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Phil Lester snuggled deeper into the warm sleeping bag in the room of requirement in the Nericool location. Phil and Dan were staying with Alex and Charlie whilst the plumbing was being fixed in their new apartment. It was scheduled to take at least another week. Dan was staying in the spare room leaving only the room of requirement (as Charlie had dubbed it when they moved in) free to stay in. I can't sleep in forever thought Phil it was already nine in the morning and they were planning on filming a video.

Phil pushed the covers off himself, well attempted to would probably be a more accurate description of what happened.

"ALEX" screamed Phil knowing that he would the most likely to be awake. "ALEX CAN YOU COME IN HERE A MINUTE" he continued.

Alex stirred in the opposite room, putting down his laptop and staggering up from his futon. He walked the familiar route to the room Phil was staying in. He pushed the door open and peered inside. The room seemed to be empty though.

"Phil?" Alex asked unsure as a small lump in the blanket moved slightly. Alex drew tentatively closer and withdrew the covers from the bed and stopped abruptly. Standing in front of him was a tiny, doll sized Amazing Phil.

"Alex, what happened?" Phil said quietly.

"Um I don't quite know…" Alex whispered, stretching out his hand for Phil to step onto. Phil obliged clambering on and sitting down. They walked down the stairs into the kitchen where Alex proceeded to place Phil down on the counter top.

"So what are we going to do" Alex mused looking Phil up and down, he was wearing little chequered trousers, no top and shivering slightly. Phil sat with his legs hunched together tucked into his chest.

"Alex where am I going to stay, what am I going to wear, when will this wear off." Phil said very quickly. Alex thought for a minute before saying,

"I think that Carrie has an old dolls house in her room somewhere... and probably won't mind taking you clothes shopping. Dan and I could go furniture shopping." Alex said mischievously. "Wait here a minute" Alex ran into the office and grabbed the house phone and pinned Carrie's number into it.

"Hey, can you come over ASAP it's kind of urgent, yes, Phil's been shrunk and I need to borrow your old dolls house is that ok? Do you have any furniture and stuff? No, yes…ok are you, how soon can you come over? Ok see you soon then bye." He hung up and made his way back to the kitchen - smiling.

"Right I have it sorted, Carrie is coming over in about half an hour with her old dolls house for you." Alex said happily. Phil groaned and stared at his friend.

"You want me to live in a dolls house, with dolls clothes and dolls stuff." He asked disbelievingly. At that moment Dan walked into the kitchen and plonked himself down in the nearest chair at the table.

"Where's Phil, he's normally up by now and I couldn't see him in his room when I looked." Dan questioned. Alex just pointed to little Phil. Dan walked out of the room then back in again and then burst into laughter.

"Phil what the hell happened!" Dan exclaimed peering closer to see his friend, examining his size more closely.

"Dan, save me! They want me to wear dolls' clothes and you know how carried away Carrie can get, there is literally no NICE dolls' stuff in existence" Phil said jumping to his feet. Carrie walked in at that moment placing a tiny pair of boxers, some yellow dungarees and a cream "shirt" if you could call it that, on the table in front of him.

"Hey guys, I know exactly what to do. Phil put those on we're going shopping!" she said excitedly. Charlie was trailing behind her looking bewildered.

"Hey, can you please tell me what's going on? Wait actually don't bother just let me get my cup of tea." Charlie asked bewildered. Phil was still looking at the dungarees with distaste.

"Why can't I just wear my pyjamas until I chose some better clothes?" Phil moaned, picking up the items and staring at the Velcro. He didn't fancy wearing that and it didn't exactly look comfortable. "I mean would you like to wear Velcro clothes"

Dan picked them up between his forefinger and thumb and held them up against his friend.

"Um they will suite you Phil," he said happily

"No, NO way, no no no! I'm not wearing them" Phil declared. Carrie just smiled.

"Well if you want our help to sort this out, and to stay in the house and go shopping for clothes and furniture, you need to play by my rule, which means wearing proper clothes for shopping. You would get cold any way otherwise" Carrie replied logically persuading Phil to wear the clothes.

"Ok" Phil said dejectedly grabbing the clothes and walking over to the windowsill and hiding behind the curtains. He couldn't believe he was 7 cm small and putting on hideous dolls clothes. The shirt didn't fit to badly but it came right up to his neck and the Velcro on the back was a bit tricky to do up on his own. Phil refused to ask for help though; he wanted to keep whatever dignity he had left. He pulled the left leg of the dungarees up and found they were relatively ok, if a little puffy. They would have to do. He crawled out from behind the curtain picking up his pyjama bottoms. Suddenly his "real" clothes grew to normal size. Great, he thought, now that gives them another excuse to buy me some more clothes

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