Even when the music's gone just close your eyes, the sun is going down

The finale of the 74th Hunger Games will be anytime as it's down to the final three—Cato, Peeta Mellark, and Katniss Everdeen: the Girl Who Was on Fire. How long until the Capitol smothers it to the point the flame is nothing more than a dim glow? If she wins many citizens will try to buy a night with her.

Cinna's Prep team keeps me company while Cinna is creating my wedding dress. Flavius teaches me how to get corkscrew curls like his own; the only difference being my hair will stay its natural color while his is orange. Octavia and Venia remind me of hyper children—all of them do, actually.

Seneca has only come by once more, and that was so that he could get some more clothes. For once, the Games are something I'm thankful for. Venia's gasp makes me look over at her and then at the T.V. screen. Peeta, Katniss, and Cato are all on top of the gold cornucopia with Muttations below them.

The thing that made Venia gasp is the fact that Cato has ahold of Peeta and Katniss has an arrow ready to kill one or both boys. I hold my breath as she lets her arrow fly, finding it's mark in Cato's hand. He falls backwards, releasing Peeta. One of the star-crossed lovers will die today, one will face the hatred of District 12.

You'll be alright no one can hurt you know come morning light you and I'll be safe and sound

Flavius grips my hand tightly—I bury my face in his shoulder. The sound of something dropping comes from the room Cinna's in. It seems as if the entire populace of the Capitol is holding their breath as we wait for Claudius Templesmith to announce this year's victor.

….And it's over, the impossible happening. District 12 has two victors. Flavius, Octavia, Venia, and I all release shouts of joy. Two victors mean Seneca Crane won't be around much longer and I can be with Cinna, the love of my life.


I smile at the little girl that clings to my legs. I still don't know who sired her for she has all of my features except the thick brown hair atop her head. It no longer matters to me, she's healthy and I'm married to Cinna. Being safe and sound is no longer an illusion….

….It's finally reality….

Just close your eyes you'll be alright Come morning light you and I'll be safe and sound.


(A/N): Yeah, it's short but I figured since it's the end of this story that it was gonna be short and sweet! R&R, you know you wanna!