Hello, this is my first story so bear with me. The first few chapters might be a little slow but it really picks up in Chapter 4 and 5, or so I think; and if you are here to read about Brock he makes his appearence in Chapter 12. As for N, he is in Chapter 3 and on. Again, this is my first shot at writing ever, so I will hopefully improve over the length of the story.

This is a bit of a Ferriswheel shipping story, but then I went ahead and threw Brock in there..., and I don't think White and Brock have a couple name.

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I gritted my teeth, and mustered up the last ounce of courage I had to call out my final Pokémon.

"Come on out Talace", a bright flash of light appeared and out of the small pokeball came a gigantic creature, my Emboar.

N smiled, "Ah, I had a feeling you would save him for last, White". I glared at him, and his cocky smile, but once again, I felt that familiar pang in my heart when I looked at his face, the face of the man I loved. Well one of the men anyway, the other was in Hoenn tapping his foot impatiently, clutching the X-transceiver I had given him. Next to him sat Ash and May, looking calm and polishing their pokeballs, while Max sat on the other side of him looking just as tense.

"You should really calm down Brock, you're going to give yourself an ulcer" chirped May with a bit of concern.

"I just need to know how things turn out" he replied closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

Of course he was referring to me, and my battle with N; sometimes I thought he was more stressed about the battle than I was, but I guess that's just Brock, the worry wart.

I looked across the battle field at N's Zoroark, his strongest, against my strongest. Other than Zekrom and Reshiram that is.

I sighed and Talace looked back at me questioningly, 'why hadn't I told him what to do yet'? My eyes rested on Talace and he huffed some smoke out his nose, letting me know he was ready to go. I smiled; it seemed like just yesterday that I had received him as a Tepig, so tiny, so inexperienced, just like myself. I closed my eyes and brought myself back to that day.

Chapter 1- The Journey begins

I awoke with a jolt, another weird dream that seemed to not have any order to it what so ever still running through my mind. I lazily looked over at my nightstand clock to check the time, and when I saw it, my eyes widened and my heart got a jump start.

"Holy crap it's already 7:50!" I immediately threw off the covers and started stripping off my pajamas. This was one of, if not the most important days of my life, and I had overslept.

"Shit" I silently cursed as my foot got tangled in my shorts and I went tumbling into my closet. Within a second I was back up and throwing on my white tank top and black vest. I yanked a brush through my hair before tying it up in a ponytail and slapping on my pink cap with the pokeball symbol on it. I threw my brush into my already packed bag along with a few other things that I really didn't need, I already had packed almost everything but the kitchen sink in there, but I figured I couldn't be too prepared.

I threw my bag over my shoulder and took one look back at my room to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything obvious. I then ran downstairs not even looking in the mirror, grabbed my shoes and ran out the door. I heard a few stomps as I threw on my shoes while sitting on the porch, and the door flew back open. I looked over to see my mother with her hands on her hips but a smile on her face.

"You overslept didn't you sweetie". I nodded still focused on tying my shoes.

"Well you should get going but I really wanted to say good bye first".

I smiled and stood up to hug her.

"Wow, you're all grown up, starting your own journey, it seems like just yesterday that I was starting my own". She smiled. "I wish you the best of luck, oh and don't forget to visit sometimes; I would like to hear all about your adventures".

"I will Mom" I said smiling and waving, "Bye!"

"Bye sweetheart" she yelled after me, waving back.

I ran as fast as I could to professor Juniper's lab. Nuvema town was small but the lab was on the outskirts. When the lab was in view I could see Cheren and Bianca already there, waiting for me. Cheren looked up and smiled when he saw me, then looked back at his watch.

"Fashionably late, as usual" he mocked.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Thanks for waiting guys" I said, a little out of breath.

"Not a problem" Bianca said sweetly, then her face turned sour. Her hands flew to my hair and started fixing it. I had gotten used to her fixing things, hair, clothes, sometimes when it came to grooming she was more mankey than human.

"There" she sang, "All better".

Cheren rolled his eyes and held open the door for us. We walked inside to see the lab the way it always was and professor Juniper at her computer. She turned around when she heard the door shut.

"Oh, hi guys I was wondering when you would get here". I could feel Cheren look at me, but I didn't turn. Professor Juniper turned back around, then back to us, but this time she was holding a small box. She walked over, opened the box, and held it out in front of us.

"Go ahead and make your choice".

We all looked in the box, there were three pokeballs resting side by side on blue velvet, below each ball was a metal plate bearing the names, "Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott".

Bianca, Cheren, and I had discussed before what Pokémon we would chose, they both said they would be happy with either Snivy or Oshawott, and I said I would only be happy with Tepig, so things worked out fine. I had always been drawn to fire Pokémon, they had such spirit, and power. I was the oddball as not many other people cared that fondly for fire types.

My hands started shaking, I had waited 15 years for this day and it was finally here, I reached in and pulled out Tepig's ball.

"Good choice". Piped professor Juniper. She then held the box to Bianca, who picked Snivy, and then Cheren, who took Oshawott's ball.

"Very good", said Professor Juniper, closing the box with a snap she turned back around to her desk. "And I have a few other things to give to you three", she turned back around and gave us each a pile of things. "Okay, this", she said holding up a small bag, "Is a medicine bag, you can put potions, berries, and other things for healing Pokémon in it", next she held up a small case that looked like it would hold CDs. "This is a TM and HM case, you three will be given, and find a fair amount of these on your journey and this will hold all of them".

"Here are some pokeballs, I'm sure you all know how these work, and last but not least, as per request by your mothers, an X-transceiver". She handed us all of our things, and we placed them in our bags.

"OH, I almost forgot" she walked back over to her desk, "Here". She handed us two things, a small box with a pokeball on it, no doubt our pokedex's, and a card with our picture and information, titled 'Trainer Card'. "Those things are pretty self-explanatory, and as you already know, I would love it if you could help me with my research of Pokémon, and fill up those pokedexs". We all nodded, still in sheer shock. Professor Juniper smiled, "very well then, off you go on your journey, good luck" !

We all nodded and exited the lab. The second we got outside Cheren asked his inevitable question.

"Okay so who wants to battle"? I stood still. I didn't want to battle, I had never planned on battling my Pokémon, I just wanted to collect them and train to make them stronger, but without battling. Looking back now I was very naïve to think that I could make Pokémon stronger without battling. My ultimate goal was to have every Pokémon ever discovered. I was brought out of my thoughts abruptly when I heard Bianca's high pitched voice.

"No way I need to get to Accumula town", I took that as my excuse too.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want to delay getting our pokedex's filled". I said wagging a finger at him.

Cheren shrugged, and we all started walking towards Route 1. Cheren and I headed towards the forest only to be stopped by an excited Bianca.

"Guys I have an idea", she shrieked, "let's have a contest to see who can capture the most Pokémon before getting to Accumula town, and we'll compare once we get there to see who won".

"Sounds good to me" said Cheren.

"Sounds good to me too" I added.

"Okay then", Bianca paused, "GO"!

She rushed off into the forest to the left. Cheren and I were still standing there, with obviously less energy than Bianca had. He grinned and waved as he headed straight. When they were both out of sight, I looked back at Nuvema town and smiled, then entered the forest to the right.

I walked for only a few minutes before I found a clearing, which is what I had been looking for. I set my bag down against a tree and pulled out Tepig's pokeball. Here we go, I thought; time to meet my first Pokémon.