"I'm faster than you are." Nate insisted for the seventh time. I sighed and looked at the woods surrounding the country road.
"No you are not; my average lap time is still less than yours." I stopped in front of the path leading into the woods. Nate looked at me, then towards the woods. We smiled to each other.
"Whoever gets to the river first gets a free meal at the Blackhouse." Nate whispered, a gleam in his eye that dared me to race him. My grin widened, I nodded. We slowly walked to the entrance, taking off our school bags as we did so. I unbuttoned my coat, so that my yellow shirt was visible, Nate abandoned his. I made a start line and we stood behind it.
"Ready." I breathed in, steadying my beating heart.
"Set." My legs began to shake in anticipation, the adrenaline already making its way through my body.
"GO!" I sprinted, dodging the branches and the logs. I snuck a glance at Nate, who was managing to keep up the pace, and saw that he was doing the same. My heart felt as if it could fly at any given moment. My legs started to extend and contract as if they could do this forever. I grinned, my pace getting faster and faster. I pulled ahead of Nate; I glanced behind at him, and saw that he was frowning. I continued to go faster, the adrenaline feeding me, making me soar. All of a sudden a sense of déjà vu came over me, so strong it almost broke my stride. My heart started beating erratically, fear started to fuel my legs. I glanced around me, noticing the differences in the woods. My legs continued to move, propelling me forward. I could see the edge of the woods. I slowed down; the river should have been here, the wood doesn't end for a good few miles yet. I had slowed down enough that I was able to walk to the edge of the woods. I hid behind a thick tree, my long brown hair sliding down my shoulder.

There was the most beautiful of views, but nobody as far as I can see. I started walking out, taking in the view and searching for Nate. Something compelled me to look down, and god thing I did too as I was just about to walk off the edge of a cliff. I took a couple of steps back, my black boots scuffing the grass beneath me. All of a sudden I caught a smell of mint, I tried to find the source of the smell, and Nate would quite often eat mints. After some searching I found that the smell didn't seem to come from any direction, I sighed and knelt so that I could tighten my boot. I pulled the laces taught and was about to stand when I noticed that the mint smell had gotten stronger. I frowned, bending closer to the grass. My eyes widened of wonder, the smell was the grass. I slowly stood up.
"Nate!" I shouted, panic starting to seep in, he should have reached here by now.
"Nathaniel Brooks, get your ass over here right now!" I started walking back into the woods, my heart continuing to beat erratically. With each step I gained speed, until I was sprinting back the way that I came. Screaming Nate's name. I eventually reached the other side, where I found a small village. I continued to run through the village, I ran and ran in the direction of my house. My mind was blank, my only thoughts were of getting home and finding Nate.