Enobaria: Victor

She grew up in a career district, promised to have everything she could ever want and all that was asked from her in return was to kill. This was common in District 2, the best and the brightest were chosen at a young age to be trained for the Hunger Games. There was no greater honor to the young girl as this, she would be a victor, one of the most famous people in Panem. She would have riches and be adored by the Capitol. Future tributes would look up to her and beg her for advice. Her mother always begged her to consider other future options, like falling in love and raising. She had always scoffed at this, who needed a family when they were loved by the whole country.

Her mother's worst fear came true on the Reaping day of the 62nd annual Hunger Games, when her seventeen year old daughter volunteered. She watched her mother cry, but it had been to late to do anything about it even if she had wanted to. On the way to the Capitol she was shaking with pure excitement about what she would see, what score she would get, who her allies would be, everything. Her training score was a 9 which she was slightly disappointed with, she had thought she had done a much better job with her throwing knives than a 9. The knives had disappointed her again when she was in the final two of the Games without a weapon, that is an additional weapon. She had torn out the throat of the monster of a boy from District 1 using only her teeth, winning the Hunger Games.

And just like that, she had it all, fame, money, admirers, and most importantly honor. She had gotten her teeth sharpened, and was even more recognizable because of it. She went from a career tribute in training to the most popular person in Panem in only weeks, and she was loving ever minute of it. Mentoring was not just a duty to her, it was an honor and a bragging right, It was also another way to be noticed. Every time he tribute won she got even more famous and she reminded everyone that she was, flashing her teeth in every interview and flaunting her winnings around like there was no tomorrow.

Thirteen years after she fought her way out of the Arena she volunteered to enter again. This time with the rest of the most famous people in Panem, the man with the trident, the girl who fooled Panem, but the most impressing was the star-crossed lovers of District 12. Until the day she died she would claim that if it had not been for the rebellion she would have won again. But she was taken from the Arena too soon. She hear screams in the Capitol prison and District 13, all because of the rebellion.

It was over, the Games, her life. She didn't have anyone, no other victor, no husband or children, most people wouldn't even look at her now. Sometimes she wished she could be like the some of the other victors. Enough of a fool to fall in love, smart to trick the world, or brave so she could have been a hero of Panem.
But she was only a victor, that's all she ever could be.

Well that it. I was thinking that after I finish Finding Peace I might do another series of oneshots like this. Please let me know what you think about this story and another (possibly) new one.