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Warnings: KyouKao, shonen-ai, Fluff and idiots.

"Why are we here again Tono?"

"I'll tell you why!" The self-proclaimed Prince stuck an over-the-top pose, pointing at the twins and attracting the attention of several passers by.

"Not this again..." Haruhi moaned, sighing as she headed off, determined that neither the twins or Tamaki follow her. Mori and Hunny shared the opinion, following her further into the department store that the moron had dragged them to.

"We are here to make sure that Kyouya's Birthday is celebrated properly! It's already November twenty first so we need to get moving!"

In his bedroom, Kyouya groggily opened his eyes, registering a brief feeling similar to annoyance before falling back to sleep for another few hours.

"Sure Tono. What have you got planned?" Kaoru asked.

"Well, for my plan we'll need two hundred banners, three hundred helium balloons with the number eighteen and a large cake with coconut flavored icing." Tamaki paused for a second, adapting his thinking pose. "Add to that the gifts, the cutlery and... Hey! Where are you two going!"

"We're going off to find our gifts for him! We prefer our head on our shoulders and our hearts in our chests, thank you." Hikaru called, earning a sharp nudge from his brother. "Hey, what was that for?"

"Hey, careful! I only finished this outfit yesterday!"

Tamaki looked after them for a few seconds, before turning extravagantly.

"So Haruhi? Where can we fin..." He paused mid word, finally realizing that he was alone. "Haruhi! Where are you?!"

Haruhi paused at a stall, kneeling down to get a good look at one of the objects on display. She was wearing a white top, with a collar just low enough to make Tamaki protest (about an inch and a half from her neck) with sensible black trousers, as well as a necklace Mori had chosen to be her birthday present that February.

Behind her, Hunny and Mori were examining a cake stall. If by examining you mean choosing which ones Hunny should be allowed to have, including the fact that they hadn't actually brought along much money (well, much considering how much they actually had in their respective bank accounts). Both of them were attracting glances from the women who passed, although there was the odd man who looked briefly angry when his wife's gaze passed over the two.

Haruhi quickly noticed something Kyouua would like, a very practical gift. At a discount. Figuring there would be nothing more suitable to find around the place (and considering that she really didn't like shopping for gifts), she bought it, with money Tamaki had practically forced upon her only the day before.

Apparently, this scheme of his wasn't as spontaneous as most of his other ones. It seemed to be planned out...

Meanwhile, Mori had managed to pull Hunny away from the cake (using a bribe of a slice of strawberry shortbread) and were now looking at a collection of books. Specifically homemade, leather bound notebooks.

Both of them agreed that the books were marvellous, especially when they noticed that the man selling them was making one.

They watched him thread a needle and pass it through holes in the binding, attaching a piece of blue leather to a textured board, adding shades to the ridges and painting some parts darker, before finally attacking the pages and a very nice little brass lock. It was a wonder he could afford the materials, really.

At a brief look, they saw about twenty of these little notebooks, a number the blue one was added to. Mori spotted one that was perfect for Kyouya, and picked it up, examining it.

"Like that one?" The man asked, placing the blue notebook on a small stand. "That's my favourite. It turned out great." He nodded, smiling. "Yours for 870 yen." Silently, Mori handed over the book, pulling out three notes and some coins, having learned from Haruhi that the stall owners wouldn't always have change. "Thank you." The man put the yen in his pocket, bagging the notebook in a red paper bag.

With a nod, Mori left, looking around to see where Hunny had disappeared to.

The twins wandered around the building, looking in various shops and stalls for something to buy. Kaoru seemed to be looking for something very particular, whereas Hikaru was just looking around, barely even browsing.

"Why can't your gift be our gift anyway?" Hikaru moaned to his twin as he paused at a stall selling, of all things, semi-precious stones.

"Because I was the one who made it. You made no contribution." Kaoru looked up briefly before returning his gaze to the stones, hoping to find the one he was looking for.

"I offered support!" Hikaru protested.

"When?" Kaoru didn't even look up when making that comment. Hikaru pouted.

"Constantly! You were just too busy wrapped up in your work to notice!" Hikaru was lying, but he hoped Kaoru had forgotten how to tell.

"You're lying." Kaoru held up a stone, comparing it in his mind's eye. "Excuse me." He waved for the attention of the woman selling the stones.

"May I help you?" Said woman was really happy. She had thought that all the only customers she would get when her mother asked her to look after the little stall that day would be old people. Now she was facing this handsome young man, obviously rich with an impeccable taste for fashion. She recognized the style as Hitachiin, but didn't recognize the clothes. She figured it was a new line that was just released, there was no way someone could get their hands on an unreleased Hitachiin product.

"Yes." Kaoru held up the stone, pinching it between two fingers to show the whole surface. "Do you have any more of this? About this size?"

Hikaru sighed as Kaoru got the last few parts of his gift, knowing that they'd have to make a small stop on the way home.

Now what? He thought, looking around, trying to get some inspiration, feeling hopelessly lost.

Tamaki was hopelessly lost.

Of course, he had been hopelessly lost for the twenty minutes he had been frozen in that spot, exactly where had had been since he'd discovered Haruhi had 'abandoned' him.

Someone had placed a small box in front of him, in which people occasionally dropped some yen, donating to some charity.

Tamaki finally broke out of his stupor, looking around urgently to try and find at least one member of his extended family.

Sighing, he wandered off in search of her, barely glancing at anything as he hunted for his missing daughter.

"Where is Tamaki?" Haruhi asked, looking around for the Host King.

"We left him here." Hikaru told her. He had a small bag, but Haurhi could see at a glance that Kaoru's was smaller. Her's was actually the largest, closely followed by Hunny's.

"Yeah, he must have gotten lost." Hunny sighed on Mori's shoulder.

"Should we look?" Mori asked.

"No. He'll find us." One extra word was muttered by Kaoru, 'unfortunately'.

"HARUHI!" Tamaki flew at the girl, elongating her name as he sped forwards.

Haruhi stepped backwards, sending the blond crashing into a wall. He sprung to his feet in seconds, hugging the poor unfortunate girl.

"Tamaki. Stop." She grabbed the teen's ear, pinching it and pulling down.

"OW! Ow ow ow ow." As Tamaki continued to cry out in pain, the other four looked at him.

"Did you get everything?"

Tamaki froze, then slowly started to melt, forming a small puddle on the tiled floor.

Kaoru sighed. "Hikaru? Can you pull a few strings?"

"I'll give it a try." Hikaru sounded reluctant, but he knew it was either that or be ripped to shreds by the youngest Ootori son.

"Great!" Tamaki moved into a very over-dramatic pose, flinging one finger out far enough to almost hit Hikaru's nose. "Phase one of Mommy's Birthday Surprise is complete! Phase two begins tomorrow!" He cheered.


All right, turned into a twoshot. Will this result in less chance of death?