-Spain's POV-

Spain was holding a sword to a group of people. They were all scared of the pirate. All the Spaniard wanted was the treasure that was hiding in the town.

"Give me the treasure!" Demanded Spain.

"W-We can't..." Replied a woman that was standing in front of a boy.

The boy looked about 7 years old, and wore a plain white shirt with blue jeans. He had brown hair with a curl going toward the right. Spain noticed that he was acting tough. The Spaniard then motioned his crew toward the small child.

"If your not going to tell me then I will take that boy hostage!" Spain yelled as he pointed his sword toward him.

Some of the villagers gasped, but to them losing a child is better then their treasure. The little boy stiffen as one of Spain's crew members walked over holding a gun.

"The captain wants you to come with us."

"No! I'm not going!" The boy said, glaring.

The crew member grabbed the little boy's wrist roughly and jerks him away from the crowd.

"No! Let me go!"

Spain followed behind, watching as the child struggles and kicked.

"I got this," Spain grabbed the collar and picked the small brown head up, "You will work for me from here on out."

"Screw you, jerk hole!" The little boy flails in the air.

The Spanish man just laughed and walked onto the ship.

"You really are an interesting child."

"Shut up!"

Spain came to a door and opened it, "You will start by cleaning my room," He said, throwing him to the floor.

The little boy hit the ground, and all you heard was a squeak escape his lips. Spain smirked at him as he glared back.

"If you don't do it then I will have to punish you..."

The boy sat up, "I'm not doing it."

The Spaniard rolled his eyes, "I will give you one hour..."

The next moment Spain slammed the door. The little boy was left all alone, and he crossed his arms, refusing to do the work.

The Spaniard opened the door to find that the boy hadn't moved from the spot. This angered him. He closed the door and walked over to the pouting boy.

"I need to teach you some manners..."

As soon as the boy looked up, his face was met with a smack to the cheek.

"Ouch!" He brings a hand to his cheek.

The tall man got down on his level and grabs his throat, "Listen...I don't want to hurt you but if I have to then I will..."

"I'm not scared of you..." Replied the boy.

Spain sighed, letting go of the little's one throat.

"I thought you said you were going to punish me? I knew you were lying," Smarted the brown-haired boy.

"Oh?" This made Spain smirk.

"You wouldn't hurt a little kid..."

-Romano's POV-

He was now glaring at the tall man. All of a sudden the curly-haired man roughly grabbed his chin.

"Don't just assume...You little brat..."

The green-eyed man was hurting him, and he wanted him to stop, "Let go!"

The next thing he knows he felt his lips on his own, causing him to let out a noise. This made his eyes widen.

"Heh...What's wrong? Never been kissed?"

Romano growled, "Of course I haven't, you idiot!"

The little Italian shivered when he felt the man's hands running down his neck.

"Well I just stole your first kiss," The man said, grinning.

-Le Time Skip Brought To You By Spain's Sexy Ass-

-Spain's POV-

He stood up and zipped up his pants and looked down at the limp, crying boy.

"I had fun, did?"

The boy looked up and glared at him.

"Guess that's a no...Well...Sleep well!"