-Romano's POV-

"Well I just stole your first kiss," The man said grinning.

Romano smacked his hand away and glared up at the taller man. He smirked and got up, unbuttoning his pants. Moment later the Italian found a half-harden dick in front of his face.

"I want you to lick it..." The man said grinning more.

"No way! I'm not licking that!"

"Why not?"

"Because it's gross!"

"But don't you have one yourself?"

The green-eyed man grabbed his hair, pulling the curl also. He couldn't help but to stiffen up. Romano's eyes teared up.

"O-Okay! Just let go!"

The little Italian looked down at the twitching member. As soon as the man let go of his hair, he swallowed. He then hesitantly takes the head into his mouth. The man let out a low groan.

"Si...That's it..."

Romano tries to take as much as he can, but his eyes widen when he felt the erected member grow harder.

"Nnn..." It was just too big for Romano's mouth. He removes his mouth and starts licking the head, earning a moan from the man.

"Pretty good for a first timer...but it's not enough to pleasure me..."

Next thing Romano knows is that he started to invade his vital region. He didn't like that and pulled away to push his hand away, "What are you doing?!"

"Getting you in the mood..."

Romano grabbed his wrist as he started to invade again but with more force.

"Does it feel weird?" He asked, smirking.

"As if I'd tell you!"


Romano was pulled in a rather forceful kiss. He felt the other guys tongue enter his mouth.


The kiss deepen, and he felt pressure around his vital region. This made Romano squirm. He tried to pull away, but he was held close as the man slid a hand down the back of his pants.


"Why? It seems like your enjoying it."

The pirate took off the Italian's blue jeans.

"I don't want this!"

"Sure you don't..."

Romano tensed up when he felt the entrance to his ass rubbed.

"I'm sure your curious..." The man asked, kissing his neck.

Romano shook his head, "No I'm not."

"All little boy's are curious..."

He felt the man's finger starting to slide in and wiggle. It felt weird but it also hurt at the same time, "Ahh..."

"Does it hurt?"

All the little nation could do was nod. This made man continue his advances. The man started to massage the little Italian's member as he moved his finger in and out.

-Spain's POV-

Spain heard the little boy moan in his ear. He couldn't wait anymore, so he removed his finger to replace it with the head of his swollen dick.


The Spaniard could feel the strong converses as he pushed in further.

"I-It hurts!" The boy cried.

"It will feel good in a moment..."

Spain started to thrust, not giving time for the poor boy to adjust. He felt the small child digging his nails into his shoulders. This only teased the Spaniard. He grabbed the boy's shaking hips and thrust faster. Spain could hear the moan the boy held back. He bit his lip.



The little boy cried as he shoved himself in deep, releasing the pressure. Spain breathed out as he pulled away from the child. He stood up, zipping his pants and looked down at the limp, crying boy.

"I had fun, did you?"

The boy looked up and glared at him.

"Guess that's a no...Well...Sleep well!"