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Dance in the Dark

Chapter 2

When they were together like this, Emily fought hard to control herself.

She saw flashes, glimpses of memories that her wolf was giving her through their connection. It was the usual running-around-under-the-full-moon stuff as usual. Paige's heart was pounding—a pounding that resounded in Emily's ears, a pounding that she could feel from the tip of her tongue to the base of her stomach. She could almost swear that it was her own (nonexistent) heart that was pounding—and it was slightly true; Paige's heart was beating for—sustaining—them both. As if the blood and the loud beating of her heart were not enough, Paige's consistent muttering of "Em…Em…Emily…." served to completely drive Emily crazy.

It was all getting to be too much. Paige was overwhelming her. In an effort to give herself completely over to Emily, Paige had wrapped her legs around her mate's back pushing her wet hot center against her mate's stomach. Emily nearly choked when she felt the extreme heat pressed against her cold skin. Emily had one hand wrapped in her wolf's mahogany locks and the other gripping her hip—using her hand as leverage, Paige slid herself up and down Emily's abdomen, moving against her mate as she fed. This proved to be the final straw. In a move that surprised even Paige, Emily launched them both out of the water and onto the grassy bank. She pinned her wolf to the ground, licking at the fresh wounds on her neck to help them heal. She didn't take much, but they both knew she wasn't finished.

"Had enough?" Paige asked, watching as Emily licked her lips clean. The vampire's cheeks had acquired a rosy tinge, her lips fuller and slightly bruised.

"Never," Emily replied as she looked down at her wolf. The effects of the moon on the girls and their kind resulted in habits that weren't easily changed. Paige couldn't stop herself from changing under the full moon and the effects of the change lingered and wreaked havoc on other aspects of her biology. For Emily, the pull she felt to her mate and the need to taste her fell along the same patterns. It was lucky they had met their match in each other. But this wasn't the time for thinking and before Emily could do anything, she found herself underneath her wolf.

The wolf's eyes were glowing and her body was vibrating—the added stimulation of her mate was putting her hormones into overdrive and she could feel her instincts starting to take over. Starting from her hips, Paige nuzzled and nipped at her mate's skin all the way up to her neck. In her own way, Paige was trying to calm herself down. She hated not feeling in control over her own body. But Emily was gripping her tightly…she felt so good, smelled so delicious…Paige was biting her now, nipping at her neck and Emily was moaning in approval…mine, mine…all mine…suddenly Paige found herself once again pinned underneath the vampire. She couldn't be bothered by this however, as she pulled Emily down on top of her, crashing their lips together. On their other nights together, the girls loved to see who could dominate the other. They would spend their whole nights trying to outdo the other, teasing and pleasing each other until they were fully satisfied.

Both were beyond teasing at this point.

Emily was finally glad to have all of Paige. She knew the girl was afraid of not being in control, but Emily knew that her mate could do it. It only ever took a slight bit of coaxing on nights like these, but she never worried for she trusted Paige with her life. She kissed her wolf fiercely, all lips and teeth, pressing her thigh into her mate's core where she knew she was needed the most. Paige snarled, gripping Emily's hips to move more firmly against her and lifting her own thigh to allow her mate the same relief. As they moved against each other, Paige's body heat increased tremendously but was tempered, always, by the vampire's consistently cold temperature. Emily increased their tempo, sliding her core more firmly against her mate's well-muscled thighs. The dark haired girl leaned down to kiss her mate before moving to her neck. Knowing she couldn't stand to wait any longer, she bit her mate puncturing the freshly healed wounds to drink from her once again. At the same time she pushed two fingers inside of Paige, thrusting deeply into her as she sucked on the girl's neck from above. Paige let out a cry, the intimacy of their connection—both above and below—overwhelming her. It didn't take long for her to come, her walls tightening against the cool, slender fingers that were stroking her delicately from the inside. As for Emily, she was lost in the taste of her Paige, her everything. She could taste Paige in her mouth; feel her around her fingers and in between her thighs. As their lengths pressed together, she was completely over stimulated by her wolf and she gripped the shuddering body of her mate as she came, too.

Sated, in more ways than one, Emily gave one last loving lick to the punctures she made, coating them with her saliva so they would heal faster. Not that it mattered, since Paige healed fast already. She cleaned the last traces of blood, licking her lips clean and placed a gentle kiss on her wolf's neck. Her girl let out a small whimper when Emily wiggled the fingers that were still nestled inside of her. Paige's walls contracted against her mate's fingers but before anything could start up again, Emily withdrew her hand, slowly, and brought her fingers to her mouth. Paige blushed, turning her head. When Emily was finished, she laid down on top of Paige, resting her head in the crook of her neck. Having had her fill of blood, and because of their other activities, Emily's body was at its warmest though she would never be as warm as Paige. Paige held onto Emily, one hand stroking her long black hair, the other moving across her skin. Emily purred under her ministrations, stretching languidly against her mate and nuzzling further into her. They lay like this for a while, lazily enjoying each other. Emily propped herself up on her elbow, her other hand tracing the punctures she had made.

"How is it that I can leave a mark on you, but you can't leave one on me?" she asked. It was something she had thought about before, especially considering how adept the wolf was with healing more major wounds. Paige's eyebrows quirked together as she thought about it. She propped herself up, mirroring Emily.

"That's a good question. Have you run that by Hastings?" Paige responded as she traced patterns on the vampire's skin. "I know she's always got a theory for everything."

Emily rolled her eyes. Spencer Hastings, one of her best friends, always had a theory about something. The first time Emily mentioned Paige to her friends, Spencer was the first to voice her distrust of the wolf. Of course Spencer rarely called Paige by her name. It was usually "that dog", "mutt" or on rare occasions, "'cullers".

"Well you know Spencer. I remember when I told my friends about the first time you bit me. Spencer laughed and asked why I didn't just let you pee on me, if you wanted to mark your territory." Emily glanced at Paige as she said this, watching for her reaction. Paige just grunted, shaking her head. Paige would never forget the first time she bit Emily. She was horrified, not understanding the instinctual drive behind it. Leave it to Hastings to never let that go, she thought bitterly.

"Hey." Paige looked up, not realizing she had ducked her head again. She met the warm, level gaze of her mate who was smiling softly at her.

"Don't look away, remember? You didn't hurt me then and you couldn't have anyway. I know it was new for you, dealing with being a Supe. Don't let her get to you," Emily said, as she pushed a lock of Paige's mahogany hair behind her ear. Paige nodded, pulling the other girl on top of her. She growled playfully at her mate, as Emily nipped at her ear lobe. Wrapping her arms around the slender body of her vampire, Paige rolled them over again so that she rested on top. Using her arm to pillow the girl's head beneath her, Paige kissed Emily gently.

"So what do we do now?" Paige asked. Emily wrapped one arm around her wolf's neck, pulling her closer. They had plenty of time 'til sunrise and Emily wasn't ready to leave just yet.

"Guess," Emily whispered, as her other hand traveled down the length of her mate's body.