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That mark. I knew that mark. The shield with the blue P and black and white background was one emblem I would never mistake.

"P-plasma?" I whispered to myself.

I hadn't in a million years thought I would see that mark again. Maybe in books, or when someone created a documentary about Team Plasma in the future, but definitely not now, only a few months since all of the Sages of Team Plasma were jailed.

The man who was wearing the emblem froze, his eyes widening as he took in my appearance. He almost looked frightened.

"Who are you?" I asked in bewilderment.

The man's mouth opened, no words sounding before he closed it again.

"Are you a grunt?" I asked, taking a step toward the man.

He didn't look like a grunt. The blue and white uniforms I had gotten to used to seeing were usually the sign that someone was one of the workers for Team Plasma. But this man, this man wore all black. It looked like a polished uniform, one of someone who knew what they were doing. However this man didn't exactly seem like he felt comfortable stealing a Pokemon, and it was more than a little obvious he wasn't doing a good job with it either.

The Herdier at his feet barked once, sending a ferocious growl at the man before bounding over to me, its tongue flopping out of its mouth in glee. It halted once it reached me, plopping down by my feet and rubbing its head on my knee.

If I hadn't have been so stunned by the person in front of me I would've petted the dog Pokemon, and told it that everything was going to be alright. However it seemed to be taking being stolen better than I was.

The man still hadn't answered me and I found myself growing impatient, "Who are you?" I demanded.

The man took a deep breath, straightening the gloves on his hands before he finally spoke up, his voice shaky. "Yes, I am a Plasma grunt."

It felt like I had been slapped in the face. He was a grunt. A grunt for Team Plasma. The organization that didn't exist any longer.

The man let out an irritated sigh, "Did you not hear?"

"Hear what?" I squeaked.

"Ghetsis and the rest of the Sages 'escaped' from prison," the grunt said, using air quotes around the word 'escaped'.

I nodded, "Y-yeah, I heard about that."

It had been all over the news. I doubted anyone hadn't heard. However Unova had been told not to worry, that the Sages were harmless now and that Team Plasma wouldn't ever cause any harm again.

But as I watched the grunt in front of me glare in my direction, the shining Plasma badge on his suit, I knew they had been wrong.

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