Well, I decided to cancel a few of my stories and restart them anew since writer's block is such a pain. So I decided to rename-invent and re the Guardians of Heaven series into a series of mini-stories of various characters of various franchises that are intertwined with one another called 'Afterlife Chronicles' and this series of mini-stories will be about the character of the Jak and Daxter series.

So without further adieu, here comes the first mini-story

In a hall that was seemingly made from marble and silver steel, two figures walked down the hall. Both had a male build as they wore suits that covered every part of their bodies save for their eyes which gave off a blue-white glow as shown through the goggle-like visors on their suits masks, the only way to tell the two apart was by the etchings on the suits which would tell of rank and profession.

One had none of the etchings but the other did as its etchings told the world that it was a head scientist of the genetics study.

"Was there any progress with the subjects?" The etched one had asked his underling who responded back with a slight hopeful tone, "The subjects have been developing steadily as the generals requested but it's rather strange because of the fact that it's not more soldiers for our armies but rather different people from different places that I've not even heard of,"

"Such as 'where' to be exact?"

"I don't know, like this one world that was made from some little orange rats. Doesn't that sound like a strange place to you?" The assistant finished with a questioning tone to his superior who only shrugged it off and told him, "Perhaps, but to the subjects; it is their home, or was at least, and that's pretty much all they need to remember; I think."

A beep coming from the room ahead of them made them turn their heads.

"It appears that the subjects are ready for their 'education,'" the superior scientist said with an unseen slight smile that spoke of hope and pride.

However, his assistant looked at him with an unseen confused face and was about to ask until he heard the room ahead of him gave off a deeper beep indicating something was happening within it.

"Should I ask?" To this, the head scientist responded with only three words, "I'll show you." They've reached the door by the time he had said this and pressed in a code on a holographic console that had opened the door that it was connected to.

And what was inside made the assistant gasp in amazement and shock.

Inside the room were capsules that were filled with a clear, grey fluid that housed long-eared humanoids of various sizes and shapes.

And one of the capsules was emptied of its fluid and humanoid. The latter of which was naked and curled up into a ball to keep itself warm as it gave raspy breathes.

"By the Stars and Fate," The assistant whispered out in wonderment.

"Yes my assistant, it is their work and we were just giving it a speed boost." The head scientist spoke with pride in his voice. "Now, allow me to introduce you to subject J-2011 or as the generals like to call him. Jak"

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