Well, I rewrote it. I am so annoyed right now. I had this written, exactly as I would have wanted, and it has vanished. I have a feeling it happened when all of the documents on my data stick were corrupted (don't worry, I'm pretty sure I have all of the others safe).

Anyway, Happy Birthday Kyouya! I hope that you enjoy your gift. And yes, I am being conservative in fusing your present with Wolfie's.

"Tono, this is a bad idea."

"Hikaru, have some confidence!" Tamaki cheered.

"Yeah Hika-chan! Have a sense of adventure!" Hunny cheered from his place of Mori's shoulder.

"I agree with Hikaru on this one." Haruhi said.

"No!" Tamaki wailed suddenly, spinning round to grab Haruhi's head, staring worriedly into her eyes. "Haruhi! You can't loose face now! We have to march bravely on!"

"Senpai, you just want to make me run away more." Haruhi deadpanned. Tamaki was hit by lightning.

"Hey, Haruhi? Do you ever think you're too tough on Tono?" Hikaru asked, curious.

"No. He needs repeated reality checks." Haruhi replied.

"Hey, where's Kao-chan?" Hunny asked.

"No clue. He vanished overnight." Hikaru replied, deflating almost. "Well, I think Tono's over Haruhi's snap."

"Lets go." Mori said, already walking over to the main doors of the Ootori mansion.

The sound of the door closing was drowned out by the cheers of Tamaki, Hikaru and Hunny as they entered the room. Specifically, Kyouya's bedroom.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They cheered, Haruhi and Mori both at significantly lower volumes.

"Keep it down..." Kyouya was balanced on his elbows, barely above the horizontal as he glared at the intruders with undisguised contempt. "It's too early."

"Kyouya! You have to wake up!" As Tamaki listed all of the plans he had made for Kyouya's birthday, the Shadow King fell back on his bed, already bored enough to fall back to sleep.

"Tamaki-chan, Kyo-chan's asleep again." Hunny pointed out.

"WAKE UP MOMMY!" Tamaki yelled, suddenly jumping on the bed and shaking the ravenette by the shoulders. Violently.

Kyouya groaned, then was suddenly enveloped in a demonic aura. It spread through the room, forcing the remainder of the Host Club to the ground. "I was awake until four am last night. I am tired, and I really would like to get some sleep at some point. So leave." At that, Kyouya fell back again, pleased with his work. The Host Club had already left. "You can come out know." He muttered, seconds away from falling asleep.

"Oh, no you don't." The second door in the room opened and a figure walked out. "Coffee. Now." He ordered, rolling Kyouya onto his back and pushing him into a sitting position.

"Kaoru..." Kyouya moaned, trying to force himself to drink the liquid.

"Drink first, then talk." The red-head whispered, forcing the rim of the mug to Kyouya's lips. "Then you can see what gifts they left behind."

"Yours is the most useful." Kyouya muttered, draining the last of the mug. He looked at Kaoru's surprised face. "I took over the security cameras of the shopping centre you all went to. Did you really think I was psychic?"

"You could fool me." Kaoru muttered, earing a brief chuckle from Kyouya.

Then the door burst open.

"Kaoru! Get away from him!"

"Hikaru?" Kaoru looked up at his twin, confused. "What do you mean?"

"No! It cannot be! His poisons have already gotten to you!" He ran up to his twin, shaking him violently. "Can you even hear my voice?!"

"Hikaru. Stop." Somehow, Kaoru managed to say it despite the shaking. "I thought that you were fine with it." He said.

"What do you mean?" Hikaru froze as he said it.

"You don't remember?" Kaoru said, cueing the convenient flashback.


Kaoru walked into the room, slightly unsure of himself. "Well, that's sorted..."

"Huh?" Hikaru asked, almost fully enveloped in the videogame he was playing.

"Hikaru... I've begun to date Kyouya... Do you want me to break up with him?"

Suddenly, there were several beeps from the consol, and Hikaru cried out. "NO!" He snapped.

Kaoru smiled. "Thank you Kaoru."

End Flashback

Hikaru's eyebrow twitched repeatedly. "You... can't tell if I'm actually listening?" He asked, before suddenly exploding. "HOW COULD YOU NOT REALISE!" He yelled, in giant kawaii frustration.

"I can't tell anything about you know that you're fawning over Haruhi. Constantly." Hikaru staggered back at Kaoru's accusation, backing into the door.

"Don't come into my room tonight!" Hikaru yelled, turning and slamming the door.

"I know this may be a little out of character for me, but don't you think you may have been too hard on him?"

"No. I think it was just what he needed." Kaoru smiled. "After all, the two of us need to grow apart at some point. It's just a matter of letting Hikaru know when that time will come."

I hope you liked this gift Wolfie and Kyouya. And anyone else who might be reading.

Yeah, it wasn't as fluffy as I hoped it would be, but hey. I tried. I literally had towrite this in an hour (my fault, I was being lazy last night).

Anyway, I hope that you liked, and will not mind this shameless advert for a future Ouran fic, about the Host Club's newest adventures now that Hunny and Mori have graduated. Yes, it is anime-verse.

Anyway, see you all again soon!