Chapter 7:Devan Sprouse A.K.A Madman -
Axel:I knock on a door of a old beaten down house and the door opens and I see a young man about the age of seven-teen with blond hair glass a skinny build and a flat nose as if he had ran into a brick wall.

Devan:Who the hell are you,you look like some freak from the twisted metal tournement.

Axel:I am from the tournement dumb ass and I came to enter you in the tournement.
Devan:Oh god your Axel and you want me in the torunement hmmmm...let me think about!
Axel:Are you sure,I guess you don't want this then I say as I push a button and the back of my dump truck dumps out a car used by Roadkill in the last tournement and his face went red in disbelieve that this was really happening.

Devan:You know what...I think I will enter,but if you have anything to say about me putting my life on the line just to drive a nice car and get one wish...then call me Madman.

Axel:These was the last words he said before he sped of in Roadkills old car.