Author's Note : The Following story is not a product of mine as they are a property of the Walt Disney Corperation and Marvel Entertainment Inc.

I wrote this story in response to Avengers vs X-men, as it is being told in the point of view of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. It is set in the aftermath of the fight, where Scott Summers had one last card to play against the Avengers, even if they won the fight. I was also partly inspired by the ending of the O.M.A.C Project of the former Pre-New 52 DCU.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this little tale of mine and I can't wait to hear from you.

Guilt…it's a power that is truly hard to control… no matter how much you try.

They won, the Avengers were able to repel the Phoenix force, save the world and even restore the Mutant genes in the process, but at what cost?

All across the world a video was playing and on that video was Scott Summers, former leader of the X-men and former Dark Phoenix, he was addressing the world as he explains his actions to them all. Knowing fully well that he not only damned the Avengers, but also the X-men as well.

When the team came back to New York was when the riots started…People both de-powered mutants and humans gathering at Avengers mansion demanding for the team to answer themselves. Begging the questions that were long avoided to be answered. When I saw the face that Steve gave Tony, I know it was one I rarely got to see…Captain America admitting his fault.

Steve put much on the blame on himself as a way to distant it from me, but I knew the truth, we all did. The girl spoke it very well, no matter what the outcome of this fight was, too much was lost upon the actions that I took. The power that I wield caused the death of many, many I've once hoped to avoid.

It didn't matter if I was an Avenger or not, I was still the daughter of a former mutant terrorist and my actions nearly damned the very kind he tried to protect. Some say it was similar to the Holocaust and that the Avengers were the new versions of Hitler. Words like that made Steve sick and angry, because while they were just mere words, they were powerful words towards a man who fought against the very thing years ago.

Still, the question remains that while new mutants were now rising, who will stand up to protect them…as the X-men, an ideal superhero team as they were, was now just as shattered dream.

Logan and the rest of the school staff tried their best to gather what new mutants that they could, but so many refuse to step into the school. That along with certain government offices asking for members of the school to joining their cause out for their own "safety" and others, like Wakanda, to pay for the damages they dealt within the war with the Avengers.

Steve also tried his best to find and help new mutants out, but even they wouldn't listen to what Captain America has to say mostly out of what happen with the X-men and also because of his association with my brother and me.

I wouldn't blame them…I wouldn't blame them at all. Try as I might, I could never shake the guilt and shame I brought upon this earth, the deaths that my actions have caused, the lives that were forced to change because of my actions, and the damage of my actions were far too high.

Innocent is like glass…it can be easily taken away and it can be easily broken.