Author's Note: After seeing the episode "Gotcha Day", I really wondered why Luke would claim to be from Krypton. This is the result. Again, this story is writtain in a tone much darker than the actual show.

"Luke, are you implying that you're actually from Krypton?"


Luke isn't an idiot. He knows full well he isn't from Krypton. But in that moment, with Jessie asking the dreaded question of where he comes from, he's in need of an answer. And if there is one thing Luke Ross has learned, it's that telling a far-fetched, crazy story usually gets people off his case.

Sure enough, his nanny merely shakes her head and says nothing more about it.

Superman is a pretty obvious choice. He's almost always been a fan. Luke still remembers the first time he'd read about the super hero. How cool it was to find a character like himself. Adopted. Living in a world so unlike the one in which he had been born. Different from those around him. Luke even resembles the guy, if only a little.

Yet there are some parts which don't fit; one major piece in particular. Superman's parents sent him to Earth in order to save him, because they knew keeping him where they were would lead to his death. Luke can only wish that was the case for him.

The memories he has are splintered and few, a collection of fragmented flashes etched into his mind. Playing with nails on the garage floor. The silly song about barn animals his mother always sang to him before bedtime. The smell of her Snickerdoodle cookies filling the air with something other than alchohol and cheep tobacco. The way she called him "Gizmo" even though he had no idea why.

The look on her face when she told him to go to his room and shut the door, followed by the walls shaking from pounding and angy voices. Coming into the kitchen to find his mother sitting at the table, an ice-filled washcloth on her face and a fist-sized hole in the wall. Her reaction to his father on seeing Luke's hands tied by pieces of string attached to his jeans' belt loops, a punishment for having chewed his nails again.

The last day.

It had been bright and sunny when his mother told him to go outside, so Luke did. When he finally came inside again he'd found her upstairs in bed, asleep. Luke remembers thinking she must not have been feeling well because she had three different pill bottles next to her. He had picked them up off the floor for her, not wanting her to get into trouble in case his father came home and saw them. His father never did like a mess.

Luke had then gone downstairs and turned on the tv, making sure to keep the volume low so his mother could sleep. He was still there when his father had come home. Luke had thought nothing of it, not until his father had come back downstairs from checking on his wife. The older man had snatched Luke off the floor by the collar and began yelling. That wasn't new.

But the slap to his face had been.

It had been the first time his father ever beat him. It was also the last. Luke still doesn't know how he'd managed to wiggle loose, only that he'd ran. Made it as far as the corner store. One look at his bruising face and the cashier called the cops.

"You can have him. Worthless piece of shit." It was the last thing he heard from his father.

Krypton? No. Luke's not from Krypton. Yet sometimes he thinks he may well have been, for shortly after the Ross family appeared His Mr. and Mrs. Kent, they plucked him from the crumbled remains of a crashed life of nothing and took him in, to a world of more than he could have ever imagined.

Yet he still remembers. He still holds the memories. As much as Luke hates it, avoids talking about it all, his mind won't let him forget.

For it's all he has left of her.