The thing about Novak village is that a rumour travels faster than anything else. This is how I found out about the strange girl running through Novak. I had just closed my front gate, intending to go for a stroll around the village, when I heard one of my neighbours gasp. I looked at her, watching her run towards First Street, I quickly followed. I was standing, trying to figure out what all the hoo-ha was all about, when I was almost knocked over by a young girl in a yellow shirt and black coat. I don't know why, but I felt compelled to follow her, so I started running behind her. I was worried about my new hat flying away, so I had one hand holding it down. My breath came out in great big puffs, my body aching and screaming at the abuse, but I continued to follow the girl. I was rounding a corner when I saw her sitting on the ground, I stopped, my heart hammering through my chest. I bent over, my hands on my knees, gasping and wheezing.

"How… Do… You… Run so fast?" I managed to get out. I could feel my shirt sticking to me, my suit jacket stopping the air from cooling me, whereas she looked as if she had taken a short walk. Her head turned slowly, as if she felt there was no reason to rush, and I saw the tears running down her face.

"My house… It is supposed to be here, Nate always knows to come to my house if we get lost, and he's not here either." She said so softly that my heart broke and I was instantly owned by her. I straightened, walked over to her and took out my handkerchief. I gently wiped the tears away, smiling gently as I did so. Her eyes were the clearest blue I had ever seen; they seemed to reflect my whole being in them. When she had calmed down a little I picked her up, much to her surprise, and started walking back to my house. I found First Street surprisingly quiet, although I could feel eyes upon my back, so the walk was quiet. I looked down at the girl, still awed by her beauty. I gently placed her down on my lounge, instantly fixing up some rose tea. The girl was staring intensely at me, or rather just above my head. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, as if she was starting a sentence. She looked me in the eye as I started a fire, the copper teapot hanging in the fireplace.

"Do you know that you have bunny ears?" She said quietly, her soft voice almost painful. I smiled.

"Of course. Everyone has ears." I frowned. "Why do you ask?" The fire finally caught and I moved to sit down next to her. I patted the top of her head gently, looking for hers. She looked puzzled.

"What are you doing?" I looked down at her, I hadn't realised just how short she was, and noticed that her face was oh-so close to mine; it took all the strength I had not to kiss her.

"I am looking for your ears, they must be very small." I could hear my own confusion in my voice. She giggled, and it was the sweetest sound I had ever heard. She pushed her hair away from the side of her face, showing what I assumed was her ear. I gently placed my fingertips on her ear, tracing them, memorising them. She blushed suddenly and pulled away.

"We haven't been introduced yet." I jumped up suddenly.

"Of course, how rude of me." I bowed slightly. "My name is Daniel White." She smiled.

"My name is Andrea Liddell, but everyone calls me Andy."

"Welcome to my home Andrea Liddell, I hope you are happy during your stay here." I could hear the teapot whistle behind me; I smiled as I picked up and put on the glove. I poured the boiling water into a china teapot, as well as the rose tea. When I looked back I saw Andrea folding over her coat. I blushed furiously. She only wore a short sleeved shirt, black shorts and knee length boots. Before now most of her was covered, so I hadn't realised how little she was wearing. She looked down at herself.

"Is there something wrong with what I'm wearing?" She asked quietly. I stayed speechless. She started patting herself down, looking for any dirt or stains. I cleared my throat.

"No." I managed to squeak. "It's just that your clothing is not very modest." I continued, in my strained voice. The clothing was making me think very inappropriate thoughts.

"Oh. I'm so sorry." She quickly replaced the coat, blushing. "I hadn't realised that it could offend you." I was astonished.

"Offend me? How could it offend me? It is just a very…" I tried to think of a word, but my thoughts were constantly interrupted by the image of her. I came up with an idea. "How long will you be here for?"

"I need to leave as soon as I find Nate, I'm very worried." I smiled.

"I have some spare clothes in my bedroom, if you would like to borrow them."

"I couldn't, I don't plan on staying long enough. I just want to search for Nate." I stood up and took both of her hands; they were so small that my gloved hands seemed to surround them.

"But you can't run around like that, it would certainly cause quite a stir. You need to blend in." I almost dragged her into the bedroom, I took a quick look at her, making sure I had the dimensions right. I sat her on the end of my bed, no longer feeling embarrassed that she was in my bedroom. I ran to the wardrobe, where I kept the spare clothes, and picked out the perfect dress. I practically threw it at her; I was so excited, and left the room. I couldn't wait to see her in a dress I had made; I had given her the finest dress I had.

I'm sorry this chapter is so bad :_: I couldn't get it to work out the way I wanted to. Hopefully the next chapter will be a bit better.