor reemerged from the water, Emily turned quickly wrapping her arms around the other's neck.

"So how long were you holding your breath this time?" Emily asked as she tightened her grip. The other let out a small chuckle, smirking at the beautiful dark haired girl she held in her arms. Running her hands down Emily's backside, she grasped her butt and pulled her up so that Emily could wrap her long legs around the other's torso. Emily gasped, her legs tightening around the impossibly warm body that was holding her. She gripped the reddish-brown hair of the other, burying her face in the girl's neck. They stayed like that for a bit, enjoying the feel of each other, as the other treaded water leisurely. Finally, the other spoke.

"It wasn't for too long, this time," Paige said in her husky voice, "just a minute or so." She held Emily's waist, pulling the girl tightly against her. She growled softly, her body thrumming from the full body contact of her mate that she both wanted and needed. Emily sighed against Paige's neck, content with being in the other girl's arms. The only time they were ever apart was during a full moon and it was Paige who insisted it stay that way. It didn't matter if Emily was a vampire; she didn't want to hurt her mate in any way, if she could help it. For her part, Emily just rolled her eyes—not only because she thought Paige was being silly and adorable—but they both knew Emily could handle herself, come anything that might happen. Besides, Emily would say, it wouldn't be my first rumble with a wolf. This would usually cause Paige to blush and Emily to giggle at her. If there was one word to describe her Paige it would be protective.

"One of these days you're gonna be able to hold your breath longer than me," Emily murmured against Paige's skin. Paige laughed, shaking her head.

"I highly doubt that," Paige replied, bringing one hand up to tap a finger against her chin, mock thinking, "for some reason." Emily squeezed her knees together, effectively knocking the wind out of her (smart-ass) girlfriend.

"Oh right, there it is," Paige inhaled sharply, smiling at her un-amused mate. Emily stuck her tongue out at her wolf, causing the other to chuckle. Having been in this position before (both literally and figuratively), Paige knew just what to do to diffuse their current situation. Moving quickly, she captured her mate's tongue in between her teeth sucking on it lightly. Emily responded enthusiastically, kissing the other girl, quickly forgetting her "annoyance" with her wolf.

"Now, I had to wait longer than a minute for that," Paige whispered against her mate's lips as they parted. She smiled up at Emily then quickly ducked her head in embarrassment. It was the bashful moments Emily adored the most about her wolf, because she was the only one who ever saw that side of Paige. The dark haired girl lightly grasped the other's chin, tilting her face up to look at her. Paige blushed when she saw Emily gazing adoringly at her, causing Emily to lick her lips and her eyes to dilate. Things were starting to progress faster than planned, so Paige dragged Emily into the water with her, quickly darting out from under her to swim to the other side.

Being in the water was just as much a part of Paige as being a wolf, or being with Emily. Emily had always joked that Paige should've been a shark for as much as she loved being in the water. Yeah, but whoever heard of mahogany colored shark? Paige would answer sarcastically. The only person who matched her love for the water was Emily and it was at this lake that they had first met. For Paige, their meeting had been such a long time ago and yet she remembered everything from that day as clear as if it happened this morning. Without her knowing it, Emily had become all the things Paige never knew she needed or wanted. And as different as things were back then, both girls knew that the understanding they had of each other now would never have come to be without everything in between.

Paige, by this time, had reached the other side of the lake and had begun swimming circles in a lazy backstroke. Swimming and treading water had become completely effortless to her, what with her natural talents and the added bonus of being a Supe. She never felt so comfortable than when she was in the water; especially when she was holding Emily in the water. In their lake. As she turned in the water to start another lap, Paige suddenly found herself submerged, upside down as she was dunked unceremoniously by her mate. Sputtering, she emerged from the water, looking around for the mischievous vampire. Paige prided herself on being as fast as her mate, but Emily was always surprising her. Before she could dive back into the water, she was caught from behind. Two strong, cool arms locked around her torso, pulling her firmly against two equally cool, firm breasts. Paige bit her bottom lip, grabbing onto her mate and craning her head to the right to expose her neck.

"You cooled off yet?" Emily asked her wolf, as she placed kisses along her exposed neck. She felt the other girl shiver, trembling from the stimulation of not only the vampire but the residual power of the waning moon. Emily was no fool. She knew why Paige had darted away from her so quickly. Out of the two, Paige was the one who constantly tried the other's patience especially on these nights. Just wanna see how long you can hold out, Paige would say when Emily asked. But Emily had waited long enough and she knew the wolf needed her as much as Emily needed her wolf. She grazed her fangs lightly across her wolf's skin, causing Paige to inhale sharply and tighten her grip.

"You know it wasn't me that needed to cool off," Paige said in a husky, thick voice. Emily purred against her, licking the small perfect-circle-scars that marred the wolf's skin. The scars were practically invisible to the human eye and yet when the two were in the company of others like themselves, the scars always seemed to be the first thing they noticed.

"Em…" Paige whispered, closing her eyes. Emily's eyes flashed, her amber eyes glowing with a blood lust only her wolf could satiate.

"I love you," the vampire whispered in response, before sinking her teeth into the wolf's soft, warm skin.